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Egress windows are becoming popular day by day because of how useful it is. If you have a house with a basement and you are remodelling your house, you are often advised to install egress windows. Even if you are trying to convert your basement into a room or bedroom, you would have to install an egress window. Now you must be wondering what an egress window is? Well, an egress window looks like any other window but it opens fully and is big enough to fit one human. It allows inhabitants to escape from the building or house incase of need. These egress windows also require a window well which is a rectangular or half circle shield with an attached ladder for stairwells. Egress windows’ first concern is safety and escaping during fire hazards but there are many additional benefits too¬† There are specific codes to which the egress windows might conform depending upon the state you live in. Here are some of the major benefits of egress windows :


  • ESCAPE DURING FIRE : This is the primary role of egress window, to let inhabitants escape during a fire. You don’t know when a fire can break in your house and it is often advised to stay as low as possible during a fire. The basement is the lowest point of your house and hence the ideal place for installing egress windows to escape. Additionally, these egress windows could also be an alternative entry incase of emergency. During fire when the whole house is filled with fire, heat and smoke, firefighters could enter from the egress windows. In case of other emergencies too, an egress window could be useful. If there’s a break in or robbery in your house, you can escape from the egress window very easily.


  • ALLOWS NATURAL LIGHT TO ENTER AND PROVIDES VENTILATION : Basements are generally dark and dingy which doesn’t look very good. If you are using your basement as an additional living space then it’s important that there is enough light and ventilation in the room. The egress windows work well for this purpose. As these windows are large in size thus providing enough light to brighten up the room.


  • AESTHETICALLY PLEASING : Just because it’s a window in your basement doesn’t mean it has to look bad. You can customize your egress windows using wood, glass, stone or brick and make it look very aesthetic and beautiful. If you are using your basement as your living space or as your bedroom, it is important to make it look pretty too. This will also increase the value of your home as there’s an additional living space in your basement.


Egress windows are of great use and are required by law for your own safety. Not only does it provide safety and escaping routes during fire or robbery, it also provides ventilation and light during the normal days. Egress windows are a must now and can be beneficial for you in all ways.

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