10 Very Important Lessons From The Harry Potter Series

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Harry Potter. This very name brings back all the childhood memories you have grown up with. Written by J.K Rowling, it is a series comprising of 7 wonderfully written books. Reportedly the draft was rejected by over 12 publishers after which it was agreed to be published by Bloomsbury and rest is just history. With its entry, it gained so many fans that they proudly call themselves “Potterheads”. For a potterhead the book isn’t just a book but a bundle of lessons and teachings which every person ought to follow in their day to day life. One would be amazed how well the author included those teachings completely merged with the flow of words in the form of a magical roller coaster ride. If you are true potterhead, you would know how this book series have become a part of life for many people, including me! So let’s get enchanted while we explore the different yet amazing lessons that the author has explained through the book series.

10. Team work always succeeds


This is really known fact. Team work is very important when we do something collectively. If someone feels they can get things done alone, then they are completely wrong. Every time we do need someone to either push us forward to take a step or hold us back from taking any hasty decisions. Be it the chess game in the Sorcerer’s stone, fighting the basilisk in the chamber, saving Sirius and buckbeak, the battle in ministry of magic, or the final war of Wizarding world; only team work proved to be winner. Besides, nobody can solve any problem without a little guidance and help from someone near and dear. See even Ron agrees to that. He was the one who said “We wouldn’t survive a day without her”, when Harry was leaving alone for the hunt for Horcrux, stopping Ron from accompanying him and stay back with Hermione.

9. Money doesn’t buy happiness


They say to find happiness; you will have to live in a house where there isn’t much money. They teach you that money isn’t the most important thing for a living. Love and care for each other is well enough to lead a happy normal life. The Weasley’s are a perfect example for that. In spite of not having much money, they are a one big happy family. All the children are content and satisfied with what they have and even Mr. and Mrs. Weasley isn’t ashamed to show themselves like that. For them, their children’s happiness and each other’s well being is way up above. Mrs. Weasley even makes sure every single child including harry gets a weasley jumper on every Christmas. What we must learn from this that, in the pursuit of earning money and power, one mustn’t forget what he has. He should appreciate whatever is there with him, his family and their happiness. Besides, it turns out to be that the Malfoy family was much hated for show off of their wealth and this was the reason for their eventual downfall.

8. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder


In present times, relationships are based only on outer appearance. One doesn’t take the effort to understand a person on whom they are deep within. Rowling tries to teach people through her book that how outer appearance is not that important, but it’s what that’s inside which determines how good a person is. Even though Bill was scarred by a werewolf on his face during an attack, Fleur never left his side. For her his compassion, love and his character was more important than his appearance. Mind you, this was the time Mrs. Weasley realized Bill got a perfect girl for himself and accepted her into her family. Even Tonks saw the real person in Lupin, how good he was. In spite of him staying away from her and explaining the consequences of staying with a werewolf, Tonks was adamant on her love for him and insisted on getting married to him. Sometimes, it’s all love and inner feeling that matters more than anything. People keep losing every time they go in search of love merely based on outer appearance. All they do forget is people with a big heart

7. Appearances can be misguiding


When you ask a potterhead what they think about Severus Snape, all they would do is rant on how he portrayed as a bad person from book one till a scene in book seven where his memories showed he was just acting as a double agent to Professor Dumbledore’s plan on bringing down Voldemort. All the time he showed his despise towards Harry was only because his father James and his friends bullied Snape when they were in the same class. Only his unconditional love for Lily, Harry’s mother; was the reason he was ready to safeguard Harry from Voldemort from the time he was born. He made sure he concealed himself behind his mask completely that no one would even doubt his stance. There is a famous thought which said Voldemort couldn’t recognize Snape’s motive because his motive was driven by love. What I’m trying to say is, there will be someone in your life that completely does things for which there isn’t any sort of explanation. It can be either good or bad. So one mustn’t jump into the conclusion by stating that the person is good or bad based on what they do. There is always a reason for every action someone does. It is just the nature of motive is to be understood. Understanding the nature of motive would help one understanding whether they are thinking of safeguarding or harming us.

6. Fear is only fear if you think it is


One thing is very much famous after the name Harry potter itself, is “The one who must not be named”. Yes! That’s right. That is how people address Lord Voldemort. The fear inflicted by Voldemort on the wizards frightened to an extent of not using Voldemort’s name while referring him. This is how fear is for a common person. Only if you think and give importance to the fear, it takes the shape of your fear and it will remain inflicted on you for a long period of time. One should never ever give significance to one’s fear to an extent that the fear tries to overpower your mind and control it. They should try their level best to reason up with fear and try to eliminate from the mind. Eliminating fear from one’s mind would make a stronger person from inside not fearing anything anymore. Besides as Hermione’s mentioned “Fear in the name only creates fear in itself.”

