10 Ways to Ask for a Salary Raise

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A rise in the salary is something every employee looks forward to every minute of the day. It does not matter if you have had a rise only recently, you secretly wish it increments further and you leave no opportunity to express it to the concerned authorities. But many a times hesitation takes over in your sincere and well deserved request for a pay rise. Listed below are a few ways in which you can ask for a pay rise without seeming overtly desperate or risking your job.

10. ‘Work’place politics


One of the least ethical, perhaps even worst way of asking for a salary rise. It is one of the most successful ways nonetheless. If you are unable to devise a plan for your boss to be liberal on your pay package, convince colleagues that they are working for pennies when they deserve more. Chances are they will be apprehensive about discussions regarding it but convince them that you would support them in the quest. Also convince them how tough it is to manage the expenses of a family at such low rumination. Chances are you would form an entire group of people wishing for a pay rise. Who doesn’t like a better salary? And your boss will most likely not risk displeasing a number of employees all at once and may appease you all.

9.  ‘Black’mail


Another way I personally would not advocate. Unethical and risky but if you think it’s worth the risk, Go ahead. Many people have landed into a better looking salary figure adopting this way. They spread a rumour of a better pay package offered by a competitor and that they might quit if a pay rise is not offered. More often than not, if your figures are realistic, boss’s tend to compensate for you to stay, not because they will lose a gem of an employee but because they cannot risk losing the gem of a confidential fact you might be knowing. Be prepared however to continue on the same pay scale or worse still be told to join that firm.

8.  ‘Union’ated we stand


The grammar is terribly wrong up there, so is this way. This might be of help to only those who are associated with a work atmosphere where there is a provision of labour/ employee union. Union strikes are often nightmares to super-successful entrepreneurs. They are most likely to get intimidated by the consequences and give in to your demands. If not more, at least try and negotiate, and then the deal is yours.

7. ‘Worth’y much?


Prove your worth in front of seniors. It might come in the form of a revolutionary idea to benefit the business, an innovation of sorts or by landing the company with a big deal. Something they thought would not be easy to manage. You do not get god without meditation. You would not get paid without being worth it. More so you should be able to justify how you deserve a pay hike more than your colleagues who might even have devoted more hours in the work than you did.

6. Work ‘Hard’


Yes, you might question was it already not hard enough. But I meant work hard to get a pay rise. Make sure you get noticed when you work. Basically, more than work hard, work smart. You might not work all day but make sure you look like you’ve worked the hardest when in front of boss. I know it seems more of a cheat-code but is that not why the corporate world is ever so often known for its politics and bitchy plans. You are just being a novice at it.

5. ’Flatter’ the ‘butter’


I know the statement makes no sense but many have got along negotiations following this way. Flatter your boss with compliments and admiration. Make it seem real. Do not be over-dramatic with it or you will only seem like an addition to the drama society of the firm. Butter (if that’s the word. You do get me right?) them up with believable compliments and subtly hint on a slight rise in pay package. Do not be fooled to think your boss does not know your way. But everybody likes hearing praises and a few don’t mind paying a few extra bucks for it.

4. ‘Write’ a mail.


No, not for your boss to find an envelope on his desk requesting a pay rise (it is not a bad idea though but about that we will speak later). Write an email to the employees’ grievance cell or whatever equivalent your firm has for it. It is no sure shot way but then better to be read and marked as trash than never to be read at all. Send reminder mails too- be subtle and politely inform them that it was only because you thought it might have slipped their mind due to the work load.

3. Grab the ‘spot’


They say hitting on right spot makes work half done. Grab opportunities that advocate your pay rise and justify it too. Like work enough to be the star employee of the month. When you are in light of success chances are your requests would be taken more seriously and you might be considered for a pay hike. The key to getting paid is to work all you can.

2. Go the ‘Family’ way


No, do not ask your family to request a pay rise for you. That might be a further put off. Instead appease Boss’s family. Offer to drive his wife to her friend’s party while he has meetings to attend. (In case your boss is a ‘he’). Wife not ‘daughter’, after all it isn’t about becoming the potential son in law is it? Offer to give his son company for the golf game after duty hours or to pick-up a list of things from the grocery store around the street. Take up responsibilities like getting a function organized. Chances are that if you appease your boss’s family, they too will advocate a pay rise for you. And who will have the guts to deny the headquarters? (Again, the he condition applies)

1. ‘Direct’ly there


If none of the above seems to work, your boss is a tough nut to crack. You have no option but to walk up to your boss and be upfront about seeking a pay rise. Justify you demand by explaining your worth and speak of inflation. He will most likely understand. After all onions have made everybody cry but who does not like them for lunch? Make sure your boss is in a good mood. It will improve your chances of achievement. Also be polite with your tone and expect a negative reply. If its positive, it will only feel better.

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