What to do When You Need a Windshield Glass Repair

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The sudden loud voice of cracking up of your windshield is something you would hate to listen. Windshields are specially designed to provide structural support for the vehicle as well as to protect the vehicle’s occupants from wind and flying debris such as dust, insects, and hard objects. Cracking up of it is a frustrating affair and you always tend to delay its repair. But it is crucial to get the windshield glass repaired in case of damage. The replacement costs are high; therefore, getting the glass repaired is a better option. Here are a few things you must consider when you need a windshield glass repair.

The first question that pops into our head is ‘why should we repair our windshields? ‘The answer to it is:

Safety:  A cracked windshield is risky for driving and has a potential for a ticket if law enforcement notices. The other important factor being that the structural support provided by the windshield to the vehicle is affected in case of cracks. A small hindrance, in the form of crack, can block the view of something approaching suddenly towards you and result in disastrous outcomes.

Examine the crack

It is essential to examine the extent of the crack on the windshield. You need to look into factors such as:

Size: Chips smaller than one quarter and cracks up to three inches can be easily repaired. The effect of the size of the crack varies from location to location.

Depth:  A windshield is like a glass sandwich with an outer layer of glass, a plastic interlayer, and an inside layer of glass. If the damage is above the inner layer of glass windshield glass repair can take place. But beyond it, the glass will need replacement.

Location: The location of the damage is a crucial factor and affects greatly the functioning of the windshield. If the damage extends to the outer edge of the glass, then the structural integrity is affected and replacement is to take place. And if not, then repairing the windshield will solve the problem.


Go to a pro

The DIY approach towards windshield glass repair is not correct. This work should be left to professionals. You might increase the damage on the windshield by performing activities you are not expert in. A professional windshield repairer will give his 100% to do the job and hand out best results. You must be sincere enough to choose a wise and renowned professional who has legitimate experience in this field. Experts with proper techniques and tools must be hired to perform the windshield glass repair work for you. There are numerous auto repair experts available online. Do a thorough research and hire professionals who suit your needs and are well-known for their work. After the inspection of the crack, approaching the right men is of significant importance, but do not drive your vehicle in case the crack is big. Find some other way of transport. Working with glass is a risky job which must be left to pros.

Future precautions

To prevent your cracks from ruining the entire windshield glass, it is crucial to take few precautions.

  • Regularly check on the status of your glass
  • Avoid dirt and debris: if it gets into the cracks, it will make the repairing process complicated.
  • Avoid temperature extremes: extremely cold weather or an air conditioner or defroster on high may have damaging effects on the glass.
  • Park indoors: park your cars inside; this will protect them from direct sun heat and rain.


Proper maintenance of your vehicle is of utmost importance, therefore next time you deal with a windshield crack be diligent and get it repaired in time by a professional.





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