5. Pride comes before a fall


Voldermort’s defeat at the battle of Hogwarts is a perfect example for this thought. His overconfidence and ego was the main reason for his downfall. He thought he was invincible by creating Horcruxes to keep himself alive and while in the pursuit of winning over everyone, he carried out many unforgivable cold blooded murders. Though his search for ultimate power won him many followers it was only until the time he started losing his stance, people left his side. One should never get carried away by his pride so much that at the end you fall flat on your face due to your own messed up decisions. Throughout the Harry potter deathly hallows book, each and every time Harry destroys each Horcrux, it kills a part of Voldemort’s soul. Knowing that he will be defeated, his followers persuaded him to call off the war during the end part of the book. It can be clearly seen his followers are ready in time to leave his side when things gets out of his hands. Pride is never going to get you to the top of the ladder of success. Do remember, people are only with you until you are successful.

4. Friends are treasure


Friends are in many forms; mad, lunatic, jealous, geeky, loving, caring, etc. But whatever be it, we love with all the heart. They are basically treasures which should be cherished and maintained for the whole life. But a person who puts forward his hand for friendship to show his superiority is nothing less than an enemy. A true friend never comes with criteria and they are with you even if you are going on a suicide mission. There is saying where it says, a true friend never lets you do things alone, but stays together with you and laugh over it. That is how friends should be. Harry got two gems in the form of Ron and Hermione, who was beside him in all his missions and they grew closer and closer with every step they took. Besides there is even Ginny, Luna, Neville and Dobby who showed their loyalty towards Harry and saved him from any problem he encountered.

3. Good always prevails over bad


World is divided into two types of people. Good people bad people. Bad people keep doing bad things for a long period of time, and there comes a moment when good is born into the world to destroy the bad. While sorting ceremony of students into the houses, Harry was given the opportunity to choose his house between Gryffindor and Slytherin and knowing that Slytherin had long history bad wizards, he chose to be good thus persuading the sorting hat to place him in Gryffindor. Even Voldermort’s death signifies how bad can’t stay influential for long period of time, thus getting defeated by good in the end in a very brutal manner. One should understand, there is good and bad inside every person. Everyone have conflict within themselves and they should make sure the good defeats the bad in the end. Like his godfather Sirius black once said “The world is not two sides, good and evil. We all have light and dark inside us. It just matters what we choose to act upon.”

2. Love triumphs


Harry never got a mother’s love from the time he was saved from Godric’s hallow on that faithful night. He was deprived for that love even from his aunt. But it was because of his mother’s love he was saved from Voldermort’s attack that night. She cast herself between them, her love shielding him and thus destroying Voldermort to nothing more than a parasite living over professor Quirell’s body. Moreover Molly’s unconditional love safeguarding him from going for any combat referring him as a boy and Mrs Malfoy’s love for her son, kept Harry alive till the end. Unconditional friendship and love from his two best friends; always making sure he doesn’t feel lonely, gave Harry the love he was deprived off. One must always remember, love in any form; be it mother’s love, a friend’s love or a partner’s love is very much important in one’s life. Respecting it and being selfless is necessary to truly understand its value. One mustn’t feel he is alone in this world because there will be someone in your life who cares and loves you without asking anything in return. Recognizing and appreciating it would make one’s mind filled with many pleasant and happy feelings derived out of it.

1. Always believe in yourself


That round geeky shy kid in the class who gets bullied and picked on every time, Neville never had the confidence in himself. He was constantly made to believe he is good for nothing, even was bullied by his own grandmother. But being a true Gryffindor by heart, he was brave. He never knew this until he stood up to his friends when they were sneaking out during the night time to avoid more punishment. This gesture was well appreciated by Dumbledore saying you need immense courage, more than when you confront your enemies; to stand up to your friends against any wrong doing. He was even given points as a reward. What we learn from this is that, you never know what you have inside you as your strength. Rather than getting distressed and depressed by people’s comments on how useless you are, you must check within yourself how good you are. People will try their level best to put you down but never should give up on yourself. After all who knows, one day you might end up being more confident and braver to fight any negativity engulfing you. Don’t forget, the sword of Gryffindor only appears to a true Gryffindor, which explains best why Neville was chosen for the final downfall of Voldemort by killing his last Horcrux, Nagini. Always believe in yourself.

Also when you feel low, all you must remember is Dumbledore’s quote “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times. If one only remembers to turn on the light.”

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