5 Tips to Improve Hygiene in a Commercial Restroom

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Commercial areas are incomplete without restrooms because a large number of people working there need to use them. Without the proper restroom facility, everything about a place is compromised.


Make sure to construct restroom with all the facilities such as sensor-activated toilets, sensor-activated taps, proper lighting, hand dryer, commercial toilet partitions, etc. If there will be restrooms, they would definitely need cleaning and maintenance. No one would like to use an unclean and clogged washroom.


An unhygienic washroom is an invitation to a lot of disease-causing germs that can spread to other areas too. These germs can lead to health problems like diarrhoea, viral, cold, typhoid and many more. Therefore, it becomes important to get rid of all these germs and maintain the cleanliness.


Here are some ways that can help you improve the hygiene of the restrooms of your commercial area-


1) Installing wall hung toilet pans-


Installing wall hung toilet pans makes it easy to wipe the floor with mope as it can be pushed underneath them with ease. The floor remains safe from water leakages that can occur from floor installed toilet pans.


All the pipes are hidden behind the duct panel, making it appear less complicated. The washrooms will appear to be more spacious by installing wall hung toilet pans.


2) Using sensor taps-


Sensor taps are a great idea for a restroom that are used by so many people because this way, people after using the toilet can wash their hands without touching the taps physically. In contrast, other valves need to be opened manually and contacted by so many people which spreads germs from one person to another.


3) Proper air circulation-


Washrooms have high moisture content which makes it an easy place for the growth of molds and bacterias. Therefore, proper ventilation and air circulation can help get rid of moisture and musty smell, whereas using dehumidifiers will make the place dry that will hamper the growth of molds.


4) Toilet partitions-


Every restroom needs to have multiple toilets with stalls or partitions so that people need not wait for their turn. Toilet partitions are important to maintain privacy as well as hygiene of a place. They do not allow the germs of another toilet to jump into another stall.


They are easy to clean than the wall cladding and tiles where the grim and grout sticks and is hard to scrap. Toilet partitions are available in a variety of material such as plastic, metal, solid phenolic and many more.


5) Routine Deep cleaning-


Even though you go for installing all the new features in the restroom, yet you need it to be cleaned thoroughly. Keep it clean at regular intervals and keep a check on its sanitary conditions.


Use effective cleaners and janitorial hardware tools to clean the floor, walls and toilets. You can also hire janitorial service providers to keep it organized, clean and well maintained.

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