10 Reasons Why Parents Should Be Most Important

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The only place you could call home, the only feeling of unparalleled comfort, the only food that fulfills not only your appetite but that satisfies your heart and the only two people on the face of the earth who would believe in you no matter what. We all in our life are trying very hard to accomplish something big and in this voyage of discovering a place for oneself we don’t realize that life is made up of small things. When the expedition ends; and you find yourself deserted with a company of stress, suffering and addiction,  you realize what you have been looking for. You might fail a million times but all this time your inner soul knows the way back. Yes, the two most divine people in your life; your parents.

“Mere paas maa hai” the most astounding  bollywood dialogue that is quoted on every occasion; weather you receive an oscar (Sir A.R. rehaman), or when you go bankrupt, when you have nothing left and when in a fight of your most priced possessions. Tacky, but true… no matter what we lose in the journey by far; maa toh sath hi hai.

Perhaps in every phase of life they hold our backs, in every success and in every failure; our parents are omnipresent. No person who has been blessed with the love of parents needs to know their importance; it is just a matter of time that we give substance to the more materialistic things in life. And in the end the way to love everything is to realize that it might be lost. So here are the top 10 reasons that take you back in your sweet past so that you comprehend what you have missed all these years.

10. Right from the start


The gentle touch of the minuscule hands; the cry that sounds like melody and the laughter that could bring tears of happiness; such is a miracle of a child. And right from the start the little creature is somebody’s apple of the eye. Every parent takes his child as his soul responsibility.

If you don’t like work, you can quit, if you don’t find comfort in your clothes you change; but parents of no option. When only you step in their shoes do you realize their paradox? A parent can never quit parenting. They are responsible for shaping you; molding you in a better person. Thus, right from the start when your tiny little hands grab their finger; they know there is no turning back.

9. They are superheroes


Our parents are mighty bearers of unprecedented patience and power. You remember the time when you fell on the floor and started crying; and your mother came, she held you in a tight comforting embrace and asked father to beat and curse the floor because it caused you pain. And when your father would slap the floor you are smiling and he would scold it in a cold tone to see you smile. That’s when your father became a superhero to you, dint he?

Do you mock at the people who do the same to comfort their kid? Here lies the irony. Since the time you were born, they couldn’t sleep because you won’t stop crying and even today they can’t sleep because they are anxious about your well being. Such is mystical power of your parents; they indeed are no less than superheroes.

8. First institution and inspiration


Well, there was a time when I would call my mother by her name just because my father used to call her that; or I used to yell at my maid because my mother did that all the time. Today I write like my father did, and add those special magic ingredients to food like my mother does.

Knowingly or unknowingly; we learn from them. Apart from our genetic inheritance of the same eyes, face-cut, lips hair we inherit our parents qualities from a little habit to a very vivid characteristic. Right from the first word we speak as a toddler to the etiquettes and social behavior; we owe all of this to our parents. We are, what we are just because they have been such beautiful, soulful people all their lives.

7.  Accepting change


Does your mother call your school, “iskul”? For the first time you found it hilarious and laughed right on her face; and corrected her. The same evening you painted a house; you ran to show it to her. There were mere four lines and the colours were not even neat; but she knew you put your heart in it. So, she smiles and happily says; “ it’s the most beautiful house I have ever seen.” Had she mocked at your picture; you would never paint again. You mocked at her trying something new; she never is discouraged. She tries it until you are impressed. She does it; because all she wants to hear is a word of appreciation; not a ridicule of disrespect. This is what the world does to her; she expects something bigger from her own child. If she adapts being stupid in front of you; to get closer to you; you can imagine how much she loves you. You have no bigger reason to respect her.

6. They ameliorate your childhood


Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth; some go from rats to riches to achieve what they are today. “Rome was not built in a day”; says so every father. Fathers have a special love for their childhood stories; and every one of us is thorough with ‘how they had nothing and we have things that we don’t value’ story. It’s very easy to get judgemental about what others say or have done; it is very difficult when you are set on stage. And now when the menacing competition of the present world sends chills down our spine; do we realize what they did for us. It’s not easy to survive with nothing; but they did, only to provide us with a better future. They deserve every head bow for what they did and will always do for us.

5. Immense sacrifices


All this time, the daughter complained about her name, her imperfect things and cried all the time because her parents who fulfilled all her needs but did not satisfy her wants. All father wanted to buy was a car; for his comfort. But the daughter needed a laptop. Father had no choice. Her daughter’s smile is the most comforting thing to him. He never bought a car.

There are innumerous such sacrifices that a parent does to fulfill their child’s dream; with a smile. Your dream becomes their dream. Friederica Ehimen aptly quoted “Parenting is the biggest sacrifice one can make, its putting your life on hold to fulfill the promise of your children’s tomorrow.” Nothing deters them; they are fearless. Nothing bothers them but a frown at our face. It’s a characteristic; unique to every parent. The least we can do is make them happy.

4. Unconditional love


Parents have loved their kids in the past; and the love today remains same. In the fluctuating universe; love of the parents is the only thing that never changed. To parents a child is a messenger of god. No physical incapability, no mental intellect disorder changes the love of parents towards a child. Distance and age are never the conditions. After all, love is all we need.

3. Their care for us is unrivaled


Do you remember the time when you ate nothing the whole day only to come back home to find that mother has cooked your least favorite meal. She says “Sorry beta, I couldn’t cook because I am sick”; but you would shout and whine; she gets up and cooks the dish you like even in an unbearable fever, never arguing twice because she knows you are hungry. And now pizza doesn’t taste as delicious as the home made ‘karela’.

2. You are always indebted to them


Since the time you were born, all your parents did was nurture you, loved you and did everything in their power to provide you with what you need. There is no possible way in the world to reciprocate what they have done for us in a lifetime. The least we can do is be what they want us to be, and help them when they become incapable of helping themselves. James A. brewer rightly said, ” lucky parents who have fine children usually have lucky children who have fine parents.”

1. They never abandon you


Everything falls apart, just when you think everything will turn out to be fine; you fall face down. Everybody leaves you in your worst times, but they never leave. They stay right there and hold your hands like you held their finger as a toddler. Every horrendous mistake you do, every crime you commit; parents forgive all. All parents can do is give us good advice; put us in right paths, but the final forming of our character lies only in our hands. We determine what we want to become. And if you believe you are a good human and a clean soul; you would know that its all because you are blessed with extremely incredible parents. And you have all the reasons to keep them number one in your priority list.

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