10 Things to Cheer yourself when you Feel Bored

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Feeling bored! What to do? A very common question we usually asks our self. But the answer to it sometimes becomes difficult. Getting bored easily is a very commonly found human trait. Simply dawdling and doing nothing is the reason of getting bored. Despite being entangled in your busy life, at times, even a single moment of leisure may make you feel bored. People then try to look out for alternatives to keep themselves busy as well as entertained. But there is nothing to worry; there are a number of productive as well as entertaining things to do in order to kill your boredom.
10. Give your room a new look

room look

You may find it strange but it’s true. Sometimes changing the setting of your room or designing its interior in a different way not only changes your mood from the daily monotonous life but also helps in getting rid of your boredom. If you are a creative person, thousands of thoughts would run into your mind at the same and this will engage you in the task so much that being bored becomes no option. Sometimes only arranging the room by keeping your stuff at proper place consumes your free time and relieves you from boredom.

9. Paint your imagination


This is not only for those who are good at drawing and painting but it goes for all. Even if you think you are the worst painter in the world you can try this. Not in order to judge yourself but yes, this will clear your own vision and can come out with something you never knew you were thinking of as pictures sometimes speak more than words. Sketching your fantasies and coloring your imagination is far better than sitting idle and feeling bored. This activity in your leisure time also helps you to connect with yourself.
8. Why don’t you cook?


This especially goes for all the food lovers. If you are fond of various cuisines and delicious dishes, you can try cooking different varieties of food items in your free time. There are a number of recipe books available, so instead of simply wasting your time and getting bored you can try cooking different dishes at home and make yourself as well as others happy. Moreover food cooked at home is better in its nutrient quality and content than those available in restaurants and other food corners. This not only saves your money but also your time is utilized for something productive.
7. Watch a movie


One of the most common ways to entertain oneself is to watch movies. You can go to the nearest cinema hall for some latest movie or you can also pass your time by watching a movie at your place with popcorn and cold drink. This engrossing activity not only entertains you but also refreshes your mood and prepares your mind to get back into your routine life.
6. Go for a walk


One of the most refreshing and soothing methods to pass your free time is to go for a walk. Sometimes you just don’t want to do anything yet you feel extremely bored and low, so a short evening walk in a park is quite enough to cheer you up at that time. Seeing the ravishing greenery of the environment with a cool and calm ambiance, you find a very different kind of relaxing satisfaction. The very sight of kids playing in the park, chirping birds and cool breeze can take you to some other world where you forget all about your tensions. Thus, doing nothing much can also keep you away from gloomy boredom.
5. Pen down your thoughts


It is easy to know about others but when it comes to knowing yourself not many people do. While you are in the company of other people you don’t get time to visualize what you feel and think. So, the best thing to do while you are alone is to write down your thoughts and what you feel. This can be in a poetry form as well if you are good at words and this also polishes your talent. Mind is a machine that works all day long and it is said that ‘Idle Mind Is a Devil’s Workshop’, therefore it is better to pen down what you think instead of just sitting idle and getting bored.
4. Hang out with friends


Friends are the best remedy when you feel like getting bored. Friends are the people who can never let you feel low or bored. Hang outs with them is always very entertaining as well as refreshing. You can simply go on a ride or long drive with your friends as their company itself is good enough to take you out of your boredom. Restaurants, food corners and ice cream stalls are the most popular places among today’s modern generation which is sufficient to cheer you up.
3. Read a book


Though reading is not liked by everyone, but one can find interest in reading if the person selects a book or magazine of his choice. Girls like fashion and trendy stuffs so they can go for magazines about the same. Novels of different genres, story books and even comic books are preferred by many. Books not only increase your knowledge, but also become your guide as well as companion. And, if someone loves reading, then there is no chance of getting bored with books.
2. Get together at home

house party

Calling your friends at your place and having a get-together is a very good idea to get rid of your boredom. Friends are the only people who can change your mood within few seconds. Not only friends, but you can even call your neighbors and have a nice chit-chat to avoid being lonely and getting bored. There you can enjoy chatting with them and sharing your thoughts with each other. Thus, partying is also a good option to cheer you up from getting bored.


1. Listen to music


Music has become the sole of everybody’s life these days. You can listen to music while getting bored. Listening to music according to your taste as well as mood can help you in cheering you up. Not only this, you can even dance on music beats to make yourself feel fresh and gay. Even if you are not a good dancer, you can try some steps alone in your room and get away from a boring mood. Listening to music is such a common trend among people these days that you can find one or the other person walking on the road with earphones plugged in. Thus, to escape your boredom, listening to music is quite a good option.

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