10 Ways how you can Find out if a Person is Lying

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Well, it has been rightly said, “To lie is an art and not everybody can master it.” Frankly speaking lying is an everyday phenomena. Yes, it is. We speak lies quite often for varied reasons. Sometimes to escape a situation, sometimes to form an impression and sometimes for the benefit of others. You rarely find a Raja Harishchandra born nowadays. Why? Simply because if you do so you will end up making a fool of yourselves. More than academic brilliance, one needs to acquire the traits of being smart and witty to make a position in this modern so called ‘globalized’ and ‘self centered’ world. But is it fair enough to lie for the sake of one’s own benefit? Well, there can be no clear cut answer to this. We agree to the fact that ‘honesty is the best policy’ but at certain situations a ‘lie’ can be a savior. So it is we and our moral ethics which decide what is right and what is wrong. But if you want to avoid falling into this trap of lies, here we have ten simple ways through which you can find out whether a person is lying or not. There are certain indicators which enable us to judge this behavior and understand the psychology of a person when lying.



Dry mouth due to too much of stress is one very prominent non verbal clue to trace liars. Some people have this habit of continuously licking their mouths while talking. May be you are one of them too. This generally happens due to nervousness or fear of lying. Dry mouth is a major symptom of stress and the reason for stress might be varied. Well lying to someone is one of those diverse reasons.


change in voice pitch

Well, this is something untrained and unsmart liars who are new to the profession of lying tend to do generally. It’s all in the voice, pitch, tone and speed. Next time you doubt someone lying focus on these things since it is not an easy thing to detect. Also the change that we are talking about is slightly higher or lower than the normal range. One of my friends was lying to her teacher, why she could not finish her homework but her awkward timid voice made her fall in the trap and worsened the situation. Stuttering, stammering or a quavering tone is most likely to happen in such situations.


body language

This is something which will interest most of us. While speaking most of us make certain gestures which while lying we either don’t do or our body language turns out to be something entirely different which makes it easier for smart people to judge that you are not being natural and faking around. This happens because when you lie you become more anxious and hence the baseline of your body language gets disturbed. You start fidgeting or playing with your hair which you don’t do generally. Your carefree attitude in your conversation is missing.



There is a sharp mismatch between the timing and duration of expressions and gestures while lying and this is something very easy to figure out. Either the emotion comes first, then the expression or it happens the other way round. Also if somebody is lying or trying to act then certain facial expressions are limited to mouth movements rather than the whole face. All this includes jaw and cheek movement, rising of eye-brows etc.


eye contact

No matter how smart you are in lying, making an eye-contact is always a tedious task. It requires a lot of internal confidence to do so and even if you have the world’s best ‘lie’ or ‘excuse’ for something in your brain, and fail making a bold eye- contact then no doubt, you will end up being caught and ruining your entire plan and plot. So most people while lying avoid making eye contact and try to escape the situation. But some people also possess this inherent talent of lying over face in such a way that not even an iota of doubt would lurk in your mind.


defensive body position

Humans use 90% of their body to communicate. When you lie you are no more expansive, you don’t stretch out your hands and talk. In fact you confide yourself to less space. A liar always wants to shield or protect himself which makes him look quite defensive in his posture. A very common sign of this is folding arms across the chest and trying to appear as small as possible. They present such an image so that they do not get victimized by answering to questions and hence stay protected from coming in prime focus.


Girl Shrugging and Gesturing

When do you generally shrug your shoulders? Well, when you want to say stuffs like, “I don’t know” or “I am not sure about it” which means it basically signifies denial or refusal to something. This is an interesting psychological study which relates to the fact that when a person is lying, he keeps shrugging his shoulders which means he shows denial and is not agreeing with the words coming out of his mouth so he knows very well that he is lying and is expressing it in some way.


sweaty face

Interrogation about something leads to nervousness; hence sweat is used as a ‘polygraph’ or lie detector test in most cases. As we see in movies, sweating is a clear indicator of lying. But the question is, ‘Why do we sweat in such situations?’. Well, it is a natural stress response and lying naturally brings a lot of stress in our mind. If you can manage to conceal that stress and act as if nothing happened to you, then it is easy to overcome this indicator.


gulping of throat

Gulp!! Gulp!! A person constantly lubricates his throat because of nervousness while lying. Another symptom of tension while lying is swallowing, gulping or clearing of the throat. Even if a person is not sweating, the subject is more likely to do this gulping thing. The saliva starts pumping in the body due to increased production of adrenaline. After a point of time, even when the saliva is not surging the person continues to gulp which makes it pretty evident that something is fishy.



Breathing is one of the most natural things we do. But a person who is lying breathes not in a normal way. There is a series of short breaths followed by a deep one or something else which is usually not normal. The throat turns dry and due to nervousness the lungs demand more air. Also there is a sharp distinction between the pace, which is the speed of your delievery and your breathing rate. All this happens because when you lie you put your body through a lot of stress which eventually leads to excessive breathing.

In a non stressful situation we tend to be more comfortable with our gesture and posture and everything going in and out our body, but lying makes everything so complicated. And no deny we all of us have faced such extreme situations at some or the point in our lives. Isn’t it? Well the clear cut answer is of course a “yes” because lying is a natural phenomena and we do it for varied purposes in life, be it good or bad. We can’t talk morals and ethics all the time, we also need to look at the practicality of the situation. But what we must learn is to master the skills of being a smart liar and the signs mentioned above are not only to detect liars but also to make sure that next time when you lie to somebody, make sure these signs don’t come up in you.

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