10 Not So Happening Tourist Places

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Ah! Travel! A word that may send people having wanderlusts into a state of ecstasy. Travel may actually be the most fun and at the same time the most forgettable experience of one’s life. Travel may give an adequate amount of exposure and experience to someone and may eventually at a very critical stage, be the reason for changing that person’s life. A good place to travel may send one into a feeling of Euphoria, it may give an experience so vast, a knowledge so pure and practical, that the life of a person may actually change because of it. Hence, a good place to travel has many physical as well as psychological benefits.
But unfortunately, that is not something we are going to talk about today. Today, we shall talk about the most boring and the most not so happening places to travel. Unlike traveling in an interesting place, which is good for one’s physical and mental health, traveling in a bad place may actually send one into a nervous breakdown, almost literally. A bad place to travel may give one bad memories and feelings of guilt and regret and may actually lower somebody’s self confidence. It may eventually be the reason for sending one into despair and hence is something that is completely not advisable. There, here is a guide to avoid travelling in some of the worst cities and the most boring cities around the globe. So, to all people with a sinister disease of wanderlust, here is a guide to know as to which places around that globe they should avoid going to in order to not have regretful memories later. So! Here we go!

10) Brussels, Belgium


If you are not a genuine beer or a chocolate lover, then my friend , Brussels may actually not be the place for you and may bore you to death. It may be labeled as the capital of the European Union, but Brussels is actually a place of red tape and Eurocrats. Although it is home to many of the main institutions of the European Union and houses most of its politicians and civil servants and is also the headquarters of the NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) , Brussels may not actually be the place for you if you are not really interested in pre-modern architecture. Fortunately for all the food lovers out there, Brussels may be the right place to visit because of its interesting gastronomical choices to choose from, Brussels being home to more than 2000 restaurants. This would be the only decent source of killing time in the city and apart from this, Brussels has nothing more to offer.

9) Houston, Texas state, The USA


You would really have to travel hard in order to find some decent place to visit in Houston. Apart from being a concrete jungle, Houston is also one of the hottest place in the USA. It is a city of malls, interchanges, traffic , highways, heat and humidity. Also, it records one of the highest temperatures in the USA for almost 100 days in an year ( temperature being more than 32 deg Celsius) .Also , owing to the extreme humidity, there is an addition to the temperature woes. Hence, Houston may actually not be the place to visit until and unless you plan to sleep the whole vacation out in you air conditioned room with nothing else to do.

8) Zurich, Switzerland


According to a survey conducted by the trip adviser, Zurich races ahead of Brussels in being one of the dullest cities of Europe. Although it is the capital and one of the major cities of Switzerland, being a major financial centre around the world, home to some of the major corporations and one of the world’s biggest Stock exchanges, Zurich may actually be termed as being to sterile and predictable and hence may actually not be the ideal place to visit if you are a backpacker.

7) Singapore


Frankly speaking, but when it comes to Singapore, the opinions may actually be very divided. To some it may be the most interesting place in the Asia, owing to its perfectly created balance between modernity and tradition, however, Singapore at the same time may also be extremely boring since there are not many places to visit in Singapore that may actually give you a glimpse of Asian heritage. Although it is a safe place for foreigners and locals alike, owing to its extremely low crime rates and business friendly economy that mostly invites foreigners ( about 36% people on the Island are foreigners), You would be better off going to Hong Kong or Shanghai to give you the complete Asian experience.

6) Bratislava, Slovakia


The small city, which is the capital of Slovakia, has less than 400,000 citizens and a city centre less than 10 square kilometers in area. Also, there are just about 40 hotels found in the entire ‘metropolis’. Unlike its other European neighbor capital cities, Bratislava does not have much to offer. Unlike the vibrant downtown of other East European capital cities such as Budapest or Prague, Bratislava’s Downtown has only 9 storey buildings to offer. The cultural offer and the night life of the city are also quite dull, which makes the city all the more boring. Thankfully for you, Vienna is only 60 kilometers away!

5) Wellington, New Zealand


Wellington, the capital of New Zealand and also its windiest city, has not more than 400,000 inhabitants. Although it has a beautiful lush green landscape and an extremely pretty harbor area, however its compatibility as a tourist place is open to doubt. Although the inhabitants of Wellington could argue for long hours over Wellington being better than Auckland or other New Zealand cities in terms of well, everything , but however the truth is that the capital city is actually far from appealing. So, if it for an escape in the natural meadows and lush greenery, do choose Wellington , but to enjoy the comforts and highs of a good night life, it would be better to choose Sydney or Melbourne instead.

4) Oslo, Norway


Unless you are in avid cyclist or a mountaineer or a museum buff, Oslo may quickly hit your boredom senses. The capital of Norway is a city inhabited by around 600,000 people and may actually be good for outdoor activities, but is actually a waste of time when it comes to pursuing an active city life and an even more cheerful night life. Moreover, being one of the most expensive cities in the world, Oslo may actually cause a havoc on your wallet in the pretext of killing time. Also, The Scandinavian reserved and cold manner and the dull and extremely boring city landscape may want to make you leave the city all the more faster.

3) Cairo, Egypt


Seen the pyramids..? Yes….Seen the Sphinx..? Yes again, well then okay…Your stay in Egypt has nothing more to offer, you can please go home now , because there is not nightlife and frankly speaking no day life as well. This, my friends, would be a typical scenario in Egypt for a backpacker. The city may be host to the seat of the Pharaohs , but apart from the previously mentioned tourist attractions that can easily be covered in the first day in Egypt itself, the country actually has no more to offer.

2) Jakarta, Indonesia


One of the most boring places in the world to visit for any backpacker would surely be Jakarta. Apart from also being one of the most unsafe places for tourists owing to its high crime(especially rape) rates and a really sadistic mix of people, Jakarta may not only be the most boring, but may also be one of the most regretful experience of your life. Also, the city only hosts a daily street market that may be the only decent place you might consider worth visiting once you are in this Concrete Jungle.

1)Kabul, Afghanistan


Afghanistan does have tourists, Yes! Around 12,000 of them every year. And most of them would come solely and solely to visit this city that was once the seat of the Durrani Empire, that had its roots in Arabia. Kabul may be one of the most beautiful places to visit, owing to its unique blend of culture and traditions set in the backdrop of the beautiful Hindukush mountains, however it isn’t, all thanks to the degree of militancy there is in the city. Kabul, like you guessed, doesn’t have a night life as well owing to the strict Islamic laws that are followed there. Hence, this beautiful city that could in the future become one of the most happening places of the world, is presently not only the most dangerous, but also tops the list of our not so happening places in the world for tourists, although it is happening when it comes to the beautiful noises made by the various gun-powdery things to which it has been home since the past 3 decades.
So! There we are friends, this brings us to the end of our list of the not so happening tourist places in the world. So now I think you have a decent idea about which places to visit you should visit to fulfill you wanderlust and which places you should positively avoid in order to not regret your decisions later and have a nervous breakdown.! So long then friends!


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