10 Reasons Why you should Donate Blood

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Charity is said to be the most important virtue of mankind across the globe. Almost all the religions and ancient scriptures talk about charity and donations to the needy. However the motive of a donation is fulfilled only when the person receiving the donation is benefited. We all know that human blood has no substitute and people who require blood are in utmost need, hence it won’t be wrong to say that blood donation is one of the greatest donations that a man can make. Here is a list of ten reasons as to why you should donate blood.

10. Donating blood saves lives

Donating blood saves lives

The blood that we donate is used to save the people who are in desperate need. There are four types of transfusable products that can be derived from blood: red cells, platelets, plasma and cryoprecipitate. Typically, two or three of these are produced from a pint of donated whole blood – hence each donation can help save up to three lives. The blood donated is saved in blood banks and preserved to serve anyone who needs it in future, therefore the blood donated is never a waste.

9. A good way to give back to your community

It is a good way to give back to your community

Man is a social animal and owes his entire existence to society. Every human being has taken a lot from society. It is therefore both his moral and social duty to pay back to society as much as possible. The best method by which he/she can do this is by giving to the members of the society something which will save their lives and help them regain their strength. By donating blood, A person does just the same; the blood which is donated helps others in their times of utmost need.

8. Every two seconds someone needs blood

Every two seconds someone needs blood

The modern world is such in which accidents are very frequent. Blood related diseases(like sickle cell anemia) where the patient needs frequent blood transplant, have also become common in the past few years. As per an estimate, it has been found out that every two seconds someone needs blood. Thus huge quantity of blood is transfused every day. If everyone starts thinking that someone else will donate blood for this, it is but natural that there won’t be enough blood to carry out these transfusions.Therefore it is necessary that everyone takes responsibility of contributing to the cause.

7. Blood can be stored only for a limited period of time

Blood can be stored only for a limited period of time

Blood requirement can never be anticipated. Any fit person may come across a situation after which he would require blood the very next moment. Therefore to ensure that every needy person gets adequate amount of blood, it is necessary that there is sufficient amount of blood of all the blood groups at any given point of time. However blood can be stored for only for a limited time for use. It is therefore required that each day at least 500 pints of blood is collected. Hence regular blood donations from healthy person should be collected to ensure the same.


6. A person loses nothing by donating blood

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Contrary to the common belief, donating blood does not make people feel weak. The thread of truth here arises from the fact that it takes a day or two to replenish the fluid volume in the body and three months for the regeneration of red cells to donate more blood. It is also been observed that the person donating blood does not lose even one of his working days and can carry out his/her normal day to day activity without any problem. This means without causing even a small variation to your normal life style, you are helping someone in a time of great distress.

5. A pint of blood can save the lives of three persons

A pint of blood can save the lives of three persons

It is said that if in your entire life you are able to save the life of even a single person then that is sufficient to balance many wrong deeds that you have done during your life. Blood donation on the other hand enables you can save the lives of three in just a few minutes time. This is because  human blood you donate can be divided into three components for transfusion: red cells, platelets and plasma. Each can be donated to a different patient to save their lives. In other words one pint of blood you donated last month might have saved a breast cancer patient, an injured person or a person suffering from severe burns.

4. You will discover your own blood type

You will discover your own blood type

Many people do not know their blood group and type (i.e. if it is A, B, O or AB) and whether the Rhesus factor is positive or negative. Blood donation brings an added advantage for them, as they get to know about their blood group. The blood donating centers send a donor card shortly after blood donation. This card contains the details about the person’s blood group. This information may come in handy for the person in an emergency.

3. You receive a free small medical check up

You receive a free small medical check up (and also few other stuffs)

Each time you go for blood donation, the doctors check your blood pressure, temperature, pulse and hemoglobin (iron levels). In case there is any problem with these, the problem gets immediately diagnosed and the doctors there immediately give their suggestions and cure for the given deficiency. This means that by donating blood you are actually getting medical check up, medical suggestions and diagnosis of any related deficiency, all free of cost. This is beside the free juices and cookies that are also provided at the blood donation centers.

2. You feel good after donating blood

You feel good after donating blood

You really feel good after donating blood. It is not my personal thought but of many people around the world who have donated blood. They state that they feel great about the fact that the contributions that they have made benefited someone else. They feel a sense of pride due to the fact that they are responsible for the healthy living of someone in this world. The blood donors are usually given a badge to acknowledge their contribution which the blood donors wear with a great sense of pride.

1. Help ensured for your loved ones

You can help ensure it is there for Your Loved Ones

Statistics state that one out of every three persons on this earth need blood transfusion by the age of 72. This means that at some point in our lives, each one of us will have a friend, neighbor, family member, or co-worker who needs blood transfusion (if we ourselves will not need such transfusion) As we all know that there is no substitute for human blood. Hence until and unless we contribute ourselves to the cause, we have no right to expect such favors by others. In other words , by donating blood, you are in fact contributing towards a repository of blood which will be used later by yourself. Hence you must never hesitate to donate blood, and should always participate actively in this campaign.

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