10 Simple Ways to Keep your Heart Healthy

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Oh my goodness! See how my skin looks so dry and pale…

Not again, my hair looks so frenzied and messy…

Did I gain an extra pound? My body looks like a sumo…

We always have time for our skin, nails, eyes, hair and legs. But have we ever spared a little time for our heart? Do you want your heart to jump out and say “Will you stop ignoring me, or will I stop beating?” That heart, which is continuously pumping to let us enjoy this life. That heart which never forgot to skip a beat when we encountered our beloved. That heart which does its job each hour, each minute, each second so that we lead this life without complaining. We tend to forget about this naive organ of our body behind this sedentary life. And we don’t even feel like caring for it when we know heart ailments are far behind unhealthy and old people. Throw this misconception out of the window. Even teenagers are having heart attacks and ailments thanks to our buzzing and stressed lifestyle. It should be on every one’s to do list to prioritize heart care before anything. So here goes some of the ways to find a secret to a healthy and happy heart.

10.Confine yourself within a healthy weight range:


Not only heart disease but diseases all around the globe will start hovering around you if you are overweight or have high body mass index (BMI). More body mass means the heart will have to pump with more speed to meet the basic requirement of the body. This will give rise to high blood pressure which is the main cause of heart attack. Even high BMI leads to build up of triglycerides and reducing the level of HDL. So if you are overweight or obese, do make a habit of exercising regularly and develop a controlled diet.

9.Drink but don’t drown yourself:


It is a notion that drinking alcohol is always bad for health. But as there is one Good Samaritan among the bad, so is red wine. Red wine helps curb heart disease to some extent. Red wine contains antioxidants which prevents heart disease and increases levels of HDL in the blood which keeps the heart healthy. But that does not mean you should drown yourself in wine. Drinking it in high amount can bring out the formation of triglycerides and fat in the body which is indestructible by normal exercise. Perhaps pure grape juice would be the best option as this is where the antioxidants in wine come from.

8.Sleep well:


When we can make a lot of money over few hours, why sleep and waste time?

This seems to be the mindset of each and every person in this world. Sleeping is the requisite for our body. As if everyone has forgotten this basic element. And more importantly sleeping is the peak hours of our day when our heart is at peace singing sweet lullabies. According to research, not getting sleep for minimum five hours can lead to build up of plaques in arteries. These plaques when break down can lead to sudden heart attack. So why plaques invade our naive heart  and destroy it? Let’s grab a pillow and sleep tight.

7.Exercise an hour keeps the doctor away:


Who said exercise is only meant for honing of our physical body appearances? Exercise can both pull us out of this sedentary lifestyle along with keeping our heart healthy. Regular exercise reduces the level of LDL (bad cholesterol) and keeps the muscle active. Even heart is one of the muscles who need some recharging and stay active. According to research, 30 min of exercise a day can improve your heart rate and put a smile on your face. You can do exercise in sessions and enjoy them while having your heart smiling umpteen times. Just a mere 30 min can do wonders.

6.A strict no no to smoking:


Smoking is cool… Said who?

Just a few puffs can change your life. Not in a positive way but in a risky way. Smoking has always confined a lot of youth in its peril. One day it will show its true nature. Time waits for none. Not even for cools becoming fools. Smoking cuts down the supply of oxygen to the heart making it more vulnerable to heart diseases. Smoking has the credit for killing millions and eroding them of their precious life. To stop smoking might be an upheaval task, but killing yourself for an addiction is not a smart decision either. So it is upon you to decide for self.

5.Eat right:


We are living in a fast forward life where even brushing your teeth is a waste of time. So how can we eat the right food without worrying? Due to our hectic lifestyle, we have almost forgotten to slow down a little and breathe. Who cares about having a proper meal? Actually that has taken a toll on our precious heart and it keeps bearing this pain without stopping for a while. We should be aware of our food. Avoid spicy, oily stuff like fries, pizzas, burgers. Try to include organic food like fruits, raw vegetables in diet. It will not only keep our heart healthy but also keep the ailments away.

4.Reduce stress:


It might sound impossible to keep stress at a standstill and lead a blissful life. But stress has played havoc for our body and mind. High levels of stress and heart diseases do have a connection. Whenever stress is at its epitome, heart attack and ailments are bound to hover around you. So better why not uproot that stress which can lead to such a situation. We cannot stop people giving tensions, but we can stop over reacting by staying calm. We should share our tensions with someone close. We can leave behind stress for some hours by indulging in some fun activities.

3.Be active and full of life:


Diseases always attack the most vulnerable and easy to prey on. So just don’t be a lazy bug and wait for the germs to attack. Healthy habits are the key to an active and lively heart. Forget the lift and walk down the staircase. Dump the car and walk down the lane to afford some time together. Have regular outings on the go and dance till your feet don’t stop. Still sitting behind the couch and munching on your favorite chips? Go dude, get a life!

2.Have a ken of your family history:


If you think that your diet is perfect, you don’t take so much stress and you are so lively that you need not worry about this petite organ then, you are taking a wrong way around. There still might be chances that your body might be attracting heart ailments. The reason is family history of being attacked by heart diseases. If your uncle or grandfather had heart problems, it is possible that you have inherited them. So if any uneasiness related to heart, consult a doctor and let him know about your family history.

1.Regular checkups:


Precaution is better than cure.

No one has the power to foresee the future. As long as you are playing safe, it’s good. God has gifted us this beautiful life to enjoy. Why waste it on a mere disease and leave behind thousand of tears? Nobody has a peek of intrusion of problems in heart, until he has it. So get up and have regular checkups of the cholesterol level, blood pressure and anxiety level. A high level of them means inviting heart ailments. After checkups, prefer to follow doctor’s advice rather than to take your mind’s instruction. Keep your heart happy so that you can lead a happier life.

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