10 Signs that tell that you’ve Met your Soul-mate

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There is someone out there in this whole big world who is made just for you. And they help you in getting through the journey of life and living it the way you should. People say that god made us in pairs and then put all of us randomly on the map so that we spend one part of our lives in search of them and the other part living with that person who is our other half, our better half. Soulmates are called soul-mates for a reason. They are your mates not just on the outside but your hearts,and your souls have fallen in sync with each other taking both of you to a whole different level of love and understanding. But how does one get to know that who is their soulmate? Have you met him yet? Is he the cute guy from your Biology class or the pretty girl in English class? Is it your colleague you have been dating since a year, or you are yet to find that person? Looking for a soulmate and knowing that this is the ‘one’ can be a difficult task. But here I have 10 signs you should look out for to know whether you have already met that person or he/she is still out there waiting to be found.

10. They make you feel like nobody does

You might have a friend who always makes you laugh or your sibling who cares for you. But your soulmate just makes you feel out of this world every time you talk to them or spend time together. The butterflies you get every time you seem them and the flood of emotions you get is pretty hard to explain. But being in a relationship with the ONE is something totally different and you tend to find that out sooner or later. While sitting alone, you think about them and you find yourself smiling at nothing. Because that person gives you happiness from the inside.

9. Love-pathy

Soulmates usually have a connection which is impossible to develop with other people. Their personalities just click at the very instant. You might have seen people completing each other’s sentences or thinking of the same thing at the same time. You may have seen it with yourself that you pick up your phone to call that person and your phone starts ringing with their call only. You might be at different places physically, but your minds are always in sync. This kind of thing is often seen in twins and or one may call it a telepathy. But with your soulmate you feel that bond from the very initial stage of your relationship.

7. The intensity

Be it a good phase or a bad one, but things always tend to get too intense between both of you. If you are happy and having a good time, you celebrate it in a larger than life manner. When you feel the love for your partner it has that passion and the desire you haven’t felt for anybody before. The lovemaking also tends to be pretty intense, and both of you connect on a more psychological level than a mere physical contact. If you get into an argument that also can turn out real bad, but both of you are always willing to look beyond it and try to find ways to resolve it and get back to each other.

6. You want to make it forever

Soulmates cannot think of living without each other, and they intend to live happily ever after. You just cannot walk away from them because he/she is the one worth fighting for and sticking up till the end. People often talk about they can die for each other in love but when you have your soulmate by your side you start thinking of a future together. You want to try every possible thing and put in every effort to be with them for the rest of your life. And when things seem to be getting hopeless you still have that faith that it will work out.

5. They make you feel protected

Yes, soulmates are supposed to do that. No matter where you are, in what situation you are, if you have that person by your side you feel secure and protected. They strengthen you and be by your side like a guardian angel. If you are a girl and you have got your man besides you then it obviously makes you feel more snug. But even you are the guy and you have got your girlfriend or that special girl around she also does make you feel taken care of and guarded from any possible harm.

4. You love them for who they are

This is one simple sign to differentiate a soul relationship from a by the way fling. You love their flaws and the habits you absolutely hate in others. No relationship is perfect, but the beauty of life lies in embracing the imperfections and accepting the other person exactly for who they are. And when you are with your soulmate, you do just that. You can easily accept the other person with all their negative traits and awful tendencies along with the sweet and charming ones. You would never want them to change for you, but you do allow them to grow into a more mature and stable human being.

3. The comfort

A very important factor which your soulmate has to go through is the friendship between you two and the comfort level both of you share. A romantic affair may give you happiness, an excitement and a certain type of rush but when we are talking about soulmate relationships, the friendship has a key role to play. This person has to be your best friend with whom you can share every little thing without feeling like being judged. When you are with them, you don’t care how you look (you can’t even imagine this happening with a crush, you HAVE to look best in front of them!), you don’t think before saying or acting. You can be your natural self, and you are extremely comfortable with their presence around you. Two of you can sit for hours without saying a word, and when you hug, their arms seem to comfort you more than anything else in this world. None of you is under any pressure to impress each other but you naturally bond. And this bond will go really far.

2. You and I becomes US

Soulmates start thinking of each other and acting like one unit. Even if they have to stand up against the world, they are willing to do so, together as a team and that’s what keeps them going. A soulmate bond is fairly difficult to break as the two people are completely inseparable. It never stays about “you” or “me” and it becomes always about “us”. Trust and unity is what makes the foundation of your relationship with your soulmate and the moment you start wishing for their happiness in your prayers and your problems and dreams become theirs too, you should know that you have found your soul partner.

1. The Intuition

Your gut instincts play a more substantial role over here than you think. You might have heard married couples talking about how they always knew that they will end up with each other right at their first meeting. That’s their intuition talking. Even if you happen to be two completely different personalities, something inside your heart always tries to tell you that s/he’s the one. You might feel it as a faster heartbeat or you start acting silly for no reason but a certain wave of intensity is always felt around them. Talking in technical terms, your frequencies just match up! And that’s what your heart keeps trying to indicate, so don’t ignore that!

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  • Prajita Chowdhury

    Awesome article Ashima! :) Keep it up !

  • Destinee

    Well what about if you just met this person? I feel he may be my soulmate but we aren’t dating. That’s possible, right?