10 Ways to Bridge the Generation Gap between You and Your Father

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The current generation finds itself in a great dilemma when their parents are unable to understand their petty issues. The ever increasing generation gap is engulfing the mind state of children with the elder people becoming more anxious and doubtful about the habits of their younger ones. The westernization and modernization have left a severe impact boosting the generation gap.

Children find it almost impossible to share their personal rigid experiences with their father. Today’s fast paced life has left things bewildering to the extent that even omen happenings are now camouflaged. The development of society is experiencing a big hurdle and it will persist if the breach is not narrowed! Even the parents need to grasp the concept that being a harsh father can attain you nothing, but only a son or a daughter with lots of secrets hiding beneath the core of her heart.

The need of the hour is to learn some tactics and establish some friendly relation betwixt you and your father. Here are some ways to taper the generation gap.

10. Informing your father


Provide your father with relevant information every time you do something. Try to avoid lying, even if you have done something wrong, show some guts to speak off and beg for pardon! This will reduce stress between your relation and the whole story would remain crystal clear. Remember, fathers hate to hear anything bad or false about you from outsiders. It would turn out a boon to inform your father about every little action you take. Keep no secrets from him, for a father can be a friend never should he be treated as a stranger who pays and fulfills your stomach.

9. Shun Comparison


It takes a lot of pain to make you avail the best of what you can! All fathers relish their children walking on a carpet of roses, and they relinquish many things to provide you with their best! So never compare your standard with others’. This might hurt them and would also create a demanding image in your father’s eye. Always appreciate what you have and stop feeling reluctant of what you don’! A father’s greatest treasure can be his son/daughter, so even if you are in need of something, then have some courtesy to ask! Children usually compare their standards with others’ and this can cause an inferior feeling in people around you which will ultimately lead to pin-pointing each other’s mistakes.

8. Interaction


The interaction of elderly and young is often underlined with disdain and disrespect! To avoid serious misconsequences to your relation, it becomes imperative to interact in a humble and more polite way, rather than following the latest norms of loud and argumentative voice. Try to talk to your father daily even when he is out most of the times. This will nurture a feeling of love and deep care in their minds for their child.

7. Family Food


Having a family dinner can inculcate a sense of togetherness and you can surely discuss your problems and heed family’s problems. People who usually don’t have dinner with their family are more prone to family squabbles and clashes. Remember, dinner is the only time where you can peacefully eat and open a panel of good discussion. People spend a very gay time with dinner and lunch, as studies show that children who don’t eat with their family show more impulsive behavior in their nature and are more vulnerable to bad habits. Dinning place can reduce your problems and can help you extract basic ideas when you work on them. Avoid going out with friends most of the times, when a family dinner is scheduled. Try to mark your presence in every important function that takes place.

6. Intervene with Family Matters


Once you become and adult, then your family becomes your responsibility! Try to discuss family matters and resolve some family issues taking your own stand. Fathers love to see their children growing and even admire more when children are big enough to support the old shoulders of their fathers. Don’t try to sit aside and see anything happen just like a movie, instead step forward and initiate some decision.

5. Home first


All parents instinctively love their children and have deep welfare for them. This is what the present youngsters need to grab in their minds. Never underestimate the decisions and steps taken by your father, instead try to understand their present scenario and then bulge out anything. Misunderstanding and argumentative talks can result in a serious disparage of a father child relation and would end up only regretting! Try to behave as a friend in times of dire need, because no relation can parallel the relation of friendship in this world!

4. Give a Hand to Help


Helping in daily routine work can effectively reduce the generation gap. Bringing groceries from market as well as some effective hand can always enhance your understanding. Helping your mother is the most conventional way of appending the faith in your father’s eyes and also the confidence. Performing some household chores will not certainly lower down your standards, but will raise the respect for you in his dear eyes. Also spending some time with your siblings can act as a boon to nourish and nurture your relation with your father. In spite of wasting time with your friends, try to give some time to your family.

3. Explain


Try to explain every reason behind your action. Introduce them to latest fashion of music, clothing and style statement. Remember all are born to be taught. Try to behave friendly with your father and make them familiar to all the latest trends. Aware them about the latest technologies and the hard rock music. The major problem with the children nowadays is the lack of sharing and preluding the current society vision. Fathers believe in their own old ways and therefore some bind themselves to the old and traditional rules that are set in their minds. But it is the allegiance to show cast them every bit of modern society trend so that they don’t consider your decisions to be wrong, nor you consider them outdated!

2. Traditions and Rituals


Don’t inferior down the past traditions in front the newer ones. Try to show some belief in the rituals and the traditional customs that are set in the minds of earlier generations. Holy and divine customs and traditional norms are something are expected to be followed by every family. Never abuse and play pranks on the faith of your father. Instead assure them about every faith that believe in to be followed by you.

1.Emotional Connection


Life is a mixture of jokes and laughter and at the same time, a decoction of sadness and grief! Well always try to remain emotionally attached to your father and avoid any sorts of disrespect. Crack jokes with your father as well as console him during his hard time. Such situations play very important role in garnishing and nourishing the bleak as well as strong bound between a father and a child. In times when the whole world is away, it is a child’s support a father need most! Ensure your presence in times of hardships and let your laughter echo during good times. Try not to be among those children who never come to rescue.

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