10 Reasons Why Online Shopping is Fun!

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The internet revolution has certainly made tremendous unprecedented changes in the way we conduct so many of our chores, and shopping is no exception. More and more people are reverting to online shopping which offers variety, convenience, time flexibility etc. One of the primary reasons as to why online shopping platforms and portals have been able to gain such wide acceptance is more or less because of the grueling and hectic work schedules, that compels consumers to order and purchase online rather than waiting in queues on the counters in physical stores. Other variables that the influence a buyer’s choice between online and offline modes are, inter alia, time flexibility, internet access constraint, payment method, delivery offered. The psyche of the online shopper is an intricate maze to study. Getting impressed by home delivery and shipping charges, and not subject to salespersons’ constant pestering or impulse buying, the online shopper is having way too much fun than the ones flocking to stores or supermarkets, and that too at the click of a mouse, or the touch of a screen. In fact, even statistics support the increasing acceptability and adoption of online shopping as a way of life. From Cash on Delivery to a 30-day replacement policy to EMI options and free shipping – and of course the great prices on offer, everything online revolves around providing customers a memorable online shopping experience.

Here is a precise list of the ten reasons why online shopping is more fun than you can ever imagine:

10) Variety



There are producers and manufacturers and then there are multitudes of distributors. With no geographical constraint, the consumers are spoilt for choice given the variety that exists in the virtual space. While in shopping from brick-and-mortar store, the constraints of commuting or the contradictions in availability would dampen the spirits of an enthusiastic buyer, the variety available for the customer in terms of colors and sizes is simply unparalleled.

9) Delivery



Well, there’s nothing like getting stuff delivered at your doorstep. With options of getting your order delivered within a specified time period and that of getting it delivered with guarantee and insurance against spoilage or breakage, it appears like a blessing. You no longer need to stand and wait for your turn in queues, or worry about taking the items home safely. Heave a sigh of relief. Neither do you need to lug your kids with you nor do you need to hurry up with shopping. Home Delivery, and free at that, is the biggest gift to mankind.

8)  Time flexibility



The first manifestation of time flexibility is in the time saved while ordering goods at the click of a button. Time flexibility is three-fold. One, you can order stuff off the internet 24*7  that is, even in the wee hours of midnight. Second, you save time otherwise spent on travel and in queues, and thirdly you save a lot of time when you get the order delivered to your home.

7) No Compulsive shopping


No compulsive shopping

How many times has this happened to you? You go to a shop to buy product A, your eyes fall on product B, which either turns out to be something you were planning to buy since long, or something you were searching for but didn’t find anywhere else, or which is priced at an unbelievably low price. In the nick of time, you have acquired its legal possession, and lost a part of your wallet you are never getting back. Well, that is the definition of compulsive shopping. And that is what burns a big hole in your pocket. Online shopping, by ensuring that you travel through payment gateways, makes it possible for you to contemplate upon your decision and save your hard-earned money from falling a victim to irrational shopping.

6) Mobility



There is simply no need to rush from one place to another, getting terrified on seeing large queues is a thing of the past. Location is no longer a constraint. Earlier it was an event when gifts were brought from abroad, now it is a casual exercise to order things from overseas off the internet. Within practically milliseconds you get the ownership over goods, and over a couple more days, you are able to get the possession as well. The increasing penetration the internet has only helped the sites like Flipkart and Homeshop18 to flourish.

5) Avoid uncalled-for intervention


Avoid uncalled-for intervention

The perils of shopping at a physical store all hover around the constant eyes on you. The shopkeepers, the salespersons, the store managers, all are anticipating that you will buy from their shops and to that effect they deploy their persuasion skills to the best possible use, trying to pique your interest in every possible way. The alternative of online shopping comes at your rescue and saves you from the pestering of salespersons and other agents vying for your attention.

4) Fewer expenses


Fewer Expenses

This is an indisputable fact that online shopping lends a sense of relief at the savings made in areas of parking expenses, eating out, impulsive shopping, commuting, etc. so, while conventional shopping may leave no scope of having mercy on your budget, online shopping leaves you with savings on these parts.

The sundry expenses associated with conventional shopping like parking fees, the opportunity cost of the time spent in long queues, commuting expenses etc are saved, leading to bigger pockets and more savings at the end of the month, which in turn translates into the fact that you can end up possessing more goods.

3) Purchase or browse


Purchase or Browse

What makes online shopping even more fun is the fact that you don’t need to actually buy anything. So, whenever you are feeling low, just let the shopaholic inside you take control. There is no obligation to buy, nor is there a ny guilt of having wasted hours and resources on physically going to places. Instead, this is the greatest pastime of our times. You can spnd leisrely hours over a website, and revert back to your chores without even having to buy something. On the other hand, if you go to a brick-and-mortar store, and waste hours strolling around, asking questions about random products on display, you will be shown the door if within a couple of hours you haven’t bought anything.

2) Better prices


Better prices

Talking of online shopping, the biggest boon has been in the form of manufacturers setting up a website of their own and selling their products themselves. This way, there are no middlemen involved, thereby helping the customers reap the benefits of lower prices. Also, there is a scope of getting hefty discounts on such items as books, clothing, etc. While in most cases, the low prices are a fallacy given as a bait, this becomes all the more important for a site providing free shipping.

1) Convenience



Let’s put it this way: you are sitting in your pajamas, with your tablet, or smartphone or laptop seated on your lap, and you randomly browse through a few shopping sites that you have bookmarked. You Like some stuff, sieve it through the cost-benefit analysis, find it economical, enter a few details. The next minute you can bask in the convenience of the package being delivered at your doorstep. And with the inclusion of cash-on-delivery as an option for payment in majority of online retail sites, the convenience increases manifold. The convenience and comfort that online sites offer is unprecedented. Hence, if you have harsh work schedules, it is expedient that you resort to online platforms.

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