10 Safe Places In Your House Where You Can Hide Valuables (Including Money)

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So you’re all out partying and unfortunately, an intruder breaks into your house! Or you’ve been working a part time job and saving money for a concert but you don’t want your snobby little sibling or your mom to know about it. Or you’ve bought something for your girlfriend/boyfriend and you obviously need to hide it because again, you don’t want anybody to know about it. Apart from these, there are many other reasons for us all to have secret spots in our houses to hide our valuable stuff. We’ve all faced breakdowns when we stow something very important in a place too safe, which we forget all about and we end up losing it and we find it after a long time when we’re cleaning or something, and there’s absolutely no need for it.

So the first thing we should follow while hiding our stuff is that the place should not be too remote or bizarre that we forget about it and end up losing what we hid. The second thing to keep in mind is that we should never place it somewhere the rest of the family or the domestic helper has access to, for e.g. on the study table, in one of the stationery drawers, and especially not under the mattress of a bed. That is just the most predictable place ever. One should also make a note of the places the family members or the domestic helpers do not feel are important, something they would avoid or simply not take notice of. These can also be places which the burglars are likely to overlook.

Since everybody needs a little help in discovering safe and secret places in their homes, following are 10 spots which we will find in almost every house.

10. Wall outlets


This is one of the most secret places to hide your valuables. Anything at all, money, jewelry, important documents, etc. No thief would ever have the time to check the walls carefully just in hope to find a secret wall outlet. They would rather go for the items that are in their sight and in the safes and lockers. Same goes for the wall sockets. Hiding valuables behind them is also a good option as the thief will not take a screwdriver and start trying to open it. But while it is a really good option to keep burglars away, this place is a bad option while storing something temporarily or something that you might be needing often or soon enough.

9. Laundry drawers


Now this is the kind of place no one would ever want to go through except for your mom, of course. One should definitely have a laundry drawer for dirty jeans, tee shirts, underwear, etc. The idea is to put your money or any important document in the drawer first and then cover it with a newspaper and then stash all your laundry over it. Your mom is probably the only one who would access this drawer but you could avoid that by regularly putting your laundry in the house’s common laundry basket or straight inside the washing machine. This is indeed a very good option but sometimes, doesn’t work out.

8. Refrigerator


Now you’ve probably heard ill of it, but this place actually works. No thief would open your refrigerator and look for valuables there. You could easily wrap up your money in a plastic or aluminum foil and put it far inside the slab behind all the other food items. You could also use the freezer or vegetable box. But if you wish to hide things from the people in your house, this is a bad option. Time to time anybody who opens the fridge, the vegetable box or the freezer for some use would find the stack of money there.

7. Behind Paintings


Everyone must have paintings or any photo frames hanging up on the walls. Utilizing them and converting them into a hideout for valuables is a very easy and rewarding task. Talking about burglars, they would definitely look behind the painting or the frame to look for any taped cash or envelope but won’t actually open the cardboard and look inside in a hope to find something. And for the times when you don’t want even your family members to know, choose the paintings or the frames that are in your room, so that they’re under your watchful eye when you’re around.

6. A pair of jeans inside the closet


If you have more than 4 pairs of jeans in your closet, then this is the best place for you. Pick up a jean, preferably a worn out one which is still a part of your closet, and put your money or any other thing that you wish inside its pocket. It will definitely keep thieves away as nobody would open your closet and look in each and every pocket of each and every cloth of yours. They wouldn’t have so much time on their hands and therefore it is advised to utilize the small pocket that jeans’ usually have so that even if the thief creates a mess of your closet, the money doesn’t fall out of the jean pocket. It’s also a good place to hide stuff from your family members. But if your mother finally decides to get rid of the clothes you don’t wear anymore, you could be in trouble!

5. Socks


It is something similar to the jeans ruse, but it would again need duplicates in order to execute properly. It would totally work if you have many other socks in your sock drawer which could be identical or even different. Putting money or jewelry into an old sock which you don’t use and stuffing it under all the others can be useful. Or even if you wish to change socks every day or every week just to be on a safer side, you could do that too. But always remember to stuff it under or behind all the other socks that you’re using.

4. Hot water bottles


It sounds stupid, but this is actually a considerably appropriate place to hide valuables. Stack 2-3 hot water bottles in a cupboard and dry out one of them and stuff your valuables in it and no one would ever doubt one of these containing anything but hot water. This is the most unlikely place to store anything precious. The only issue with this method is that a person can only stuff in those things which can easily come out of it. It’s a good option to store rings or other jewelry but notes and coins might just get lost inside somewhere.

3. Shoes


Whether it is just inside the shoes, or inside the soul of the shoe, your money or any other valuable would reside safely here. It will keep your valuables safe from both the burglars and your family. Just choose a shoe in your shoe rack that you don’t wear very often or you’re not wearing in the current season, put your stuff inside it and be absolutely carefree. Burglars won’t be interested in your shoes and neither would be your mother or your little sibling. It’s your shoe, your property.

2. Closet Lights


Closet lights are undoubtedly one of the safest places in a house. Open the surface of the light and you’ll come across a space where you can store your valuables easily. When the burglars will come, they will switch your closet light on and create a heap of your closet trying to search for something, but won’t look inside the closet lights. However it might be a bad place to choose when hiding something from the family.

1. Books


We all have book shelves in our houses. If not big ones, at least the small ones where some books are put together in a cluster be it textbooks, novels or diaries. Pick out any book out of the shelf, flip through the pages, and just stick your money or any paper inside the book in one of the pages. No thief would ever go through all of your books just to look for money, which will be sheer time waste. And similarly, nobody in your family would go through all the books, till they’re yours and doesn’t interest them. All you’ve to do is remember the book and your things are safe.

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