10 Things You Should Never Do When Drunk

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10 Things you should never do when drunk


People who love to consume alcohol just need a simple occasion for getting drunk. They love to booze and stay with its side effects. People have been consuming alcohols right from the ancient ages. It results in people getting high and this make them feel good and relaxed. While it is very harmful to health if consumed on a regular basis, controlled and occasional use of alcohols is okay. Very often people do not realize the extent to which they are drinking and end up creating scenes which are very embarrassing.  Getting drunk and crating nuisances looks good only in televisions and in films but not in reality. It is right that getting drunk is fun sometimes but then one should always have it in controlled quantity. Here we are talking about ten such things that you should never do when you are drunk.

10. Pee in public

Well people getting drunk and urinating in a public place is often observed. There cannot be anything more humiliating than this. How can you urinate in front of the whole public and make fun of yourself? Many a time people have been fined for this hilarious act. Even the most educated people end up doing this silly thing and they let the people laugh on them. On regaining senses they remember the act they did and feel ashamed. But once you have done it, it cannot be undone. Try not to do this stuff in the public places.

9. Mess with the law

After getting drunk, people consider them the best and the supreme authority. They perform the entire task without thinking about the law and order set by the government. This leads them to the bigger troubles. If you are drunk, do not mess with the laws and abuse it as you may land up in jail for this act. On finding you not in your senses, the authorities might take any serious actions against you which may have devastating effects on your career and reputation.

8. Drive a car

It is an offense if you are driving and you are drunk. Because of this you may end up paying penalty and even, your driving license can also be detained. When people get drunk, they are not in their sense. So they cannot follow the signals and other factors properly. This may lead to problems for the other people and in the worst case scenario they may end up meeting with an accident causing harm to not themselves but also to others. It is therefore strongly advised not to drive when you under the influence of the alcohol.

7. Abuse other people

This is very common, under the influence of the alcohols people often start abusing and this is absolutely wrong. A person who abuses shows his bad character and is not at all socialized. If you are sitting in a bar or pub and there you start abusing, then there is a vast chance that you may be thrown out of the place by the bouncers guarding the area. Abusing someone can also lead to unnecessary fights and can leave you in an embarrassing situation.

6. Gamble

Gambling is one such activity which is loved by the drunken people. Very often people start playing this game after getting drunk and lose a large share of their fortune as they are not in their sense while playing. They usually invest all their money in a view to gain more profit and consequently lose everything. There is also a fair chance of people taking undue advantage of your state and con you with the wrong doings in the game.

5. Call up your ex

I recommend, don’t you ever call up your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend when you are drunk or when you are in a state where you do not know what actions you are performing. This will simply show that you have not got over him/her and deep down you still want them to be back in your life. This action yours will simply suggest that you are vulnerable and people may take undue advantage of it. Further you may also end you getting into relationship again just for the sake of old times and that will have negative impact on you.

4. Vandalize public property

Vandalizing the public property is one such action which every drunken person loves to perform. He/she does not think about the fact that their action is creating trouble and loss to the society. They cross all the boundaries and damage the properties they do not like. This is absolutely not justified and your action which is performed just for fun can lead you to lots of trouble. Public property is for the use of the people and you damaging them can have severe repercussions later on. Avoid doing such things when you are drunk.

3. Strip in public

Well this is hilarious and it is the worst thing which can happen with you if you are badly drunk. Some people start stripping because of the side effects of the alcohols and this leads to a very embarrassing situation. Nothing can humiliate you more than you performing this task yourself. A person who strips after getting drunk becomes a laughing stock and everybody makes fun of him. Tis could affect your normal life and the opportunities lying in front of you.

2. Get married

Do you remember the movie ‘Hangover’, where the actors marries a lady after getting drunk badly and in the morning he realises the consequences of the act which he has performed. Well, this happens in real life as well. It has been reported that sometime people get married with the wrong partners after getting drunk and later they had to face the consequences. Getting married is fun and everybody wants to enjoy this occasion in his/her lifetime. But then performing this task after getting drunk is not at all a good idea.

1. Go for one night stand

Often when the people are drunk and they are not in their senses, they end up sharing bed and getting intimate with a completely unknown person. This act is very common in metropolitan cities where people often go for one night stand after getting drunk. On regaining senses in the morning, they realise the act they performed last night and then get feel humiliated and ashamed. This unprotected and sudden intimacy can lead to many further problems in future as you can end up getting pregnant or you can get affected to a sexually transmitted disease. So try to avoid it.


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