10 Best Windows 8 PC Apps

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Is your PC. taking too much time to boot up? Are you really tired of waiting? Is your operating system not fulfilling your app demand? If you are surrounded with these kind of problems then I am pretty sure that you haven’t yet tried Windows 8.Windows 8 is nothing but an advanced and more developed version of Microsoft windows.

Windows 8 was released on October 2012 and soon introduced drastic changes to the platform of operating systems. From best battery life to its modern look, it proved to be a great success. Moreover, recently windows 8 is also updated as windows 8.1. Along with some of its features like multiple monitor support, charms, start screen and cloud integration, it also supports touch on the desktop. It has multiple new and advanced features than any other operating system. So why to stick with any other operating system? Windows 8 is far better from the rest. Some of the interesting apps are listed below.


10. Tool box

 Tool box for windows 8.

Are you in instant need of any small tool like a calculator, weather badge or clock? No need to search for them. Here’s windows 8 providing a tool box which contains smaller tools like clock, calculator, weather badge and stopwatch etc. Using tool box you can view and use six different tools simultaneously. Moreover it also includes web browser, unit converter, Facebook etc. You can also set your favorite layout for quick recall of tools when needed. This app is reliable as it is serving multiple information and tools at a time.

9. Twitter app

Twitter app for windows 8.

Twitter is the simplest and fastest way to connect with your close ones, to get latest ideas, latest news etc. Windows 8 has made this access easier. The twitter app in windows 8 serves all the features of twitter with fast and unique technology of windows 8. The design and display looks similar as with twitter.com along with some advantages. Using this twitter app you can get notification of tweets and replies on your start screen itself. Moreover photos included in twitter can be seen in landscape view using this app. You can also snap twitter to left or right side of desktop while using some other app. With this you can also choose share charm to share any of the app, video, or picture to twitter. Also by using search charm you can make it easy to search for any account on twitter. So better switch to Windows 8 twitter and enjoy networking.

8. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express in windows 8.

Photo editing tools seems to be the biggest thirst of youngsters. Going to opt for basic photo editing is not so fun and paced. Do you want to make your editing fast and full of fun? Are you searching for a paced editor? Your journey ends here. Adobe Photoshop Express app in windows 8 allows magical transformation of photos at your fingertips with featured effects and editing tools. From the basics like cropping, straightening, color adjustments, red eye removal, softening, it also allows you to upload your photos to Adobe Revel for syncing them across your PC. Along with this, Adobe noise reduction pack serves to reduce unwanted grain in your pictures. Windows 8 serves free photo shop express app which will allow you to edit your picture using all the above mentioned tools.

7. Google app

Google app on windows 8.

Google is the fastest and precise way to get answer of any question. What if this is combined with windows 8? Windows 8 provides a separate Google search box .This search box is on your home screen itself. It not only gives you answers very fast but also includes tools like voice search, image search, search charm and Google instant. Using voice search you can input voice to Google search app and instantly it will show answers. Google instant makes it more easier, which means by this there is no need to press Enter; Google automatically shows the best matched results as you type in search box. By search charm you can easily access Google from home screen itself. So all in all Windows 8 has made the Google access easier.

6. Bing translator

Bing translator app for windows 8.

Bing translator app provides you the way to translate any word in 40 languages. It also allows you to translate newspapers, menus, or any printed text. This app becomes more interesting with windows 8 as it also serves translations in offline mode when you are not connected to internet. 40 different languages along with Spanish, French, German etc. are supported by this app. This app in windows 8 allows you to get translations while doing some other work or using any other app on your pc. So this app is best suited with windows 8.

5. Cine world

6Cine world app of windows 8.

Are you searching for a latest released movie? Can’t you find shows for your movie? Here your inconvenience ends. Windows 8 has also brought an interesting app for movie lovers. Cine world is one of the most interesting apps which provides latest film listing. It finds latest films and local cinemas and displays it. The more interesting thing is that by this app you can also search movies by location. Moreover it also provides trailers. You can also book tickets using your default browser. Download this app at your windows 8 which will reduce all your inconveniences .Along with this, it also provides information for movies coming soon. So this is the best way to search and organize your movie trip to a cine world cinema.

4. My history digest

My history digest app for windows 8.

We must have knowledge of what has happened in the history, or what is going on, or what is going to happen. My history app has made this easier. Here you will be getting latest updated news, magazine content, historical facts and mysteries of history. This app offers knowledge in quite an entertaining manner. People of every age group enjoy using this app. It also gives information about any historical anniversary and facts along with eye catching pictures. It is simple to browse and it makes better use of Windows 8 start screen. Although, It better suits with touch enabled screen.

3. Auto desk sketchbook express

 Auto desk sketchbook express app in windows 8.

People love sketching. Make the sketching more interesting and effective with sketch book express app. Windows 8 supports this app and it is best suited with your windows 8 touch enabled device. One can also use this with mouse and keyboard. The app has many brushes and apps to make the sketching attractive. It offers brief tutorial via Quick tour. It also allows you to create abstract designs.

2. Sidebar dictionary

 Sidebar dictionary for windows 8.

Do you want to get the meaning of any word instantly? No need to go to your web browser. Windows 8 itself provides a Sidebar Dictionary which will offer you the meaning and translations of any word typed in. It is basically a multi-language dictionary. The dictionary also keeps history. This dictionary has proved perfect for those who loves reading or writing. It pulls definitions from web and displays it. It is docked into the side of the screen so that it may enable you to read and write any text simultaneously.

1. eBay

eBay app in windows 8.

Do you want to have whole market at your home? Online shopping is the best way for the same. Using eBay you can have world’s online market where ever you are. Its simple design helps a lot in searching anything instantly.

It has many features which include creation of account, purchasing, receiving notification, giving feedback etc. This app when used with Windows 8 has best refreshing way of its items. This app has proved far better than any other online marketing site. You can also monitor your watched items. So download it right now and enjoy your shopping in better way.

All the apps above mentioned has made Windows 8 wonderful to work with. Besides all of these, Windows 8 has 1000 more apps. So better switch to Windows 8 and enjoy an easier experience.

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