What To Ask Your Child Custody Lawyer Before Hiring?

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Are you in search of a child custody lawyer for your case? Are you confused about how to choose a reliable child custody lawyer? If so, then this article is for you.


Hiring a child custody lawyer who dedicatedly fights for your case and considers the best interest of your children is crucial. So, to make sure that you hire only a reliable child custody lawyer for your case, the following are the set of questions that you need to ask.


#1. How long have you been working as a child custody lawyer? 

Asking this question, you will get to know about the experience of the attorney. More experienced lawyer means more will be the knowledge. And a knowledgeable lawyer can prove to be more helpful when it comes to child custody. As an experienced lawyer had fought numerous cases in the past, he/she would be having a clear view on how to present your point efficiently.


#2. What is your approach to child custody cases? 

You want an enthusiastic and proactive lawyer to achieve your goal. Also, if you want to settle your case, then you need an attorney who is capable enough and has the technique to encourage settlement. Moreover, asking about the approach you will get to know more about your lawyer.


Remember, the lawyer must explain his/her strategy to you thoroughly, along with the reason for choosing that particular strategy.


#3. Have you handled a similar case in the past? 

No doubt, every case is unique in itself, but if the lawyer had dealt with the case almost similar to yours, then it will be highly beneficial for you.


#4. Do you keep in touch with clients and provide updates?

You want a lawyer who stays in touch with you throughout the process. This way, you will always know the status of your case and can know if the lawyer is working as expected or not.


#5. What are the likely outcomes in my case? 

No lawyer can guarantee a specific result, but they should be determined enough to help you out. They must also be able to give you a frank preliminary assessment of the issues that you can face.


#6. How long will this case take? 

Your lawyer should give you an estimate of how much time will it take to reach the final decision. However, because it is legal work, your lawyer cannot make any promises about when it will be over.


#7. What are your fees? 

This is the important thing that you need to know before hiring an attorney. The fees can vary from lawyer to lawyer. A more reputed lawyer may charge you more, but your chances of winning the case will increase. But before making any commitment have a clear understanding of the fee structure of the lawyer.

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