10 Reasons why Travelling Solo is fun

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Driving up the dirt road that leads to the cottage; from the marigolds cascading across the front porch to the ubiquitous deciduous trees in the distance, life in all its vivacity leaps at you! Traveling, in its very essence lends an opportunity for us to explore the world, delve into the depths of nature and reality and delve into the heart and soul of our being.  Traveling gives an insight into the external as well as the internal universe. It transcends across the paradigm of emotions and cuts straight through the heart. Traveling is a blessing in disguise. It is a two way process of giving and taking from the vast lands that you venture into. While exploring a place with family or friends is great, here is why I find solo traveling fun and fulfilling.

 10. Observe the world at your own pace

observe the world at your own pace

Traveling with friends often means coordination, scheduling and priority differences. Going solo can be liberating as you can follow your own path. Walk at your own pace, and see what you wish to see. You can skip a bus, if you want to walk. You can soak in the fresh air if you feel like doing so. You can go to the weirdest place that you otherwise may have missed. You can be spontaneous and travel the world. You do not need to adhere to a set of ‘must do’ activities and explore the unexplored confidently.


9. Make new friends

make new friends

When in a group or with a companion, you tend to stick together. You tend to be less accommodating when you already have people you know around you. However, it is human nature to socialize when alone. When alone, you find it easy to strike up a conversation with a stranger. People often reciprocate warmly, and thus you can make your own, new group to travel. This makes your holiday memorable and you get to cherish the company of random people whom you might have not met otherwise. This also makes you confident and enhances your personality. However, traveling alone also requires you to be prudent. Do not share personal details with just about anybody and do not converse too much with strangers. Do not come across as over friendly as this way you can be taken advantage of.


8. A sense of adventure

a sense of adventure

Traveling alone is thrilling and exhilarating. It sends shivers down your spine. It provides with a sense of sheer, stark adventure. It gives an adrenaline rush that is hard to beat. Taking the road not taken or the path less traveled excites you. It gives you your own set of experiences that leave an indelible imprint on your mind. While traveling with friends has its ups, traveling solo is cherished for life as you are away from your comfort zone and the people that comfort you. It is a completely new experience that deserves to be enjoyed.


7. Budget differences

budget differences

While traveling alone, you may not need to spend too much. Traveling in a group often requires ostentatious spending. When alone, you tend to use the cheapest mode of traveling, stay, food and other expenses. However, when in a group you might need to spend according to everybody else’s plans, needs and demands. Traveling with friends also involves a display of wealth when everybody tries to outreach the other to make himself or herself feel superior. Therefore, traveling in a group can prove to be heavy on the pocket.


6. Spend time with yourself

spending time with yourself

Away from your family and friends, away from your job and the constant nagging of your boss; traveling alone can provide you with the much needed break that should be taken once in a while. It relaxes and rejuvenates you. Traveling solo is the quickest path to a meditative state. You can observe the people around you while sitting in a cafe; you can capture whatever you feel like. You can maintain a diary sharing the joyous experiences and travails of our trip. You can just watch the world go by in a carefree manner. You can also allow your mind to wander. Nobody knows you, so you can be yourself. That is the best part!


5. Everything happens according to your own will

everything happens according to your own will

There are things in life which we longingly crave for but our peers or companions have least interest in them. When you travel alone you are not obliged to act according to the whims of others. You plan your trip according to what suits you. You can do what you want to without worrying about others’ tantrums. You do not have to be concerned about leaving out others for doing an activity which your heart longs for. You are not answerable to anyone. You can waste your whole day drinking or having spa massage instead of sightseeing.


4. Excellent Service

excellent service

It is a well-known fact that hoteliers, somehow, have a soft corner for people who travel alone. They receive the best of services day and night. They are at the receiving end of the warmest welcome and the coziest bed. Somehow, you are admired for traveling solo and people around you put in extra efforts to make your trip worthwhile.


3. Distance brings you closer to your Partner

distance brings you closer to your partner

A solo trip can be refreshing for you and your partner as well. It brings in some space in your relationship which is essential. It sets a standard in your relationship that it is fine to pursue individual interests despite being together. Moreover, when you return home from a solo trip your fondness for your partner grows. It provides you a reason as to why you two are so deeply involved in each other. It brings freshness to your relationship.


2.  Independence

free of dependence

You do not have to depend on others on a solo trip. You want to see the Mayan ruins? Go ahead! When you want someone to come along with you, the trip might not turn your way. You might miss many good things that you wanted to experience or rejoice. Your partner may make your trip a nightmare. If he or she wants, he or she can make the whole miserable for you. If things do not go down too well, the whole vacation can turn out to be an experience you might never want to recall! Hence, traveling solo means no one to blame and doing what your heart desires.


1. It empowers you

it empowers you

As I said earlier, if traveling solo is the path less taken for you, it can empower you to a boundless extent. It liberates you from your limitations and teaches you how to handle daunting tasks. It can enhance your personality and help you get over your fears. Once you are at it, your life will take an unusual turn that will provide you with a sense of achievement and approbation.

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