10 Kinds of People You will Find in a Library

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Imagine a place in your college, seemingly mundane yet always buzzing with activity no matter if it is day or night, a working day or off, exams or not. A wide variety of people flock there regularly, for an even wider variety of pursuits. Every college has it, it’s one place where you find that love is actually in the air and yet even the strictest of parents or teachers wouldn’t mind and perhaps even pat you on your back if you hang out there for a longer time! One place where the more time you spend the more relieved you are.
And before you start to go into disbelief regarding its existence I can assure you that it’s as real as the Cheese in a Cheeseburger!
Scratching your head?
It’s the grand old library where countless sketches, careers and love stories are made. Here’s my list of top 10 interesting characters that you’d find there.



In the remotest corner of the library you’d see a figure sitting on the chair, sweating, in a rush so great that you might think that the apocalypse is actually near. What’s more fascinating is the way he shakes the whole desk with his masterstrokes. Writing with the speed of light he makes his presence felt by the tremors he creates. But despite all the toil that he does, he never seems to complete his assignments and you’d find him doing the same thing for most of his college life. So much that you might feel compelled to offer to complete his assignment out of a sense of humanity and free him from the misery he is in.



This type of a character wouldn’t be too hard to notice as he strolls in every corridor, every room and even the washroom of the library. At the same time he stares at every person sitting in the library and if by chance if you look back, he takes his eyes off and continues his daily walk. Don’t bother yourself with trying to find out the reason why he is moving around so much because there is none, not a rational one at least. One might say that the lack of open spaces in our crowded urban areas might be driving this species to wander in libraries. In that case be sympathetic to him!



You are attentively reading a book when all of a sudden you hear the sound of a vibration from the desk; she picks it up and then starts a cycle of giggling, typing, vibration and reading followed by more and more giggling. Life is still easier for people around her if she is using a touch phone. Otherwise its rock and roll as she punches the keys of her phone and every tap of the key that she makes seems like a Tabla beat especially if you are trying to concentrate.
An advice: run away, because if you are thinking that this one is going to be her last text, you are gravely mistaken.



You would have probably mistaken this guy for the library staff because of one simple reason: he is always there! No matter if there is a fest in the college or all of his classmates have gone for a college trip to most exotic of places, he is still there doing “we don’t know what exactly”. He is the first one to enter and the last one to leave. He loves to be in there and only time he goes out is when he has to eat and then too making sure that he doesn’t stay out for long or else he’d be attacked by the aliens that wait for him outside the library.

6.THE GOSSIP GANG:         


They come in a group of two or more, occupy the table at the centre and then starts the saga. First it is a nudge, then you hear a few whispers and just when you are hoping it dies down, it becomes a full blown conversation with a wide range of topics and people to talk about. Who is the most hated professor, the hottest guy, the sexy new girl in college or the latest scam, you get to know it all in just a few minutes time. No rumour is left untouched and in that process some more are created.
Warning: Being around such people can increase your social awareness but it may affect your IQ.



Just when you think that you are done with hearing all the gossips and you are about to leave, there comes a saviour who stands up and asks them to quieten up. You feel relieved. But then you see that your saviour has a habit of going up to every table and hushing people up, sometimes even threatening to complain. He is so fussy that you as much as even move your chair and he stares at you like a lion staring its prey. He seems frustrated all the time and focussing more on people around him than his own books.
No way out of here….just freeze!



If you think that people actually find joy in their books judging by the crowd in a library then you are way off the mark! A guy and a gal enter into the library, smiling while looking at each other; occupy the “corner seat” and then starts the public display of affection. Then sensing the reaction of the people around them one of them goes toward the bookshelf, the other follows and they come back a few moments later blushing. It would’ve been a perfect scene form a romantic teen movie but it’s not and it’s annoying, especially when people are trying to study! No wonder there are so many frustrated singles who flunk in their exams as a result of this.



We all know how boring can a library be. But for those who don’t, meet the sleepyheads who’d be happy to prove it to you. These are the people who come to the library only to have a good, cosy sleep. No matter what time of the day it is you’ll always find them lying down with their heads on their book and sometimes snoring too. They can be identified by their instinct to find a less lit corner of the library and unlike the rest of the types they live in peace. If you have to sit with somebody, I’d suggest you sit with a sleepyhead unless of course you are not one yourself.



This is the category of people who actually use the library for the purpose it is meant for. They gobble up every book that is present there from cover to cover, tear down the details from every newspaper or a magazine and are always on a lookout for more and more things to read. It is advisable to stay away from such people during the exams for they will inundate you with their display of knowledge and you would loathe yourself for being so unaware. It might take you a few days to come out of this depression. They may otherwise be very nice and helpful.


This is perhaps the most skilled of all the characters and the one to watch out for. He sits at a table, silently studies from one book then another and as he stands up to leave, you notice that the book has vanished from the table. He is aptly equipped with loose hoodies and jackets where he tucks in his targets. He is capable of flicking off complete volumes of anything and everything ranging from encyclopedias to magazines. You leave your pen out of sight for a while and it’ll be gone too!

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