10 Movies based on the theme of Mental Illness

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It’s often said that art takes its inspiration from life. If this is true than it does it with a greater finesse creating marvels out of our weaknesses. The brain is a part of a being that has shown tendencies of greatness in the toughest of situations but what happens when we give it too much control. Following is a list of the greatest movies that deal with the unimaginable capabilities of the human mind.

10) 50 First Dates-

50 first dates

This one is the one on a lighter note. Well it has Adam Sandler as the lead, need I say more? The comedy revolves around Henry, a veterinarian who one morning meets the girl of his dreams and it all goes well till he discovers that she is an amnesiac and doesn’t remember anything for more than 24 hours. So from now onward he woos her every single day and makes her fall in love with him all over again. Hence the name of the movie!

9) The Notebook-

the notebook

The sweetest love story of our times, ‘The Notebook’ is the story of Noah and Allie, childhood sweethearts whose love survives it all and just when they are having their happy ever after, Allie is diagnosed with Dementia, a condition which makes her forget everything and one day she even forgets Noah. Now they are eighty years old and in an old age home, Noah tries everyday to woo his wife, often it doesn’t work but he doesn’t give up and continues trying with the hope that one day, just for a second she will remember him again. This one is sure to make you cry.

8) Secret Window-

Secret window

This Stephen King adaptation saw Johnny Depp playing a writer who has a dissociative personality disorder to in order to write the perfect ending for his own life. The film is a psychological thriller that screams of poetic injustice confirming the fact that the mind has it all. The film didn’t get great reception from the critics and its score was modest at the box office with everyone crediting Depp’s performance that saved the day and making it what it an interesting watch.

7) Love Exposure-

love exposure

This 4 hours long Japanese movie caused uproar at film festivals around the world for its controversial themes of religion, abuse, lust and pornography. The illness quotient being a girl who is abused to such an extent that she becomes psychotic and extremely volatile and doesn’t mind harming those whom she suspects to be a pervert; its release saw it receive much acclaim also winning the Best Asian film title at Fant- Asia Film festival.

6) Silence of the Lambs-

Silence of teh lambs

A movie doesn’t just wins 5 Academy Awards for any reason other than its being one of the greatest movies of all times. A crime and horror thriller, where Hannibal Lecter (played to perfection by Anthony Hopkins) is a brilliant Psychiatrist and a serial killer who also likes to devour his victims, helps An FBI Trainee Clarice Starling (Judy Foster) to catch another serial killer who targets young girls for a very specific reason. What this movie only if you have a strong heart as well as the stomach for it.

5) Fight Club-

fight club

This David Fincher movie starring Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter; when released in 1999 was way ahead of its time and wasn’t received well at the box office and nor did it get any critical acclaim but now has been branded as a cult movie. The illness in this movie when first seen is just a simple insomnia but as the film develops, it is revealed that the problem lies much deeper. The name Fight Club literally is for the club formed by the protagonists but is also a symbol for the frustration and struggle of an every-man and his fight against the social structure that has corrupted him. It has now become one of the greatest movies of all times.

4) Black Swan-

black swan

Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) is a professional Ballerina who gets cast as the lead in Swan Lake. But another ballerina Lily is more passionate and embodies the sensuality that is required for the character of the Black Swan. Nina who is obsessed with the idea of perfection is unable to take the pressure and competition and starts hallucinating and is unable to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not. The film apart from receiving rave appreciation at the box office, was also critically acclaimed earning Portman an Oscar for the performance for her effective portrayal of white as well as black swan.

3) Shutter Island-

Shutter island

Martin Scorsese gets Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo on an island where criminally insane are hospitalised to investigate the disappearance of a patient. Put Ben Kinsley in the mix and you have the number one Box office psychological thriller. By the end of it all you are left wondering whether anything is for real or is it all in your head.

2) Butterfly Effect-

butterfly effect

Based on the mere ideology that ‘A little flutter of a butterfly is strong enough to bring about a change in the universe’, ‘The Butterfly Effect’ is a psychological thriller starring Ashton Kutcher who struggles from blackouts during which he can travel back in time to those moments that have the potential to bring him to the future that he wants by changing them. In the film Kutcher’s character ‘Evan Treborn’ goes through several childhood traumas like being a victim of child pornography, losing his childhood sweetheart and being strangled by his own father who is institutionalised in a mental hospital. Every time Treborn goes back in time he returns to a future that is just almost perfect but at the cost of someone else.

1) Forest Gump-

Forest gump

You have Tom Hanks playing a slow witted mind with a strong backdrop of the changes that revolutionised America. How can anyone possible go wrong with that? Hanks plays a handicapped kid with an IQ of just 75 but that doesn’t stop him from achieving great success no matter what he does. Through his innocence, he teaches Elvis Presley the hip jive that he is known for; joins the army; saves a girl from letting her past demons get the best of her, owns shares in Apple and does much more than any of us can even dream of along with spreading a smile everywhere he goes. Every time Gump is faced with obstacles which could have got the broken a normal man, but Gump goes about life with a positivity that is hard to find in an ordinary person. This film will make you rethink what a perfect person might be like and wouldn’t the world be a better place if all of us were as slow and extra-ordinary as Forest Gump?

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