10 Common Reasons why Friends Fight

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Friends are more like the sibling we would love to have, rather than the ones we already have. They are like the bread underneath a cake, the icing and the cherry on the top. They resemble much to our family and has a much deeper connection with us than anybody else. We fight with them and love them at the same time. The purpose of having friends is not solely for passing your time memorably but to cherish some of the most memorable moments for a lifetime. Howsoever strong we may develop our relationship with friends, there are always some or the other moments which hamper the harmony among us. What then are the 10 things or reasons which will create misunderstandings and lead to fight between friends? Let us see what are the 10 reasons?

10. Tension


Sometimes when we have had a fight with our family members or have been indulged into a nasty fight with our girlfriend/boyfriend, we often start ignoring our friends. We treat them as if they were the reasons for everything bad that had happened to us. Although they would understand our problems but taking them for granted is not the solution to our miseries. They will not help you in your difficult times if you do not show a tint of gratitude for their concern and care. Tension between family members can be aggravating sometimes. But your friends do not bear the sole responsibility of making your life a better place. You will have to put in some efforts as well.

9. Mocking


He might have an oddly shaped nose and some gaps in her teeth, but that does not mean you will make fun of him/her in the public. It is a private joke only among your closest ones. Do not make it public unless you want to receive flak from them. Do not prompt them to come and fight just because you misbehaved in the public and called them with funny, stupid names. Instead of finding out what flaws you have, rather go ahead and talk to him to sort out differences and make a new friend.

8. Misunderstandings


The most common reason behind the nasty fights are – misunderstandings. You heard something, he said something else and the third person in your group will make a mountain out of a mole in her own way. So when in doubt, go and confront them directly. You do not want them to crucify your friendship because of some eavesdropping or some people who had the bad habit of Chinese whispering.

7. Abusive language


Usage of abusive language are a common habit of every women when they are angry and are about to break into a fight. Men usually have boundaries when it comes to abuses, but that does not mean that men have no flaws at all. Guys have some of the nastiest fights when abuses get out of control. They even start beating each other up. This often happens among friends but it must be handled with extreme care- such situations. They can get worse within minutes and end up hurting one or more persons in the end.

6. Jealousy with girls


What if you fall for your best friend’s girlfriend or worse even, you are on the verge of proposing her? How would you handle such an uncalled for situation? The answer is yet, simple. Do not let such thoughts pollute your brain and uproot them before they start expanding their roots. Guys take it as a challenge if they have their best friend or just a friend as their competitor. They will never step back even if it comes to the point of fighting it out. Often we cannot stand our friends flirting with girls we like even if it is just playful and harmless flirting. Why take such risky chances? More partners are waiting out there. Yours friend’s is not the only one.

5. Using personal items


Do you have an extra sachet of shampoo? Can you lend me your pen? I am hungry, let us go and have the pasta which you have bought from the market today. This is the inferior level of using personal items. This has increased to such an extent that we have started locking our cupboards just to make sure that our personal items do not end up in the wrong hands. Some of the common and trivial things required by everyone are as follows-toothpaste, register, pen. using personal items are not really appreciated by many, know your friend’s likes and dislikes and work accordingly to avoid a misunderstanding.

4. Bitching


Bitching and mocking are two faces of the same coin. If mocking is done in front of everyone, bitching is done behind the back, which can be more dangerous than any other sort of criticism. If you are thinking of defaming your friend to make a good laugh or attract some “seriously!” expressions, then you are the worst friend on this planet. Truly speaking bitching is something which should not be done by a friend, let alone a stranger. It is a bad habit and one of the nasty reasons of fighting among friends.

3. Thinking


Not everyone in your group is a guy next door type who will match his wavelength with yours. After all, a perfect mismatch of a group of friends is the most sought after group in schools and colleges. Thinking differs and so does the thinkers. You will have to accept them, the way they are or you should not have befriended them in the first place. Now that you are friends with them, do not pinpoint them at their shortcomings in their narrow-mindedness. Be a broadminded yourself and ignore such things. Or if you really want to improve some things in your friends, talk and advice, do not fight it out.

2. Money


Money can ruin nations and big organizations. Friendship stands a small chance to this mighty paw of the monetary power. It can put to dust your years of hard work in the building of this budding friendship. Never let money ruin your chances at relationships. Not only friendship, money can destroy relations with family and relatives. But problems arise at every point of time. You just have to make sure that such trivial errands should never turn into gigantic blunders.

1. Love in life


When a guy falls for a girl, he has the major task of time distribution and vice-versa. His time is divided into the huge part with his girlfriend and a small part with his friends. This leads to misunderstandings which in turn evolve into silence and we start distancing ourselves from the friends. We feel we might be giving insufficient time to the girl. He will take his friends for granted and start ignoring their plans with him. But they should not be taken for granted always because eventually they will start feeling depressed and distance themselves instead. My personal advice, friends will never come and go just like that. They are the small wonders which are to be cherished life long.

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