10 Best Snacks from Around the World

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Oh yes! 10 best snacks. Snacks? The quick low calories meals we grab in moments of hunger pangs at the wrong times? No, not those. The snacks I talk about are one of the most essential reasons why we do not starve to death for most youngsters today are dependent on snacks for their nutrition. Nutrition? Did I spell the word right? I guess it should rather be N(o)trition. Yes I know that is no dictionary word. But let us see for ourselves the 10 most popular snacks from around the world and their nutrition content (if any)

10) Diamonds? Nah!! Hershey’s


Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, and chocolates-their sisters. No wonder Hershey’s is made up of ‘Hers’ and She’s.  Jokes apart Hershey’s chocolate bars are perhaps one of the most liked snacks worldwide. When were chocolates made for snacking? But then who said they cannot be used for it. The high calorie content provides for an immediate source of energy and the taste to go gaga over. Who won’t love Hershey’s bars the next time they need a snack? But did I hear someone speak of African chocolates? They’d be pleased to know the Hershey’s owes its origin to North America. It was only very recently that Africa became the hub of chocolate production due to being one of the biggest producers of cocoa. So the next time you eat your Hershey’s bar- remember you owe it to north America.

9) That little triangular heaven


Probably the most sinful among most snacks listed are the Indian samosas. Indian food has more often than not been a traveller’s delight. The spices might not suit everyone’s palate but the taste and temptation is irresistible. They are not really for those with sensitive digestive systems though. They are deep fried refined flour skin traditionally stuffed with spiced potatoes and sealed at the edges. Served traditionally with sweet chutney they are one of  the most popular snacks in India and are loved worldwide.

8) For the love of pretzels


People either love pretzels or they do not know what they are. For those who don’t Pretzels are a type of of baked bread product made from dough most commonly found in a unique knot-like shape, often claimed to represent hands in prayer. The modern commercialized version though is crispier and spiced- almost like savoury jalebis dipped in spiced mustard sauce. They originated in Europe, most likely in monasteries in the earlier middle ages. Pretzels now are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, glazing and seasonings. They might even double up for donuts with the commercializing of the traditional snack. Though donuts too are stand-alone favourites of snackers.

7) Dumplings-the pretty gifts tied in no ribbons

The backstreets of Shanghai are heaven for lovers of Chinese dumplings.
From the most populous lands we are gifted with those tasty little dumplings. Often synonymous with momos, these are wonton wraps filled with spiced Chinese filling and sealed at the edges. They are served both steamed and fried. Dumplings though look like bundles whereas momos are semi-circular. Served with a variety of dips in Chinese restaurants and more traditionally with spicy garlic chilli paste at small counters these are often favourites for a small snack in between meals. Good on the tongue, stomach and budget these are students favourites in many parts of china and around the world.

6) Cheese the Cheetos


Traditionally known as Chee-tos, these are cheese flavoured, puffed cornmeal snack made by Frito-lay, a subsidiary of PepsiCo. These too were first made and distributed in north America. Americans seem to be avid snackers-don’t they? Though traditionally cheese flavoured they are now available in a variety of flavours all around the world and one of the most bought snacks worldwide.

5) ‘Hum’mus the Bread


I am sure we had all heard of bread dough being knead but ‘hum’mus? No, it’s not about humming a song, though you would not mind singing one after having this wonderful snack the origin of which is much debated. Some believe it is from the middle east, others believe it is from Egypt. Whatever be it – it is made for  people around the world. A chickpea paste flavoured with tahini, olive oil, lemon and a few location specific spices, hummus is served with a thin flour bread known as pita bread and is loved by everyone who dares to experiment and try it once. If you have not already, do try it now.

4) Naughty ella loves Nutella


Naughty Ella? Not just her. Who does not love the hazelnut-ty, chocolaty heaven? It might have come from Italy but it is on every household’s list of essentials now. We use it like butter and jam, or to flavour our milk or perhaps just indulge in eating spoonfuls of this delight from Ferrero. One of the most loves snacks of all times, by kids and adults alike. Be it young ladies in their PMS phase or late night hunger cravings while watching the FIFA finals, it is there to curb it all. And if you still do not love nutella- you do not deserve to live.

3) Cook the broth and bake the ‘COOKIES’


Because all we scream for besides ice creams are cookies. We’ve all heard about Australians knowing their cookies well and you will only be surprised to know that cookies originated in Persia in 7th century soon after sugar was taken into use in the region. Cookies are traditionally crispy baked caked which are small and flat, however, biscuits, which are much more flatter and less sweet, today are mistaken for cookies in most parts of the world. Cookies are available in a variety of flavours ranging from chocolate to dry fruits and obviously our favourite ice-cream flavour remains cookies and cream.

2) Blow the horn, Pop the corn


When has a film ever been interesting enough without that huge tub of popcorns. Probably one of the healthiest snacks on the list they are high on many minerals and vitamins and a good source of roughage too. Take care though that your tub of popcorn is air popped and not sinfully dipped in butter. The first evidences of popcorn were found in Peru and then a little later in new mexico. One of the oldest cultivated snacks, the popping of the corns is still some mechanism that haunts science students. But forget all of that and let those popcorns pop in your mouth.

1) Chip the potato


One of the most consumed snacks all around the world are potato chips. A fact few know is that they originated in Ireland. Didn’t we all think they just had to be our local snacks. We have seen them around for forever. Potato chips are traditionally thin deep fried slices of potato, served salted. However potato chips, also known as crisps in British English today come in a plethora of seasonings and flavours, all just as crunchy and good as the other. So the next time you believe chips are your snacks- Think twice of the Irish.

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