Using Personalized Coffee Mugs as Office Rewards

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Research has shown that rewards for performing well motivates employees even more to do better. And personalized coffee mugs are a great way to thank employees who’ve worked hard and well beyond their roles to ensure that tasks are completed on a daily basis to make the company a success. Office awards can be great to show that the hard work of employees is appreciated. These rewards don’t have to be expensive or over-the-top but something meaningful and practical like customized coffee mugs. Something that reminds the employees that they are valued. Even those who do not drink coffee or tea will cherish this reward.

Benefits of using personalized ceramic cups as office rewards

  • The extra thought and effort put by you to show appreciation would be loved by your employees and mean much more than a common certificate that is usually given.
  • Personalized cups are quite economical and won’t break the bank. You won’t have to spend too much to show your employees how grateful you are for their work. If bought in bulk, they can save both time and money!
  • It is a practical gift with a lot of sentimental value. They will serve as a memorable gift for your employees, something they will cherish forever even after they’ve moved on to another job or retired. Since they are personalized, they will always remember when and where they received it making it even more special.


Designing the ceramic cups and making them personalized is all about creativity and saying what you have to in a special way. As they will be presented as accolades, they should reflect that. They can be designed to have the company name, logo, date and a message congratulating and thanking the person who is being awarded these coffee mugs. Another great way to personalize is to have the recipient’s name along with the company logo, or even a picture of them in their office. One can be creative with these coffee mugs in endless ways!


After you have created a design for the coffee mugs, it is time to find a customization company that will print and ship the customized coffee mugs to you. While choosing the company, many things need to be considered- their experience in the customization business, quality and price. It is a good idea to check a sample before ordering in bulk to ensure the quality and that mugs come out just as expected. Your employees will certainly be surprised by the personalized coffee mug rewards and will be motivated to perform even better.

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