10 Must-Do’s When You Move into a New House

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The thought of moving usually leaves people feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. However, it doesn’t have to. If you take the time to organize your home before moving day, the process will go a whole lot smoother. Shifting to a new house certainly sounds pretty exciting. New house, new place, new people, new friends, new environments and mostly everything will be new. But often in excitement and exhaustion we often forget to do certain important things soon after moving to a new house. So here are 10 must-do’s after moving to a new house:-

10. Change the locks


It might not be necessary for everyone, but in case you are not moving into a brand new house, then changing the locks of your new house will certainly be necessary for you. You never know for sure who came and went into your new home before you arrived, or how many keys might still be out there, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. New locks are a safer option for you and your family. Since you do not know who else has keys to your home so changing the locks will certainly be a smart move. This ensures you and your family members are the only ones who has access to the house.

09. Unpack and inspect your belongings


Once everything’s off the truck, check the list of belongings that you got transferred. Has everything made it to the new place? You can walk through the house, room by room, and make sure that everything has arrived safe and sound. Open a few cartons of your most breakable items to make certain that everything has reached safely and have survived the move. Don’t unpack everything at once. Unpack only what is necessary, the rest you can unpack and arrange with ease later on. This way your work is made easier. Unpacking everything at once can make your new house dirty and messy. So, take your time to fit in everything in your new home.

08. Clean the house


When you move to your new house, you would surely want your house to feel like yours, that implies removing certain remainders if the previous owners (if any). You will not like moving into a dirty house, right? So before you start unpacking your stuffs, plan how are you going to clean your house inside and out. Try to get rid of all the marks or stains in the house. Even if it is a new house there could be possibility of dust accumulations in the house or cobwebs in the corners or on the ceiling. Wipe down the floorboards, floors, windows, counters, cabinets, shelves, drawers, etc. This will help to make it feel like your home. Steam clean the carpets; run the dishwasher and washing machine; and clean the oven, refrigerator and freezer. And you might even want to get new toilet seats.

07. Install window treatments


To control the entrance of natural light in your home install window shades. These readily available window treatments permit you to change the ambiance and appearance of a room – from bright and cheery to dimly lit and peaceful – in just seconds. Also getting some shades on your windows will give you privacy and the finishing touch. There different types of window covering available in the shops or market nowadays like  shutters, roller blinds, honeycomb shades, wood blinds, roman blinds and of course, standard vertical and horizontal blinds. Measuring and installation services are very well worth the money you pay, especially if you have a lot of windows.

06. Housewarming ceremony


After you have successfully arranged all the furniture and everything and settled properly in your new house, plan a housewarming party. Housewarming ceremony is a good option to invite your new neighbors to your house and get acquainted with them. Prepare a guest list and invite them. Your family and friends are going to be thrilled to see your new pad, so plan to give a brief tour of the space. If you’re worried about being too busy playing host/hostess to walk your family/friends around your new home, ask a close friend or relative to help you out for the evening. It is an occasion for the hosts to present their new home to their friends, post moving, and for friends to give gifts to furnish the new home.

05. Get a servant or maid


Another must do thing soon after you move to a new house is hunt for a new servant or maid. You definitely cannot think of cleaning the everyday mess or doing your regular chores without a servant or a maid. If you have moved to a house in the same locality then you could probably get your old helper to work, but in case you have moved away from your old locality to a new locality then you will need to look for a new servant. Daily washing, sweeping, mopping, cleaning, if done alone, will certainly tire the hell out of you.

04. Change the address on all subscriptions


Change your addresses on all subscribers’ application that you have applied to, to enjoy hassle free and continuous services like newspaper, magazines, library cards, gym membership, newspapers, milk etc. And especially newspapers, milk are a must in every house, every morning. If you have subscribed to cable or digital television services, you will need to contact your service provider to either cancel your account or arrange for a service in your new home. You may be able to transfer your account from your previous address, depending on where you are moving. And update your new address on all subscribers’ application that you have filled.

03. Find the mains


Know where your main circuit breaker is and make sure each switch is labeled properly. Of course, the electricity needs to be turned on already in order to test the labeling. In addition, locate the main water shut-off valve. It’s a good idea to figure out which fuses control what parts of your house and label them accordingly. If it’s a new home and not labeled, label it yourself before moving in too much so that you know which breaker turns off which area.

02. Change your details on the electoral poll/voter card


Right to vote is one of the many rights that we enjoy in our country. And our voter id card is a proof of our being a citizen of our respective countries. So as soon as we change our house it is must to get our address updated or changed in our voter id cards. Tell the council that you have moved house so that you can be placed on the local electoral role. If you don’t, you could lose your right to vote. It can also make applying for credit more difficult as banks often look at this to confirm your details.

01. Get you address updated or changed


It is very important to update your address as soon as you move into a new house. To ensure that all your services and affairs are in order, you need to notify a number of agencies and services. You need to notify the post office if you often get posts from there. Notify the people or companies who write to you often. You need to either close or get transferred the utility accounts like gas, electricity, waste collection etc. Make sure you take the final meter reading for gas and electricity services just before you leave. Telephone accounts can be transferred between old and new addresses like electricity and gas accounts. This will save you a reconnection fee and means that you will have a working phone as soon as you move in a new house. Inform your bank about the change of address. You must inform your insurance company and let them know the new address so that your insurance policy can be updated. Change on address in the vehicle registration certificate must also be made. You don’t want to start moving your belongings in without any heat/air conditioning, lighting or a refrigerator. That would make for a very long day.


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