10 Crazy Things People Do in Love

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Everybody falls in love at least once in their life. If not then they are going to. It is quite common if you ask me. What is more common than falling in love is doing crazy stupid things when you are in love (or when you think you are in love which is quite often). “The things we do for love”, they say and they do take this statement seriously. By crazy I do not mean insane, serial killer crazy or psychotic crazy. This list includes ten common but crazy things people do for love.


10. Pouring expensive gifts


Being extravagant is a luxury and not everybody can afford it. Spending hoards of money on gifts for the love of your life is kind of okay if you are rich (and by that I mean filthy rich) but if you are not, wooing your girl can prove far more expensive than you thought. Yes it is true that most girls like to be spent on but to think that money and expensive gifts are the only way to win a girl’s heart is not true, at all. Spending money when you don’t have much, even borrowing money for love is downright crazy and unnecessary.

9. Adopting everything your lover likes


To prove their love for somebody people tend to adopt things their lovers like, even when they do not quite like the concept of those things. They adapt to the character of their partners. You do what they like, wear what they wear, listen to the songs they listen to, read what they tell you to; in short you change yourself completely for love. In this process people lose themselves; their personas, their likes and dislikes, every bit of oneself is changed, so much so that we begin fearing relationships and run away from them. After all, who likes to lose their identity?

8. Checking on your partners social site


With love comes possessiveness. We hear the cases if possessive partners every now and then. Committed people think that it is okay to visit and scan their partner’s Facebook profile or any other social sites frequently. They scan their profiles like searching for something crucially important. They go through every post, every likes, comments, statuses, pictures, etcetera. They don’t even spare a single person added in his/her friend list. This FBI-ish behavior of yours proves that there is not enough trust in your relationship which is the most important ingredient if you are looking forward to obtain a stable one.

7. Sulking for days after a bad break-up


This surely made on the crazy list but it is the most natural and common thing that happens after a break-up. Everybody goes through a bad relationship and then a bad break-up at least once in a life time. The end leaves them with a broken heart and puffy eyes for a very long time, maybe days or even weeks (it can be long than that). Though it sounds crazy, but crying heals up the broken heart as does the time.

6. Calling or texting after every five minutes


Saying “I love you” from the bottom of your heart every once in a while is very healthy for any relationship. Calling your lover for saying this a few times is alright but some people do not stop at just a few times. They call their partners at every five or ten minutes to tell them how much they miss them and love them. Few even call or text several times a day just to prove their love for them. What is it if not crazy?

5. Tattoo their partner’s name on them


Some people get so smitten by love that they cannot see past the person they are in love with (or in some cases the person they think they are in love with). They don’t know or even care whether their relationship has any future or not. They live in their own bubble and think that they will last forever and in that bubble of theirs they think that getting a permanent tattoo of their lover’s name is as right as it could be, which on the contrary is stupid and crazy. If they stay together for all their life then this tattoo is a good omen, but if not then the pain will be much greater than imagined (and pain means literally, a lot of pain of removing a tattoo).

4. Becoming a stalker


If you are following your partner without their knowledge, then congratulations, you are a new found member of the stalkers’ club. People do silly things to look out for the people they love but sometimes they do silly things just to keep an eye on them. I have one thing to say to the people who do this, if you truly love someone then trust should come naturally.

3. Moving in together right after the commitment


Moving in together is fine but only if both of you are ready. Rushing into things will do no good. Smitten kittens, on the other hand, think that moving in after just two months (or even two weeks in some cases) of dating is healthy. According to me this decision people take is downright crazy as well as stupid. I am not saying that it is wrong and that it never works, but rushing into this lessens the chance for a survival of a relationship.

2. Rush into a physical relationship


When in love, even sane people lose all their senses and do random crazy things in the name of love. The second highest rank of stupid goes to the fact that people throw out all their sensible thoughts out of their mind and jump into beds with the people they love. If the relation works out for them well then this act of theirs can prove to be bliss for them (as it will be a memorable moment for them) but if not then that same memory will turn into a nightmare.

1. Getting married as soon as they find each other


This sure does sound like the stuff of Hollywood movies. Two people meeting, and then falling in love at first sight, and then getting married; but this stuff happens in real life. What love-birds do not realize is that marrying someone you just met (the love of your life) is like marrying a total stranger. You have just met that person so obviously you do not fully know him/her and marrying that person will have its consequences. Good traits are always easy to adapt with but bad traits are the one that destroy a relationship which had perfectly good chances of surviving. So take it easy and take it slow.

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