10 Signs that you are Addicted to Technology

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We are the gen-next people. We don’t ask for directions, our GPS leads us to places. We buy our clothes online. We express feelings with emoticons. We text, we tweet, we write on walls. We check reviews online before visiting a restaurant and later tweet about it, online again. Started out as a spate of stalwart changes, technology has taken the world by a storm through the architecture of a parallel virtual universe. The grandeur of this universe is enormous, making us wonder at times if all this grand connectivity is in fact not a chimera, a crutch for isolation and inability to focus and concentrate on one relationship, one conversation at a time.

Well, it’s true that the pros outweigh the cons, but when the technology starts enslaving us instead of submitting, it is high time to unplug and reflect back. 66% of youngsters admit that technology has got them addicted in a manner akin to some drug, look out for these 10 signs to see if you too fall in this bracket.

10. You cannot imagine a world before invention of internet

You cannot imagine a world before invention of internet

What, really? Before the invention of internet, you mean like in medieval ages? Wait, I’ll Google that stuff just after I put a status about it!”

You just can’t stay away from Twitter/Facebook updates. You text more than you talk, everything you see must go on Facebook. Your vacations turn into a profile picture mission and your homework assignments are Ctrl C+Ctrl V. Why bother your brain when the answer is just a Google search away?


9. You suffer from gadget separation anxiety

You suffer from gadget seperation anxiety

“ A whole weekend without my cellphone, you got to be kidding me!”

You are always surrounded by gadgets. You can see atleast 3 screens of any type in your room right now and you have more than 5 tabs open in your browser window. You cannot imagine a weekend trip without your gadget; you’d rather watch the YouTube video of that place in your tablet.


8.You press refresh 10X a minute

You press refresh 10X a minute

“It’s been 3 minutes already, and only 5 likes on my profile picture! I need to re-refresh.”

You send the reply to every mail in less than 60 seconds. You keep on refreshing your news feed all the time, in case you miss an important status update! While watching TV, you seem to forget the sail of time. You would rather stare blankly at the computer screen for hours than get up and take a walk.


7. You have a perennial neck pain

Neck pain

“What no, this is not a neck collar; it’s the new fashion statement”

You hate to accept it, but you also can’t just deny it. You twist your neck in weird angles to get rid of the pain, since it’s not possible to get rid of the machine causing it. You need glasses to view the bright screen now, but that’s not an issue, because people say they add to your profile picture’s appeal.


6. Phantom cellphone syndrome

Phantom cellphone syndrome

“It’s ringing. Oh, it’s not! It’s ringing. Oh, it’s not! It’s ringing!”

You hear your ringtone, even when your phone’s dead. You hear it in metro, in subway, while eating, while taking a bath. You can feel its vibrations at times even when there is no notification and you just HAVE TO re-check each time to make sure.


5. You have strings attached to the wall power socket

You have strings attached to the wall power socket

“Hail, oh mighty power supplier! Charge my device to handle all my active online accounts, calls, SMS, GPS, games, apps, all day!”

You are attached to your portable device like a fish on a hook. To keep your social interaction going with the friends who stay inside it, you look for electrical outlets wherever you go. You consider it your humble service to keep it charged in return of the bounties it offers you. You have two set of chargers at home, a portable one, and another one in your car, just in case of emergency.


4  Your friends have started calling you a PHUBBER

Your friends have started calling you a PHUBBER

“Hey, is it you?! We didn’t recognize you without that metal screen in front of your face!”

Phubbing is a new term coined for people who spend more time glued to the LED screen than in having real conversations with the person sitting in front of them. If you are way more closer to your online-only friends than real ones and Skype is sometimes the only way people can see you, even your neighbors, you might as well fall into this ever growing phubbing category. In case you happen to be, watch out, they have anti-phubber websites and active protests against you!


3. You take your gadget to prohibited places

You take your gadget to prohibited places

“What do you mean I cannot use my phone inside the church, am just replying to mails not planting a bomb, you moron!”

You stare at your computer screen all day at work, then you get back at home to stare at it again. Bonus points for you if you stare at your phone screen on your way to home as well. You take your phone to the restroom, you take it to your bedroom. You use it while driving, you take it to the church. You’d rather play temple run than leave your gizmo and move your muscles to actually run.

 2. You talk nonsense

You talk nonsense

“I’ll c u l8r, w8 fr me at mcd, wtevr dis s**t means”

 With the advent of the SMS lingo in the market, you seem to have acquired this paranormal way of speaking, which most of the other people fail to understand. Words like BRB, ROFL, LOL, ASAP have made a way to your dictionary. You prefer an emoticon over a real smile, you LOL at a joke instead of laughing. You express your happiness with a ‘like’ and ‘share’, and protest by putting up a black dot as your profile picture.

1. You are in a virtual relationship with your gadget

You are in a virtual relationship with your gadget

“Just one more level of my Bubble Safari, please am on level 99, one more!”

Taking your meals while playing with keys is a norm for you, you eat/dress/wake up with your gadget. You get nervous when your device stops working, and you can’t just handle the idea of an electricity breakdown in your city. Your better half is jealous of your iPad, and you happen to find all this very normal.


If you are falling into 8 or more categories above, we would have to politely ask, “Dude, stop reading this and take a break!”. Do as the Romans do, ask yourselves what they asked themselves 2000 years ago, Quo Vadis? (Where are you going?). Well, we don’t know about you, but the author seems to have realized that she surely is addicted to technology. So, she decided to go grab a hot cup of coffee and catch up with some real world friends, while you read this.

JK Guys, ROFLOL. Also, don’t forget to press the like button at the top left corner!

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