Why to Choose Marble Countertops Over Others?

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Marble being a natural stone can offer a lot to homeowners when it comes to decoration and perfect usage. The luxurious and luminous marble brings a crisp brightness that granite, soapstone or man-made materials can’t duplicate.


The subtle sheen of marble countertops can add endless beauty and timeless ambience to any home. Marble countertops are perfectly suited for smaller kitchens and bathrooms without ample natural light.


Here are some reasons to choose marble countertops for your kitchen and bathroom:


Easy to Cut and Shape


You can create a greater variety of edge profiles with marbles as it is softer to cut than granite or any other countertop options. Marble can be cut to give edge profiles like bullnose, demi bullnose, chiselled, stair thread, waterfall edge, straight and angle.


The most popular edge profile out of the profiles mentioned above is waterfall edge which is a premium side cut with three cascading curved arches that add texture to a countertop.




Marble is more resistant to scratching, breaking and cracking than other available countertop materials. It is a natural stone and is softer than granite which makes it easy to incorporate attractive design elements, such as fancy edges, during the fabrication process.


Heat Resistant


Professional chefs and home bakers favour marble because it remains below room temperature. This makes it an ideal surface when you are working with chocolate, dough, pastries, and even ice cream.


They are heat resistant as well because they will not catch fire even if any accident takes place. But it is wise to protect the finish by not placing a hot pan over it.


Timeless Elegance


Marble comes in a wide array of colours such as green, grey, yellow, white, rose and black. It can be paired with any decor because of its warmth and natural elegance.


One of the famous marble is White Carrera which was used by sculptors like Michelangelo and ancient Romans for designing. Marbles are still in demand and are appealing to the eye.




Marble has been used as a building material for a very long time because of its ability to withstand high pressure and heat. When it is installed by experts, and it is properly sealed and maintained, it can remain for a lifetime.


You can replace it when you want to change the decor and architectural designing of your house. Marble can get broken by applying huge force. It can lead to cracks, but those cracks can be filled, and you need not replace it.


Easy to Maintain


Marbles are easy to maintain and easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth to remove stains and spills. Try to avoid keeping pointy and sharp tools on it as it leads to scratching that can ruin its finish.


Don’t use acidic materials or liquids over white marble since it can form yellow stains that are hard to remove. Regular wiping with a damp cloth is all you need to keep your marble countertops clean.

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