Ways To Get Cash For Junk Cars

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Now you can earn money by selling off your junk car. All that is required is a little research, figuring out its worth and anticipate how much people will actually pay for it.

Do you have an old car taking up space on your property? No need to worry because now you can free that space by selling that old car and end up gaining maximum cash out of it.

Below are some ways to get cash for junk cars:

1) Examine your car: The first step is to inspect your car and determine how junky is it. Can it be driven or it is entirely immovable? Note down the areas of severe damage.

Also, check if there are any valuable parts of your car such as GPS, tires in good condition, or the alternator. Write down your observations and provide an accurate description of the car you are selling to the junkyard so as to receive a perfect prize for it.


2) Prepare your car: Open your trunk, check under the floor mats, and slide your hands under all the seats. Make sure that you have removed every personal item from the car before you sell it.

Also, get your car thoroughly washed before selling as this will leave a good impression on the junkyard, and he will happily agree to buy your car which will lead to you earning a handsome sum of money against it.


3) Determine the value of your car with the help of Kelley Blue Book: People generally use the Kelley Blue Book for vehicle valuation purposes. It is a simple way to get a generalized idea about how much you would be able to earn for your old car.

If you possess enough knowledge about your car repair, you can refer to the Kelley Blue Book price and deduct all the costs of potential repairs to get a basic idea of how much cash you should expect when you sell it. But always remember that the actual amount of money you assume, your car will be much less than the Blue Book value.


4) Get in touch with a local buyer you can trust: An old/dismantled car is likely to be sold to a local recycler or dismantler. Get in touch with your local junkyard as they are an essential part of the recycling world and keep our driveways, cities, and streets clean.

There is no National chain or clearinghouse to buy junk cars in specific. You want a recognized and reputed local dealer whom you can rely upon to fetch a decent car price and is responsible enough to manage the transactions in an upright manner.


5) Be aware of scammers: Since you know the value of your old car after checking with Kelley Blue Book, you might find it easier to avoid scams. But they can still happen with any car scale. Therefore it is advised to look for trustworthy and renowned junkyards whom you can fully rely upon and avoid risks of any sort of scams.

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