10 Reasons to Read ‘Fifty shades of Grey’

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‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ the erotic novel by British author E.L.James has become a phenomenon that seems to be the talk of the town. No one would have thought that this sex novella written by a middle aged British working mother of two sons would overtake the Harry Potter series. Now that the film version is in news again with the hunt for Christian Grey on, it is going to impossible to avoid the craziness of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, so why not just embrace it. Here are 10 reasons that will lure you into reading this. As they say, if you can’t beat them; just join them.

 10) Simple Pleasure of…reading


Reading this novel might be seen as a bad thing and you probably would be embarrassed if a colleague or a family member caught you with it. But that doesn’t make it a bad book. Okay it’s not a book that will change the world or contribute to literature and will certainly not be taught in schools. But what’s overlooked is the fact that it is a simple love story about two different individuals who go through obstacles, who are ready to change themselves just to be with each other. It is a simple speed read book, which acts as a stress buster after a long day of work.

9) Professional chaos

professional chaos

In the book Anastasia faces a dilemma when she learns that her boss is a creepy maniac who likes to sleep with the staff. Now most of the working girls have been through this situation. Some cry, some give in but some are strong enough to fight it. When accosted by her boss one evening, Ana tactfully kicks his balls (literally) and saves herself. This book is a must read for all girls just to be in touch with their inner power again and believe in themselves.

8) Every girl’s dream with a twist

girl's dream

In today’s age, girls can do everything. From bringing in the money to managing the house, they are able to take up any responsibility. But how would you feel if someone treated you like a princess; if someone was rich enough to buy the world at your say. How would you feel if you could do the job that you love only because you love it and not because you have to pay the bills? Grey is not just perfect because of his burning gaze, but it is also the financial security that comes with him. He is a true knight in shining armour with gold and diamonds and rubies in his back. More than anything, he is chivalrous, charming (qualities that seems to be absent in guys today) and you can be sure that everyone is going to be jealous of you.

7) Saving your relationship

save relationship

A recent survey showed that more and more women are reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ to their spouses and partners in bed, in order to improve their sex lives. Many have admitted that this has brought them closer to their partners and this has added the excitement quotient back in their relationships which had started to dwindle with the passage of time. They claim that now it feels as if they have rediscovered each other and the passion and romance have returned to their lives. Most of the times it is the monotony that comes with older relationships which causes them to break apart, but reading this book might just save you from heartbreak.

6) Knowledge


Role-play, cuffs, flogger, these are not the terms one hears or comes across in their everyday lives. But reading Fifty shades of Grey will make you an expert about BDSM (Bondage-Discipline/Dominance, Sadism, Masochism), a life that is embraced by the lead couple of the book. So if you’re not into erotic fiction, simply read the book for the vast knowledge it will provide you with about the red room of pleasure or pain, whatever you like to call it.

5) Something more than vanilla

more than vanilla

Reading the book will help you enjoy your life behind your closed bedroom door even more by introducing new ways to enjoy yourself rather than indulging in the plain old vanilla ( the term given for traditional fornication). As they say, a little bit of change is always good.

4) You can’t escape it

you can't escape it

Be it the recent chaos about who the male lead in the movie will be or whether it is people writing, talking or even thinking about it and not to forget the middle aged housewife sitting next to you on the train engrossed in her copy of the book (of course with a smile on her face), you can’t escape this phenomenon of Fifty shades of Grey. So why not just embrace it.

3) Love of classics

love of classics

If you are a person who is an avid reader of Shakespeare or Thomas Hardy then reading Fifty shades of Grey will make you fall for it by its constant references to classic books as well as music. While Anastasia is a literature student and a voracious reader, Grey is an in-closet pianist. His taste in music is eclectic and also loves making love to Anastasia in the red room. Both of them at numerous times use dialogues from classics and music lyrics to express their feelings to one another.

2) Love yourself

love yourself

Unlike other erotic books, Fifty shades of Grey doesn’t objectify women. It doesn’t exploit them and this is possibly one of the reasons why so many women have connected with it. It is from the point of the female protagonist and hence speaks more about her feelings than her anatomy. Even though it’s an erotica, women have loved it because for the first time they can understand what words actually mean. Women all over the world have taken to the book because unlike other suggestive texts, this one makes them love themselves and be comfortable about their sexuality rather than getting embarrassed about it.

1) Because Christian Grey is fictional

christian grey in fictional

He is possessive, is haunted by his dark past and has issues enough to bury a mountain but still the rich, suave megalomaniac Christian Grey treats Anastasia like an elixir. He is loyal as hell, has eyes only for her and will go to any extent just to see that she is safe and can do anything for her happiness. To top is all of he is described as a Greek god in a man’s form and as Anastasia rightly states “he has more money than sense”. Which girl wouldn’t want to be with a guy like that? Unfortunately he is fictional and can only be demystified by reading the book. So get you copy of this erotic drama and let Christian Grey seduce you.

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