Why Switch to Biodegradable Cutlery & Disposables?

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Thanks to the ongoing worldwide campaigns, people are becoming more environmentally conscious. Due to the growing concerns over global warming, organizations all over the world are taking steps to reduce pollution. A major step in this direction is efforts to eliminate plastic usage. From plastic bags to plastic bottles, we use plastic in many forms. Due to its increased usage, millions of tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans and landfills every year. But now people have started looking for better alternatives.

Recently, almost every industry has started to incorporate an eco-friendly manufacturing process. Businesses, as well as customers,  are moving towards sustainable options to save their planet. One such industry that has taken a big step in this regard is the food packaging industry. Lately, biodegradable cutlery and tableware have become popular for several reasons. The biodegradable disposables are made from bagasse, bamboo, recycled paper, cornstarch, and even fallen leaves. These eco-friendly cutleries are not chemically treated and are 100% sustainable.

Although plastic cutlery and tableware are cost-effective to produce, these pose serious harm to the environment. Plastic takes around 500 years to decompose and before that, it either chokes landfills or seeps into the ocean. To avoid this environmental damage, biodegradable cutlery has emerged as a better alternative to plastics across the globe.

The biodegradable plates, straws, bowls, spoons, and forks can be made from material such as bamboo, rice husk or coconut coir. Using eco-friendly tableware offers some great benefits. Let’s find out the top 3 reasons to switch to biodegradable cutlery and disposables.

  1. Waste Reduction

The major reason for using sustainable disposables is to decrease waste. Disposable cutlery is widely used in parties and by food vendors. The plastic disposables go into the landfill where it takes hundreds of years to decompose. But eco-friendly disposable items are compostable. Anyone can easily compost these items at home and use it as manure. If you don’t have a compost pile, you can also send them to a composting site.

  1. Non-Toxic

Plastic packaging and items are produced with toxic chemicals. The single-use plastic items go through a process that comprises the use of toxic dyes, bleaches, and inks. When you consume food in these disposables, you put your health at risk. Low-quality plastic bottles and other items release harmful chemicals when exposed to hot food or drinks. Biodegradable plates and cutleries, on the other hand, are safe for your health, as well as for the environment.

  1. Renewable Base Material

Biodegradable products are made from natural elements like sugarcane pulp, corn and potato starches, and various vegetable oils. All these are sustainable and renewable plants which mean that products do not harm the planet. The manufacturing process is also eco-friendly to safeguard the environment.

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