10 Ways to Beat the Monday Morning Blues

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Google out the best day of the week and pages pop up with Thursdays and Fridays and Sundays dancing around with a Wednesday somewhere in between. Mondays are no where in sight. And when you Google for the worst day of the week we see Monday everywhere with some Tuesdays here and there. The fact is the world hates Mondays. Why ? For two basic reasons, it is start of new work and end of the last one. Saying goodbye to the sleep-ins and party to get back in the routine makes you lethargic and sleepy and proportionately grumpy and snappy. Here are tips to beat the Monday blues. Even if you cant defeat it totally, the day will be hell lot easier if you follow the tips.

10. Have a Great weekend

10. Have a great weekend     

One reason for Monday blues is that you don’t want the weekend to end. The party should never wrap up,right? So when it eventually does its but natural to feel down. Here is one trick to perk you up. Have a great weekend, do everything from partying to family time to me-time to spas/sports and everything else. This way when you have a legendary weekend you are happy on Monday for you have no regrets. So chill and relax and do it right for if you are relaxed the blues wont effect the bright sunny Yellow.

9 Don’t lag behind

9.Don't lag behind

One of the main reasons to hate the Monday is because people dump the works of Friday on Monday and the weekend puts them in bad shape, the dual workload on Monday coupled with the grumpiness makes it even harder to bear. Along with the office work, the household chores are ignored over the weekend and hence the picture is distorted when the show begins. Simple answer is don’t leave the work for Monday, finish it beforehand and get a fresh start, this will make life little bit easier.

8. Don’t live for the weekend.

8. Don't live for the weekend

Distance makes heart grow fonder. This is not just for the person, when you live for party alone, you will hate the day that starts the torture. The greed for this day can put you in a very bad mood. So the solution is simple, just don’t give weekends the power to control your life. Live it when the time comes and then move on. Simple enough? Try it maybe lt will make Mondays more bearable.

7.Take it easy on Sunday night.

7. Take it easy on sunday night

Party night is Friday Night or Saturday night and there is a reason behind it. To spell it out, you dont work the next day. However if you decide to tear it up on sunday night then you are in trouble. The late night, dancing and hangover coupled with early mornings, meetings and traffic is terrific recipe for beautiful Monday Blues. So to beat the blues take it easy on Sundays for as much as you hate it, Monday is start of the week and there is going to be work!

6.Start clean and organized.

6. Start clean and organized

Neat homes are more welcoming then the messy ones for its easier to locate the items you want. This does not mean that you have to go all Obsessive Compulsive about it. its not about lining your deak or labeling your files, just have it in some order so that when you return to routine you do not have to deal with re-organizing everything. When the morning starts with finding the coffee sugar and milk at first try the day cant turn out to be too bad.

5. Plan something fun on Monday

5.Plan something fun on mondays

Before you go all negative on this one, just hear me out. The sadness of work can be overcome by creating something special on Monday. The result will be that you do not miss the weekend and look forward to the Monday. This can be some special meeting, some particularly interesting work or scheduling some classes that interests you like cooking swimming dancing . Just seek out your interest and do it on Monday. Soon Mondays wont turn the weekend smile to a frown, it will turn it into a brigth shinny grin.

4.Change your mindset and SMILE.

4.change your mindset, Smile

Part of the problem is that you see it as a problem. When you change your view the problem no longer exists. So when you think about Monday Blues just smile for it is all a Mind-Game. So to beat the blue, look it in the eye and smile at it. The Blues will fade away. Its always in your mind, so use this to your advantage. With your mind, visit the happy place, relax and beat the concept of being sad just because its Monday.

3.Plan the next weekend

3. Plan the next weekends

So you do not live for weekend but still you cant focus. Well, even the experts need inspiration and this comes when you get out of routine and do something fun. So you cant have weekend on Monday, you can always plan for it. The only way to have an awesome weekend is to plan for it and look up the new, exciting things to do. So when you cant concentrate on work and need a breather, just look ahead in time and beat the Blues.

2. Look Good, Treat Yourself.

2. Dress sharp

Dressing sharp with a right hair-do and the perfect perfume can turn any rainy day around. So when you have a premonition about a particularly bad Monday Blue just dress sharp. This will put you in a better mood. On your way to work grab a doughnut, treat yourself and pamper yourself. This will keep you happy and in turn keep your colleagues happy. The office atmosphere will change and you will have a power packed start to a power packed week. The Monday Blues will loose the battle

1. Pump up the Monday

1. Pump up the Monday

Music is the answer. Noise will put you off but put on your favorite track and start the day with this spirit. Be on time, exercise in morning and get the body out of the rut. This will help you to shake the weekend off and get the ball rolling again. Do not miss the morning fix on a Monday and have the best breakfast. When the start is right the future is right. So give a great start to the day and the week. The best way to beat the Monday Blues is to actually beat it.

Note: If the Monday blues are more than just irritating, please consider the factors causing it. The work area problems, Job satisfaction and unhealthy work atmosphere are possible reasons and can be a an early indication of depression. Please seek help in extreme cases.

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