10 Laptop Accessories No One Really Needs

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Laptops are one of those essential must haves which every person holds dearer than life. Many years back people used to crave on having a desktop but after the introduction of laptops, it is preferred more over desktop or say desktops have become extinct. Even offices and corporate sectors have replaced desktops with laptops as it’s easier to handle and use. College students and school students also opt more for laptops as it’s easy to handle. In this new generation and new phase of time with the help of new technologies different companies invent various types of accessories which can be connected to the laptop via USB port or connected through Bluetooth, or simply used along with laptops to make it look trendier or more easy to use as per these products/accessories claim. These accessories cost a lot and are generally of no use, when introduced in the market people do buy them by its marketing techniques of attracting people but later on it gives no advantage.  Listed below are some of such accessories which no one really needs but are still available in the market:-

10- Printed Stickers


Laptop Stickers are new in trend now days, which make the laptop look classy and trendier, it is also known as laptop skin which is nothing but a printed or designed sticker for the laptop head. The companies who make these stickers do write on the wrapper that uses gum which is not toxic or harmful to the laptop, but once removed the gum sticks to the laptop and makes it dirty and is very hard to remove. It is then removed with help of some chemical which again is not good to use on the laptop as it reduces the shine of the laptop head and makes it look old and dirty. Thus stickers for laptop are one of such accessories which no one really needs.

9- External wire Headsets


Wire headsets are that accessories which used to be very useful for all but now days with the help of new technologies new headsets are introduced which are connected via USB port or Bluetooth, thus making the wire headsets an old technology, people still own a wire headset but won’t use it quite often only in emergency or when needed. It is one of those accessories which after the purchase mostly lies in the cupboard or drawer.

8- External webcam


 All laptops now a day comes with an in-build webcam, so an accessories like external webcam is not a big hit. Earlier when laptops were introduced people used to buy external webcams for video chatting or for professional use, today every laptop has an in build webcam, so the use of external webcam is nil or say only useful for ones who don’t have an internal camera or if somebody’s internal camera doesn’t work. So, purchasing an external webcam is not a very good decision.

7-USB Fan-


USB Fans is an accessory designed to cool down the laptop as it gets heated while in use. It’s a base which has a fan which gets connected to the USB port and is kept beneath the laptop to cool it down when in use. It helps to make the use easier, generally laptops get heated and it gets difficult to keep it on lap and use it so these fans are designed to cool it down for better use, but still that doesn’t solve the purpose as the fans needs flat surface beneath it and using it keeping on lap or anything else rather than a desk is impossible. Thus the invention of fans is not a very big hit.

6- Laptop Stands.


Laptop stands have been designed in such a way that it solves the purpose of using the laptop keeping it on the lap, but still not many people are fond of using stands when they can comfortably sit in a position which they like or even lie down and use the laptop. Laptop stands are also made accessible and also invented to be used in cars, there are laptop stands specially designed for cars but it doesn’t solve the purpose of easy use instead it makes it uncomfortable as the car itself has small sitting space and if on top of it there are laptop stands then it becomes suffocating. So Laptop stands are accessories which people don’t generally need.

5-USB Microphone/mike.


External microphone or mike are accessory used only when the microphone of the laptop does not work or else for people who need it for their daily use in their profession like corp-orates when doing a conference call need a high volume microphone so it does serve the purpose but these accessories are very rare used, and rarely needed as people would not want to carry a mike along with their portable laptop.


4- USB Light Bulb


USB Bulb is another accessory used to light up the keyboard when there’s not much light around or during load-shading or at night. Its gets connected to the USB port and can be placed over the laptop and adjusted. It does serve the purpose of light but is very harmful as it effects the eyes a lot, and is not preferable thus use of this accessory is very rare and not of great use.


3- Keyboard Protector/skin.


Keyboard protector or keyboard skin is generally made of silicon, it shaped as the size of the keyboard of different laptops to fit on to it. It helps in keeping it dust proof and dirt proof as lot of dust generally settles in the gaps between the keys of the keyboard but these silicon covers don’t serve the purpose in daily life, for people who work on the laptop whole day or who mainly use the laptop for work can’t handle these covers as they can slip while typing and it also blocks the usage of keys when typing. The covers are basically just for show and not for usage purpose it can be used to cover the keyboard when not in use but when in use it has to be removed.


2- USB Powered Vacuum Cleaner/Cleaner gel.


USB vacuum cleaner and gel cleaner are two different products for the same use of cleaning dust from the laptop mainly from the keyboard where dust settles the most. USB cleaner has a small machine with a brush which is attached via USB it vacuums the dust and brushes it out and the gel cleaner are a patch of gel which makes dust stick to it and removes it, both are used for cleaning that laptop but both are not frequently used people mainly wipe there laptops with cloth or generally brush out the dust, nobody would will to use the long process to clean their laptops so it’s an accessory not really needed.


1- External keyboard/mouse.



External Keyboard or mouse are accessories which are also connected via USB or Bluetooth like other accessories these accessories are used when the track pad or the keyboard of the laptop breaks down or doesn’t function. It solves the purpose only when there’s emergency or else nobody would like to carry a keyboard and mouse along with their laptop which would make it a laptop cum desktop. Thus it’s not really needed but still manufactured and sold at high prices.

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