10 Healthy Habits that can Minimize the risk of Skin Cancer

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The knowledge about the deadly skin cancer in the world is appealing. We know less about it and worry more. So here is a quick fix for the problem. With this article  we will see the common types of skin cancer and the simple ways to stay safe. There are basically thee major types of skin cancer depending on the layers they originate from, the degree of occurrence on chances of cure. First is Basal Cell cancer, originating from lowest layers of … it is most common and least dangerous. The next one is Squamous cell cancer originating from the middle layer, less common and needs to be treated before it spreads or it becomes fatal. Lastly we have Melanoma which occurs in pigment producing cells is the rarest of the skin cancer and most likely to be fatal. There are few simple methods to protect yourself from these devils.

10. Reduce sun exposure

10. Reduce sun exposure

The sun is at the strongest point between 11 am to 4 pm. The UV index is deadly at 3. The sane thing to be done here is to avoid the sun during this time and use covers so that you can ditch the cause altogether. This includes using a wide brimmed hat. full sleeved shirts or shades to cover your eyes and surrounding skins.

9. Befriend the sunscreen.

9. Befriend the Sunscreen

Use the sunscreen with Sun screen Protection Factor of 30 or above, (SPF) all over the body. This will ensure that you are not heavily affected by the rays. Th process should be repeated every 2 hours when you are out. Most missed places are the scalp, nape etc. Consult the dermatologist when deciding the perfect sunscreen. Also protect the lips with the lip balm having SPF of more than 15.

8. Get the mole checked.

8. get the mole checked

Get yourself a full length mirror? its not to boost your vanity but to ensure that you have that smooth skin to be proud off. So as the adage goes, precaution is better than cure, keep a watch on your skin. Have a do-it yourself skin check with a full length mirror and a hand held one. Keep a look on the moles, the size color and the texture. If you feel the change, or a weirdness rush to the doctors. The sooner you get them checked there is a better chance of having a cure. So be the action taker and keep a watch!

7. Annual skin check by dermatologists.

7. Annual skin check by dermatologists.

We are all lazy when it comes to getting the health check-up. But the disease can be so horrifying that death is a sweet release. So keep the laziness for doing the dishes and washing the clothes and rush for the annual checkup by the physician. If you have kids make sure that they are carefully examined. The type of doctor also matters for research shows that when the melanoma is detected by the dermatologist, it is usually in the primary stage. The detection on the later stage is the one diagnosed by other doctors. So do not be lazy and schedule appointment with your doctors. It will serve well to know the moles on your body and have them treated or removed.

6. Skip Tanning Beds.

6. Skip Tanning Bed

Melanoma is a deadly form of skin cancer and the extensive use of Tan-beds is one easy way to cause it. The ultra voilet rays from the tan-bed can cause the deadly disease. When you are below the age of thirty and use the tan-beds you are increasing the chances of skin cancer by 75%. This stats should make you stop in your tracks and wonder out loud ‘is it worth it’. Is the sun-kissed look is important for you, try the spry-on-tan or temporary bronzer.

5. Keep a check on your medication.

5. Keep a check on your medication

Some of the medicines you take may cause the photo-sensitivity to the sun. This drastically increases the risk of skin cancer. The Foundation called Skin Care has a list of medication that can save you from the danger. When medicines contain higher proportion of Tetracycline, ibuprofen its a good option to get it checked by your dermatologist.

4. Remove the nail polish.

4. Remove the nail polish

The painted feet make us feel pretty and also hides the feet which sometimes is an embarrassment. The color around the nails of the toes can truly be a cures and this as a deadly cures. The Melanoma of the foot is not detected as early as of the rest of the body. This is because the painted feet keeps the early signs under wraps. When the cancer spreads before the diagnosis the chances of survival reduces by half, ie by 50%. This Neil Campbell ( PhD, Foot and ankle surgeon ) says that the removal of polish is imperative at-least once a month and the sunscreen should be applied on the foot and the soles. So be safe while being pretty.

3. Reflection is trouble.


The common misconceptions around is that the a) sun harms only if it is particularly hot. b) on a cloudy day when the rays cant reach you, you are safe c) If its skiing on the mountain you do not need a sunscreen,d) Around water or sand you can be carefree about skin cancer. The truth is that its not the sun shine but the angle of the rays that matter . So when the clouds are present or absent the rays might still pack the punch that will knock you down. The clear day or cloudy day never skip dabbing on the sunscreen. The high altitudes and snow are not safe combination they are double trouble because altitudes leas to faster burning and snow is one clean reflector. So this means that to enjoy the skiing and sledging do not do away with your sunscreen for it will harm you.

2. Daily coffee fix.

2. Daily coffee fix

Finally a place where your daily caffeine fix is what will help you fight this cancer. The antioxidants in coffee helps stop the non-melanoma skin cancer. The study shows that for a single cup of Java you consume everyday, the chances of skin cancer reduces by 5%. This is specific to only the non-melanoma cancer. And the research also shows that if you have two or more of Starbucks Venti coffee at 20 ounces each, the odds drop drastically by 30%. The reason stated by Dr. Ernest L. Able ( PhD. , Wayne State University School of Medicine) is that coffee has the anti-oxidants which fights the oxidants who are essentially the enemy . However it was noted that people who drink lot of coffee tend to stay indoors and hence the exposure to sun is very very less.

1. Smoking.


Smoking not only increases the risk of the Skin cancer it increases it by three times. Out of the two majot types, the squamous cell carcinoma. Good news here is that the risk is dropped from 3.3 in current smokers to 1.9 for former smokers. Thus the smokers have a chance to reduce the odds by quitting it altogether. So here is one more reason to quit.


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