10 Awesome Reasons to Shop Alone always

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Shopping is… therapeutic, fun, relaxing, unavoidable. This has always been seen as a group activity. People go in pairs or gangs with their mothers, siblings or friends. The whole day is planned with a lunch or movie squeezed in somewhere. The malls thrive on these day outs and it sounds perfect on paper. However is it really the only way to shop? Do you have to have a tag along to buy something for yourself? Isn’t it possible to shop on your own, for the things you need at the place you want? It was once seen to be unconventional or weird for people to shop alone.The fear of being judged as a thief or worse as a loser that kept people from doing this alone. But now we have a strong section of society who stands by concept of shopping alone.  Lets see why this can be fun.

10. No fight over the ‘it dress’.

 No fight over the ït dress'

 The idea is simple, do not buy the dress your acquaintance got. The prettiest once are usually an issue, when you shop with your friends for the first one to get their hands on it gets the trump card to decide if he/she wants it. Luckily if discarded then you can have it. Do you have to go through all the angst just to be able to buy something you liked in first place? If and when you shop alone, its no waiting around for the second chance, like it buy it. The mannequin dress is never off limits for its you alone. So if you are not the quick one to reach for the dress or the nice one who waits for people to buy first, you inadvertently loose out on your first choices. So here is a solution, Shop alone!

9. No comparing the spending.

No comparing the spending

When you shop with your gal-pals you cant escape the looks which accompany a particularly expensive dress. The billing queue is a look over your shoulder queue which ends with the least spender having the widest grin. Does shopping have to be about keeping a track of what your friends shop so that you can add items or remove them? When alone the bliss is yours, money is yours and the list is yours. The freedom to manage money solely on your needs and ability is one of the perks of shopping alone.

8. Time-saver.

Time saver

When you shop alone, you have all the time in the world. The adjustments to the day is not based on all the commitments made by all the people in the gang. You don’t have to divide the two hour shopping into 20 minutes apiece for all six members. Shop for yourself the whole time or leave in an hour if you are done. The time whiled away waiting for your companion to find the dress, try in on, can be taxing and it eats into your shopping time. So give yourself a break and shop for yourself without the distraction.

7. Ditch the embarrassment

Ditch the embarrassment

The shopping etiquette never match and sometimes some quirky action of your friend can get you anxious. The way they deal with shop assistants or they way they don’t may not match your process and can embarrass you. The piling of clothes on the neatly piled clothes or folding of every piece of dress before putting them away are both sure to to kill the mood. The loudness or meekness of the person can put you in jeopardy and instead of shopping you start chaperoning. The focus is lost and you cant wait to leave the place without the cute dress you just found. This scene can be avoided if you go alone. Do as you please and if you mess up, its on you.


6. More shopping, less socializing.

More shopping, less socializing

When you go out to shop for the outfit for a wedding or interview or a party, you may want to get to it as soon as possible. The Waiting for everyone to arrive, the tea and coffee and lunch breaks, the gossip  along with chitter-chatter and an occasional cold war, the objective  of the day can be monumentally missed. The amount of time spent on the fringes before you reach the actual task is not worth it. So to cut the extras altogether, hit the shops on your own and spend the time picking out the perfect tie.

5. Best way to spend the me-time.

Best way to spend the me-time

It is true that shopping is enjoyed by all. Men might disagree up-front but well they like to look sharp. In the stressed out time and the blurry pace of life, the alone time is hard to find. So combine the two and on the nest schedule of me-time head to the mall alone. It will help you connect with yourself. Pampering is never enough so why wait for someone else to pamper you, head out and do it yourself. Its a fine way to fall in love with yourself.

4. Do as you wish.

do as you will

When you shop with someone, you can throw the whim out of the window. You have to be careful about the needs of every person involved. Also someone may not like a certain brand, or hate a particular shop so that puts it out of limits for you as well. When alone you can do as you want. Enter the same shop a hundred time or leave a shop after spending hours in it. You can try same outfit ten times with out eye-rolling and huffs. The freedom to hop-shop is best experienced when alone.

3. Experiment without judgement.

Ewperiment without judgement

Peers can be cruel! You may have wanted to try on the black leather jacket or the Little Black Dress but when you reach out you can feel the giggles, the snide comments left unsaid and the That-wont-fit-you look. This can all be put aside when you are alone. The change in style and the experiment can be done easily and happily with  you being the judge of you. When the tom-boy wants a shift to girly clothes or when the bad boy wants to shift to a decent outfit, shopping alone will spare your ego. Go and experiment on your own. If not to change your style then to just know the options.

2. No guilt.

Experiment without judgement

The time you spend looking at yourself should be totally uncensored  when shopping. The worst enemy of this precious time is guilt. When you are with people you have to be on  a move all the time. This means you cant just stand and look through every piece of clothes once or twice and God-forbid if you take a third look. If you find your dress, you want your friend to find their choice as well, if they don’t its your duty to fix them up. The guilt associated with every step can be completely avoided if you go alone. Then you can stare at the clothes all yo want until the manager asks you to leave, Zing!

1. You are the master!

 you are the master


When you are alone, you can snack and shop and leave whenever you wish. The starting time to the intermission and the end are all to be scripted by you. The grocery shopping can mix with the shoe shopping and cocktail party preparation without having to explain each and everything. The being your own shopping master will liberate you and at the end of the day you will have a whole lot more done. The confidence boost is inexplicable and you don’t have to dance around anyone’s schedule to get to the bottom of your list.

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