10 School Experiences We All Have Had

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Ah, those days. I wish I could go back to school and relive those memories. No matter how old and stingy the process of growing up makes you, thinking of school and every little thing associated with that time always leaves a smile at your face.

The funny inferences drawn from the teachers lectures at the last bench, the first stage appearance, the library corner, the fearless lunch stealing, the chalk fights, the playground, the gossip queens, the charmer, the nerd, the scribbling of benches with the name of your best friend or your very first childhood love. It is such a huge list; so to choose just ten is a tough task.

So, to sum up the most amazing part of our lives; here is the list of the 10 school experiences we all must have had.

10. Ma’am Toilet Please


Mrs Mehta had a very hard time restoring the silence in the class; just when she wipes the sweat off her head in relief Jake¬†stood up and asked,” May I please go to the Toilet ma’am?” The only fragment of patince hanging from Mrs Mehta’s long tiresome day touched the ground; and felt like he is going to die in the hot lava oozing from Mrs. Mehta’s volcano.

I have been in Jake’s shoes a million times; but only with better timing.

9. Fake Head Aches


When we were young; stomach aches have always been our saviour from not going to school. Story in middle and high school happen to be a little upgraded in terms of acting and skill.

Well, Tina always hated morning assemblies. She had a hard time getting up that winter chilly morning and wished for some miracle of a surprise holiday. But like any other day; she had little choice as her mother won’t let her stay. Tina comes all the way to school sleeping in her school bus. But what she was dreading was standing in the assembly for almost an hour; where she was not even allowed to talk to her friends about yesterday’s events. She knew what to do. with great skill she convinced Mrs. Mehta of her unbearable head ache and slept an hour more in the class with peace. Kudos Tina..!! I guess, we all have done this a lot of times!

8. Surprise Tests


Mrs. Mehta entered the class with a bunch of papers and an evil grin on her face; students shushed each other and pointed at the bunch of papers with shock and disbelief. The notorious lot looked as if they would just cry their hearts out. The studios crowd had the same grin as of Mrs. Mehta. Everyone else was praying and murmuring ,”Oh no! Not again.”. Yes, it is, was and will be the most threatening monster of school life.

I remember enchanting ‘Gayatri Mantra’ to somehow pass in my physics surprise tests. You all must have had your share of such experiences.

7. Getting Caught


Jake, who always had to fight his urge to sleep in all his lectures; would jump with excitement when it was time for computer practical’s class. He would be the first person to reach and start practicing. His interest in computers was appreciated by his teacher; and Mrs Mehta thought that for once Jake has changed.

Once, randomly the teacher took rounds in the class to check the progress of students. Poor Jake; did not pay attention. He was caught Facebook-ing in the class. That vividly explains his interest and enthusiasm in computers.

Like Jake, we all have been caught in various acts like this; which make us laugh very hard when we think about them.

6. First Day and Resolutions


Tina loves the smell of new books. It’s time for new academic session, new beginning, a new opportunity to smooth things over. Every new class in school has always been like every new year in the adult life. We make new resolutions of good marks, more study and seriousness. There is a tangible enthusiasm in the air. But as the time passes, school seems more like Mrs Mehta and her ways, lectures and yet another year of fun filled memories. In the midst of all this we forget our aims and proceed; all this time Mrs. Mehta was watching over us and we were safe and on right paths.

Things are different now; nobody’s watching. Tina always broke her resolutions; so did we.

5. I told you!


Have you ever been asked to leave the class or perhaps kicked out of the class? Or even better; have you ever been kicked out of the class because of a friend?

Oh yes! So many times that it was hard to keep track on the numbers. Messing with the teacher together, but out of a group only you are the one who is seen by Mrs. Mehta beaming incredibly in the class and consequently thrown out of the class. Your friends come to you and you thought they are going to apologize but they start laughing right at your face. For once you are shocked, but then you burst into laughter, trying hard not to.

4. First Ditch


It was always difficult to ditch classes in school, but not impossible. Sometimes going with a friend to the sick room was enough of a ditch and the best was ditching a class for playing tetherball. Ditching school felt like a crime and hiding was the most difficult part. It was an engrossing hide and seek game; where you could never afford to lose. Perhaps life happens to be the same game now; where we try to hide from problems but we always lose. Confront, because a way out is always there.

3. Fights!


The only place where BFF’s kept the true meaning of the words. Friends made in school life are friends forever. But it is said that the more you fight, the more you grow to love each other. So fights in school’s were a very common affair.

I have witnessed a lot of fights in school days, cat fights, cold war and a little violent one’s too. But these fights were mere ego clashes, resolved as simply as they started.

2. The Nightmares


Jake had done a terrible thing. He had no option left. He made a pact with God, that only if God miraculously made him skip this part of the day, he will be a gentleman all his life. What could possibly be fearful enough, that Jake would trade his mischief’s for?

A trip to Principal’s office. We all have been there, some for accolades and some for reasons similar to Jake. The AC; which would feel uncomfortable even in the warmest of the days, the hands that would uncontrollably wipe the invisible sweat of the head and the trembling hands and feet. That fear I never I will never forget.

All we can do now is, wish Jake luck for whatever is up ahead.

1. The Bus Rides


The daily school rides or field trips in buses; they were unending fun. The bus rides had a special magical effect on all. Lots of talents of classmates get discovered on such journeys. Singing, dancing, acting and what not? Teacher’s also open up and it happens to be one of the most interactive and joyous memories of school days. There is no way you can forget a field trip with school friends. It is the best time.

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