10 Reasons Why Indian Education System Sucks

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One of the best targets to pin our failures is the Education system of India. Right from the kindergarten to the post grad and the P.hD programs, we back-mouth the system we grow up with. The shortcomings, the excuses of it all make us feel cheated. We feel that our competitive edge is compromised by people who should have, could have, and would have taught us better. We worry about it as a student, time passes and we pass out. We don’t give a second thought to things we wished to change. This is reminder to the life we lead for the first 20(+) years of our life.  So here are with all due respect, the reasons why we dislike the Indian Education System

10. Changes way too often.

changes way to often

The school system of SSC board has changed so very often. Starting with total suspension of exams till 8th grade, moving to grading system from marking system, changing the mid-term exams from twice a year to eight times a year, introducing orals and internals in the boards, the changes are frequent and unpredictable. The Junior colleges have seen these fluctuations as well. The CET, AIEEE etc. are tested on the basis of separate exam but the result of boards matter somehow. The three different patterns followed in country SSC, ICSC, CBSC are very specific in individual approach.  However kids are judged on a same parameter. This doesn’t make sense. So the system should get it all together somehow.


9. Just eat it and puke.

just eat and puke

The entire Indian educated student will agree that the ‘learning’ is different from its definition.  When we were told to learn it does not understand the content it is mugging it, memorizing it and writing it down verbatim.  The prowess of the learned content is fearsome for the poems and stories of past are still embedded in our minds forever.  The horror of forgetting one word in the answer, the danger of deviating from the answers was life-threatening. This was ingrained in us since childhood and still lives on. The creativity was murdered long back. This is the bi-product of Indian Education system.

8. No practical experience.

no practical experiences

The actual implementation of techniques learned right from school through grad school is practically absent. The techniques we learn are bookish knowledge. The charts we make as projects have little or no significant relation with the education process. The Grad school experience of engineering starts with diagrammatic representation of gramophone and ends with advanced technical drawings. We are too rigid to enter into the real world. And the substantial time we waste into the drawings is something we need to divert into practicality. Life will be easier then.

7. Pit us against each other.

pit us against each other

From an early age, we are taught that there is only one and one winner alone. We fight for that top slot in class, the trophy, the race, the position of the leader, best sportsman and everything. We befriend people based on the ranks and grades. This instinct continues into our college days, our bachelor’s degree and further into our lives. Sportsmanship is not a strong suit taught in the education institutes for we are only taught to run the race to bet others not to win.

6. No unity in this diversity.

No unity in diversity

The convent schools are on a high horse, they are judged for the Christian-ness of it all. The Gujarati established colleges don’t observe few holidays. Local schools frown on the English culture. We judge and are taught to judge. This is a bad sign for the education society. We are taught everything on paper but hardly practice anything. This system is embedded into us right from childhood.

5. Power Play.

power play

The Indian scenario plays an important role in our education culture. Few districts and states are notoriously famous for their tolerance of the cheating, proxies and free degrees. The system is degraded and this leads too many feeling cheated of fair competition. The paper checking method is laughable. The environments of private schools and colleges are closed to government watches giving them excess liberty. We learn politics right from school just by experience, ignorance protects us.

4. Sports are absent.

sports are absent

Apart from few schools where sports actually mean something, majority of schools uses the P.E lecture to conduct few games. The seriousness of this slot in school timetable is negligible. The serious players are picked up by the aspiring PE teachers. They are given the seasoned training. And rest is ignored. So this is one glaring hole in the system which hasn’t changed in long time.

3. Technology deficient.

technology deficient

We are taught the computer in 3rd grade around. We learn basic languages which are practically off the market. The syllabus of computers was something we barely made through. The course included techniques so old that it is practically obsolete in this day and time. The comparison with western country will put us to shame.  The kids there are in sync with technology from age of 3. We need to step up our games.  We still write every single word and submit the papers . At-least the Grad and PG level demands the use of computers and laptops in the everyday classes. We need to start refusing papers and start  going digital.The world is going digital and we are being left behind. Indian Education system needs to incorporate these changes in its system and fast!

2. English Please. 

English please

Studies show that even the engineers can’t spell out properly.  They are weak in Basic English and this is after clearing four year grad school in the same language. The Global language is important and even then the basic knowledge of same can’t be provided by our system. We are not encouraged to read or think in the language. It is one of the career barriers and is faced by many. Not having proper Knowledge of the world can be ignored but when a country can’t provide a proper language to its children, we are in trouble

1. Just study 

    just study

How many of us have given up on arts and crafts and dance and sports due to education and board exams. The answer will surprise you for many of us realize this early in life that extra-curricular will take us no-where. We give up the hobbies of singing, writing the education system tells us there I no future in it. The biggest dream buster of our country is Indian Education system for early on in life we witness our dreams being squashed.



The bitterness may seem a tad too much but when we lose out on things and look back at the lost time, we wish we had more. We wish the system was better. But one thing we learn in this process, it is to fight and survive at every condition. When life gives you lemons, make lemonades. We may not get the best lemons at times but we can make heck of lemonade.

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  • Srivats Deshpande

    this system is pathetic and needs change desperately
    students cant develop in their interest areas and not even in academics
    so how is this useful other than destroying a human?


    Seems like an old blog, but still holds true even right now.

    This is due to the overpopulation, more students means more maintainance to the institutions. Parents forcing their kids in the same type of fields & majors. Not just schools, even colleges with bachelors have the same above 10 problems. Even Masters & other PGs are getting sold out the same. There’s no value in the Indian Education system.

    I suffered the same. I wanted to go towards science & research. But I ended up into Technology, which everyone forces us to do coding. I hate coding. And I couldn’t go forward in my life & I feel like I stuck in my career.