10 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Reception Venue

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The wedding reception is a very important occasion, on a very special day. You wouldn’t in your dreams want it to be ruined by bad planning. Marriage is a one-time affair for most of us, and hence, we all want our day to be special. Therefore, we plan our marriage day, from weeks or months before, so that nothing falls out of place, and the day goes as we have planned. In this article, we will discuss about some of the tips, which would help you in choosing a wedding reception venue for you.
1) Location is a very important factor while choosing a wedding reception venue. Before renting out a place, you should consider the accessibility factors, and if relatives or friends can travel to the place in a short amount of time or not.
2) Next comes the date. If you are getting married at a very popular time of the year, then it might be a problem to find a good location, since, people who have planned earlier have booked the best locations around the city. Therefore, if you are getting married at a popular time, then you might have to sacrifice on the location, or on the contrary, you can change the date of your marriage.
3) The next thing to consider is the weather. If you are planning for a summer wedding, then you are expected to spend most of the time outdoors, since, it is a soothing warm weather, hence, you need to find a venue which has an outdoor space. On the contrary, if you are getting married in winter, then you need to find a place which is well insulated, so that the guests don’t feel the cold.
4) Also, if you have guests who would be travelling in to your city for your special day, then you also need to find out if the venue you are renting offer accommodations or not. If they do, then you have to also rent out the rooms. If they don’t, then you need to rent rooms in the nearby hotels or guest houses.
5) Number of people who would be invited in your wedding reception is also important, since, that would decide how big a hall do you actually need. Since, if you are inviting a large number of people, you’d need to make sure that, they don’t feel cramped, and hence choose a big hall as a venue.
6) Sometimes, people want to arrange a ballad dance on their reception. If you also have a wish to offer some entertainment to your guests, then make sure the venue has a place to host the event.
7) Your wedding menu needs to be specialized. Since, you’ll be catering to a large number of people on your wedding reception, it is important that you cater to every one of them. Some people might have allergies, about certain foods, and hence, you should have alternatives for them.
8) Visit the venue before you book it. It’ll help you judge if the venue is perfect for you, and if your guests would have to take in any stress or not. Make sure that there is a parking space, where your guests can park their car.
9) Make sure that the venue you choose falls under your price range.
10) Your wedding reception is a part of the best day of your life, and everything should be in your own interest. If you want a theme, a special kind of decoration, ask the owner of the venue to arrange that.
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