5 Questions to Ask the Expert Before Starting Kitchen Renovations

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Kitchen remodeling can be an exciting and creative task with proper planning, and you can easily make your dream come true. Kitchen renovations can be an enjoyable task if you know how to give it a good start. There is an array of choices of available – from cabinets to countertops, faucets and flooring, lighting, appliances and more. There are literally unlimited options available out there, but you will have to make a smart choice to avoid unnecessary wastage of time and money.

Decided to renovate your kitchen? Here are some questions that you should ask your kitchen designer before starting with the project. Check this out:

Questions #1: What is your qualification and experience as a kitchen designer?

Never go with the claims, they can be false. Ask them to prove that they are well qualified in the field and have sufficient experience dealing with renovation projects. Ask him/her to show any certificates of courses and have they attended trade shows and seminars. Do not allow them to ask all the questions, it is your responsibility too.

Question #2: Can you work according to my needs and budget?

The perfect kitchen design is one that matches your requirements and budget. Be honest while discussing your budget with your designer and ask if it is feasible to remodel for that amount. Do not allow your expert to stretch your budget just for the sake of adding new appliances or decorations that you do not need. Make it an enjoyable moment, not a stressful one.

Question #3: May I see your previous remodeling work or project examples?

It is always a good idea to ask your expert to show his/her previous work examples and it can in the form of images or proposed designs. Check for the alternative design solutions offered to clients from different regions and budget. This would help you check how creative he/she is and whether the previous clients are satisfied with the work or not.

Question #4: How do you keep up with the latest trends, products, and technological advancements?

It is very important the kitchen expert you have chosen is well versed with the latest designs and technologies so that you get full value against your investment. To have a better understanding, ask them how they keep up with the current trends. Ask if they attend shows and seminars on a regular basis or have subscribed for industry publications.

Question #5: How do you manage the project from starting till completion?

For better understanding about your kitchen remodeling project, ask them about the process, timing, and other options. How long will it take to create the design? How flexible are you? Will you offer any cost alternatives or there is one single cost? How do you handle the plumber and electrician? What if something goes wrong? This will provide a better insight into their way of working.

Apart from the concerns discussed above, it is important to ask about the policies of the firm and who will be responsible for everything. These are some general questions and you can think on your own scenarios and put queries regarding kitchen renovations. Ask and ask until you get a reasoned response.

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