What to Ask Before Buying an Armored Vehicle?

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Armor cars are not like normal cars. They are specially designed vehicles for the purpose of safety and are used to transfer VIPs, valuables and money from one place to another safely. Initially, only politicians, police officers, banks and large organizations owned armored cars. But, over time, with an increase in the crime rate, even individuals are buying them for personal safety.


Are you also planning to buy an armored car? Well, that’s great! But, do you know that you should do complete research on the vehicle you intend to purchase. As you are going to spend your hard-earned money on the car, you should know every minute detail about the vehicle. So, make sure to ask the following questions before buying an armored vehicle.


Question #1. From how many years you are manufacturing armored cars?

As armoring the vehicle is the task of an expert, you cannot rely on just any company. You need the company who is experienced and has good knowledge of armoring. More the number of years the manufacturing company is into the manufacture of armor vehicles, better armoring features they can incorporate in the car. An experienced company will ensure the best quality and service of your armor car after it is delivered.


Question #2. Can you customize the vehicle as per my armor needs?

In case you want to add some extra features in your armor car, then it is the most crucial question that you should not skip asking. Some provide customization services, and some do not offer. So, it would help if you know about custom services of the company.


Question #3. Can I test drive your amror car?

You should expect a yes to this question. Your satisfaction should be the priority of the armored car manufacturing company. Armor car is a huge investment, and you cannot buy it without test driving. Satisfy yourself completely that you are purchasing the best car for your family and yourself.


Question #4. Do you use the latest technology and material to armor the vehicles?

The company should use the latest technology to manufacture the armored car as modern parts provide more security. See how they work on improving their manufacturing process and what material is used to armor the car. Getting the answer to this query will help you in knowing whether the manufacturing is updated with latest armoring features or not.


Question #5. Are the materials used certified?

Check the certificates and verify the materials that are used in your armored car. In case each part is certified individually, then without having any doubt go for the vehicle.


Question #6. Can you provide a reference list?

Get the list of references from the manufacturer and talk to the recent previous customers. Speaking to past clients is the most crucial task that you must do while selecting the armored vehicle company. Ask them how their experience with the company was. Happier clients mean that the company can be trusted.

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