10 Things to See and Experience when you visit India

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There is always something new to see and feel when you visit a new place. And when it comes to visiting India, the excitement unfolds at every stage. ‘The Golden Bird’ as was said, India has always been famous for its rich heritage and diverse culture. Thus, exploring India becomes even more interesting for anyone who visits here for the first time. The specialties of this place are so prominent that anyone can point them out at first sight. Being a multi-ethnic country, India has always been a center of attraction and because of its vast culture it has become a major tourist spot as well. Here are some of the attention-seeking things that are worth seeing as well as experiencing when you visit India.

10. Nature’s Beauty


The scenic beauty of some places in India is so overwhelming that it can take away anyone’s heart. The world famous ice-capped Himalayas and lush green grasslands in the northern part are very mind blowing. Not only this, but the beauty of north eastern states called ‘The Seven Sisters’ is worth watching. One can enjoy this beauty and feel the soothing atmosphere in the nature’s lap.

9. Manual labour


When today, the whole world is relying entirely on machines and the manual labour is diminishing from the scenario, we still find in India, people depending on it. You will find people pulling rickshaws on roads, labours working at construction sites and also vendors selling their stuffs pulling their own cart. These scenes could be easily seen in any big or small city of India. It’s not that Indians cannot afford machine power, as its help is taken wherever required, yet the dependence of man on man is still continuing in this country.

8. Helping nature of Indians

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In today’s modern age who cares for whom? But it is in India that you will find a very cosy atmosphere, where everyone is ready to help anyone in need. When in the rest of the world people have become so self centred that they don’t have spare time for their family members, we find a very unique quality in Indians who even help strangers. You can observe this fact anywhere on road, for instance, if there is a road accident everyone comes forward to help the victim leaving their own work. This is a very distinct experience one can feel here which is rare to find in other parts of the world.

7. Religious spots and Shrines

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The diversity of religious beliefs in India is also a reason that has put it in crosshairs. It consists of a mass of people following different religions like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism and this makes the country a holder of various pilgrim spots stretching right from Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari . The famous religious places in India are The Char Dham pilgrimage, The Golden Temple, Sun Temple, Ajmer Sharif, Kushinagar, Mahabodhi Temple and many more. These sites have such a pious ambiance that people find so much peace and calmness here and therefore, irrespective of their religion, the visiting list of people here never goes down.

6. Customs and Beliefs

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Yes, people of India are very superstitious and they do believe in many things that may look quite funny to others. These superstitions and beliefs have come down from ages which people sometimes blindly follow. It is here that the logics and reasons seem to fail in front of them. The most common among them that one could encounter is the hanging of lemon and chilies on the door. This is done in belief to keep away all the negative airs from the house. Also the use of different religious symbols in the houses is on an account of beliefs people have inherited from their ancestors. It is thus, quite amusing for a person visiting India to see such unique things.

5. Street Food

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It is interesting to see the food craziness among Indians. India, being a multicultural country does also possess a number of cuisines and varieties of food. Right from the sophisticated food at restaurants to the spicy roadside stalls are all consumed by the Indians. The street foods are especially loved by the people. You can find food stalls at any place, in any lane of a city and that too, a bunch of people will always be there surrounding the stall. This love for food in India is hard to find at any other corner of the world.

4. Celebrations in marriages or festivals

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Want to enjoy? Come to an Indian wedding. Indian weddings and festivals are famous worldwide for their colourful and musical atmosphere. There is no doubt Indians are fun loving and therefore, their way of celebrating a festival or marriage is always very happening. The lights, music, colourful decorations and gaiety among people are very eye-catching. A person visiting India should attend an occasion of celebration here to actually experience the traditions and culture. One can easily point out that people spend so much money and time just to get few moments of happiness and this could only be seen in India where people think more from their hearts.

3. Strong Bonds in relationships

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This is among the very distinguished features seen in India. Just after entering the land of this place one can make out the special bonding between people. At airports only, when you see people meeting with such affection, you can instantly feel the same emotions and the outpouring of feelings in a relation. Where in rest of the world the moral values and strength of bonds in any relation is diminishing, it is in India that people are still holding their relations tied with the thread of love and respect.

2. Lifestyle

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Lifestyle in India is something of interest because of its variations. As we know India is divided into villages and cities. Villages constitute a major part of India. Where on one hand, the city life is very fast and trendy, going hand in hand with the western culture and on the other hand the lifestyle of those living in villages is quite simple and sober. Thus, India is a blend of the two cultures simultaneously which is exclusive to this place only.

1. Rich heritage

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There is no denying the fact that India has a vast historic background which is evidently established today as well. The historical monument like The Taj Mahal, which is among the Seven Wonders of the World, itself, narrates the story of Indian history. Moreover the tombs and forts including the famous Red Fort, India Gate, Humanyu’s Tomb, Qutub Minar etc are a center of attraction in India. Visiting these places, one can without fail experience the history connected to it. Thus, Indian heritage has always been a cause for gaining tourist’s attention towards it.

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