What Are The Common Basement Remodeling Mistakes?

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Many homeowners want to give the desired look to an unfinished basement and transform it into a useable space. Remodeling a basement is a fantastic way of adding value, comfort and space into your home.


Many homeowners out of excitement try to remodel their basement on their own without the help of basement remodeling company which can sometimes land you in troubles. Remodeling your basement should not be taken lightly since it can involve mistakes like moulds, wrong lighting, water leakages, faulty flooring etc.


Here is a list of some common basement remodeling mistakes that homeowners must avoid:


Finishing a Wet, Damp Basement:


Basements are a box of porous concrete that lies underground. This is one of the reasons they are more prone to moisture and flooding, especially in low-lying areas that are below sea-level.


When that ground gets saturated with water, it will find its way into the basement through cracks, walls, joints and floor. Water leakages through plumbing leaks or broken water heaters can be hazardous. Without proper drainage, dehumidification system and a reliable plumbing system, no basement is dry enough to be finished.


Using Hardwood or Cork Floors and Subfloors:


Anything that is made with organic materials should be avoided for basement use. Manufacturers may misguide you by saying that it is chemically treated to be mould resistant or it has a vapor barrier, but read the fine print before committing to anything that will cause trouble later on. Select a basement flooring that is specifically engineered to withstand all sorts of basement moisture conditions.


Using Wrong Insulation Material:


Wooden studs, fiberglass insulation and drywall are used in construction for finishing rooms above ground. These materials tend to absorb moisture, and when this moisture is combined with organic matter, it can create ideal conditions for mould development. Basement walls should be finished with a waterproof material that will survive a basement flood or water leakage.


Ignoring Proper Egress:


Every basement must have a proper egress window for emergency purposes. An egress window can if not installed can make you pay a heavy fine. They are essential for ventilation purpose too.


If you have not installed an egress window, while remodeling you must get the construction done to get one installed.


 Not Having a Backup Sump Pump:


Flood cleanup, restoration and replacement of flood-damaged property can cost you thousands of dollars. Sometimes flood damage is also not covered under homeowners insurance.


Even if your basement is waterproof, the need for battery operated backup sump pump is still required as a backup option. The storms can cause power outages; therefore, battery backups are also useful in case of a primary pump failure or other electrical malfunction.


Having too Many Rooms:


Adding too many rooms in the basement can make it congested and untidy. It will be harder for you to maintain all the rooms.

It will cost you a lot because every room requires even the smallest of the services.


Work smart and avoid adding too many rooms in the basement. Make it feel more comfortable.


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