Virtual tour: Future of Real Estate Industry

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The latest advancement in technology and science enabling us to take a virtual tour of a site has brought great transition in real estate industry taking its online marketing to the top notch. Virtual tour has proven to be popular tool in the industry as its features has allowed the buyers to explore the property from every angle.


3D virtual tours are boon for the people especially for the ones residing away from the estate they are about to buy or deal with as only long description and photos of a property doesn’t do them the proper justice. A walk–through online tour of a property excites the buyer’s interest as they can hover in any room they like and move around looking at it from different perspectives.

The beauty of an online virtual tour of a property is that you not only capture the inside of a property but the view from the balcony, porch and windows etc. With online property tours, buyers get the best of everything. No matter whether they are moving from another country or a few streets away, the virtual tour attracts attention.


The virtual tour tool saves the time and money spent in travelling and viewing properties by making the site inspection easily accessible from their current location.


Also use of tour tool is quite easy to use all that buyer need to do is to simple click their mouse on the circle “vantage points” and then may turn to 360 degree to get all round view from that point. Thus the buyer can ‘stand’ on the porch remotely and turn through the full view.


Virtual tours can feel like a time-consuming and expensive real estate marketing option, but one can incorporate them into a range of materials, including marketing emails and open-house notifications. It’s also worth remembering that virtual tours are not limited to strict realism. They also provide an innovative solution to agents representing properties that are not yet ready for move-in, including new and renovated buildings. A virtual tour allows one to show prospective buyers a finished, furnished interior – making it that much easier for them to picture themselves inside.

Virtual tours have been shown to attract more views and generate more leads than text and still images alone.  Incorporating virtual tours into digital marketing plan can give a solid advantage in a competitive market.


Virtual tour creates instant sense of ownership which is very crucial nudging clients towards finalizing the real thing. Virtual tours allow clients to tour the property independently, on their own time and at their own pace, giving them a sense of autonomy and personal connection. One can enhance and deepen this sense of connection by adding virtual tours to a suite of other interactive features – mortgage calculator, information about local amenities, IDX search functions – so that clients can use listings to conduct extensive solo research. The more time and energy they invest, makes them more like to reach and inquire about the property.

Aforementioned points clearly conclude that 3D virtual tours are the future of real estate industry.


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