Top 10 Things Parents Can Learn From Their Children

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For a child, his parents are a big part of their small world. Children look up to their parents every day. Parents guide their children and show them the right path. Childhood is an impressionable period of their life and the environment they are brought up in highly influences them. So what parents impart to their children is very essential. But this is article is not intended to underline the importance of parents in a child’s life. This article has been compiled with an aim to enlighten the readers about the things parents can learn from children. As we grow up, we forget certain things that make our life better. Though with age comes wisdom, childhood has its own plus points. Babies, it seems, are taught certain things by the Angels before they are sent to live among humans.

10. FEARLESSNESS: A child is never afraid to try new things. He is always ready to give something a try. You will tell him not to run with scissors and he will still try it. You will tell a child that doing something will harm him; chances are that he will still be willing to try it. I am not telling you to do something with the knowledge that it will harm you but what I am telling you is that you should be willing to take calculated risks. There’s a risk when you drive and there’s a risk when you are cooking in the kitchen. There’s a risk every time you take an elevator and there’s a risk when you travel. You still do them, don’t you? Learn to be fearless. Fear is the first barrier that you need to break through in order to succeed.

9. SLEEPING PEACEFULLY: Have you seen a baby sleep? Notice the way he breathes. How calm and rhythmic it is! Look at his face. The tranquility within him is portrayed on his face when he is asleep. A baby is never worried of what is he going to do tomorrow. He is never worried of what he is going to eat. I accept the fact that you being parents are in charge of taking care of your children and you need to be concerned about them. It is obvious. What you don’t need to be is worried. You must understand that worrying does not get you anything but a bag full of ailments such as sleep deprivation, high blood pressure and other health disorders.

8. HAPPY FOR THE LITTLE THINGS THAT YOU HAVE: Do you remember your childhood? Do you remember the things that made you happy and made you feel that you had everything in the world? Well, that’s what you still need to do. Learn from your child the happiness something as small as an ice cream cone can give. When you were in school, a new pen would be enough to make you excited. The reality is that the world today is largely influenced by the evil that materialism is. We have become so materialistic and the living standards of people has increased to such an extent that even their children have become obsessed with electronic gadgets such as android cell phones and play stations.

7. LOVE FOR FAMILY: One of the many qualities of a child that deserve admiration is the love a child has for his family. To be more precise, it is the way a child expresses his love for the family. The way a child is excited about the prospect of having some fun play time with his cousins during vacations or visiting the his grandparents is something that we all should learn too. Work dominates the majority of our days and the stress accumulated from it is very harmful. Spending quality time with family is very essential for the emotional and psychological well being of a person.

6. CURIOSITY: It is always best to stay curious and learn. Curiosity is the best way to continuously learn. To succeed in your professional life you should always be willing to expand your horizons and learn new skills. Curiosity makes you explore the depths which you normally would not. Curiosity is not just about wondering things related to your work. You want to learn a new language, be curious. You want to learn to swim, be curious. Moreover, be curious about your family member and how they are doing. Being curious is the first step to ensure that you are continuously on the rise.

5. LEADERSHIP: Yeah! Children love to lead and they love to make others do what they want. It gives them a sense of being powerful. Next time you send your kids out to play, accompany them and look at the way different children behave. Almost every child tries to be a leader on the playground and tries to put his point across. We should learn to say what we feel without fearing what our peers or colleagues would think of us. There are so many instances in our life when we know that a certain thing is the right thing to say but we stay silent for fear of disapproval of our words.

4. SOCIALISE: Spend enough time with your friends. See how much your children enjoy the company of their friends. It is because they are of the same age and they have common things to do. It is important that you have friends with whom you can spend time and enjoy doing what you all have in common. Go fishing together, go to movies or form your own book club if you and your friends are fond of books. Moreover, you should also be excited about meeting new people and getting to know them too.

3. DON’T BE JUDGEMENTAL: When you get to know something about somebody, refrain from jumping to conclusions. You should not create a mental image of a person’s character based on what other people have to say about the person. Children are very patient when it comes to getting to know another person. They make decisions about someone based on their own experiences. You should follow the same principle too. Be patient when you meet a new person. Do consider what other people have to say about that person too but believe what you feel and not what others do.

2. GOD LOVING: I made it clear that you do not need to be worried in life because it will not get you anywhere. Worrying about problems does not help you to arrive at the solutions to them. What is going to help you out is being concerned and believing that God is always there for you. When a child crosses a street, he holds his mother’s/father’s finger and follows their steps. He does not need to worry about what is approaching him but he needs to be concerned about what his parent is guiding him to do. Similarly, life is about getting to the other side and getting to the other side safely. Believe that God is with you every step of your life and you will succeed.

1. NEVER GIVE UP!: This is clearly the best thing you can learn from your children and you do not have to wait for them to grow a bit old to learn to never give up. A baby learns to roll over to his side after failing repeatedly. Then a baby learns to sit straight and then he learns to stand up. He learns to do all that after facing numerous failures. Each failure is necessary but only as long as it makes you stronger. You should see each fall as an opportunity to learn what went wrong. I have always loved the saying that real success is not about never falling but it is about rising after every fall.

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