10 Things Mothers Selflessly Do For Their Children

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A mother’s love is immeasurable and unconditional. She does expect her children to become well-mannered and sincere in all respects but will accept you even if you are not up to the mark. There are innumerable quotes on a mother’s love and its vastness. We all know what is her importance in our lives and our mere existence? Throughout our lives we learn most of the things from our mothers. The first time you held her fingers and feared to venture out into the unknown world was the moment she had started to teach you to walk. She always teaches us and her advice is the best you can get a hold on. Apart from walking there are many other things which are only possible if we hold onto our mother’s hands. Writing this article would never signify her presence in actual measures but it would greatly influence the kids into loving their moms all the while more!

10. Compromise


Have you ever given it a thought to all the expensive clothes you buy and your mother don’t? There are instances when she winks at you and nudges you to go for the perfect black dress or the dashing wrist watch and don’t care to give a look at her requirements. We don’t say mothers are god’s incarnations on earth for nothing. Even on a meager income, she can make the ends meet and still manage to buy you a birthday present. There are fights and arguments in every family regarding money matters and savings. In my family too, there have been many. I always see my mother quickly solving the problems and compromising with her wish list.

9. Sacrifice


All of us might have read the moral stories regarding a mother’s sacrifice for her child. En fait the subject moral values and education revolved around mostly such stories. Never disrespect her or ignore her. It would be a matter of shame to underestimate their sacrifices. They always try their best to raise us in a better manner than they had been. They seldom ask us anything in return for their sacrifices. All we can do is to repay them with love, respect and a little time from our busy schedule.

8. Bears Pain


Long-time back I received a mail regarding mothers and their selfless services. In there I read a point which I still remember by heart. While giving birth, a mother faces tremendous amount of pain which is equivalent to 20 bones getting fractured at the same time! On reading the mail, I could not resist myself from running to my mother and giving her a small kiss. The fact and the joy that you are giving birth to a life of your own is immensely powerful more to succumb the pain suffered. This might be the reason that you will never hear her complaining about the pain she endured while giving you birth.

7. Experienced


There goes a cliché; experience is the mother of wisdom. Of all the people whom do you resort to when in trouble? The first person who pops up in my head is my mother for she is more experienced and in her words, has seen the world from different perspectives. Wisdom comes only after you have mastered the art of experience. Hence there is a reason why that proverb is so called. They know it which person to trust and which is the bad guy. They will know it before you are going to get in trouble for something. After all it narrows down to the fact that they are mothers.

6. Scolds for our benefit


Mothers scold their children out of love. There is no such thing as a good mother but there are good and bad children. A mother’s natural instinct would be to mould her child in such a way that he grows into a well-developed and responsible child. You can say that scolding has a linear relationship with the behaviour of a child. A mother knows the extent to which it would work. The next time you get scolding for not doing your homework it is not because she nags too much rather she wants you to grow smart and intelligent.

5. Saving


It seems everybody is planning on saving money these days. Mango has come up with online shopping and we are definitely going gaga over it. The New Year’s resolution is as clear as water. But I am pretty sure the mothers would get the most of it. They know it well how to save and where to expend. They have even saved for your expenses which might get your dad on his toes. Better rush to your mom for some quick tips on saving money. You don’t want to end up carrying your mom’s shopping bags!

4. Protect from rebukes


She is our guardian angel, the protector and guardian. When you get on your dad’s nerves, our mom comes to the rescue. The stern looks and the harsh rebukes are bounced off. She is more than a parent. She is her child’s best friend and will watch and help us through our troublesome times. She will tell you about your crushes and advise you on whether you should carry on with the relationship. If something just isn’t right she will help you see and guide you.

3. Love


There is nothing like a mother’s love. No matter how old you are, you may never get too old to ask your mother for advice or a good night kiss. Hers is the purest form of love in this world. She has a never ending supply of unconditional and irrevocable love. She remembers the date, the day and the moment when her children were born. The first day you succeeded in walking through your feet, the day you went to school and the first crush you had in school are all engraved in her memories.

2. Care


A child needs a guide, a friend and a mother is there to provide all sorts of roles to her child. She is there to support her child financially and emotionally. If you have an injured knee or some bully busted you in front of your mates, she will have the perfect medication for all. She knows the home remedies for the common cold and your allergies and other infections. It starts to sound gross as we grow up but no matter what she still knows the secrets and other weak points.

1. Food


Some people find peace in their job, some in their raised salaries and others in their trip to Disneyland while I find the perfect solace at home eating the food cooked by my mother. After spending about a few months at hostel and eating the worst possible food on the planet, I find the perfect peace in home cooked food. There is no match to it. She would bring the house to turmoil even if a pinch of salt is added more. She is extra cautious of her child’s health and will do anything to make you gain a few pounds. She always complains about the weight that you have lost even though you have become chubbier for your friends and relatives. She is the mother. She will always see you as her little child.

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