5 Tips to Redo Your Bedroom on a Budget

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People are more concerned about their living rooms and kitchens and outdoor spaces when it comes to renovation. The turn of their bedrooms come at the last, why? Because people believe that it is not the first room you see when you enter the house or a place where you invite your friends and relatives to gather for some fun.


Most of the bedrooms are filled with old and antique furniture, mattresses from the nineties packed with dust that had settled deep inside them, hand-me-down relics that appear dull and such other things that you intend to keep for longer.


Your bedroom is your private space, and it must feel comfortable when you walk in after a hectic day. You should have a set of brand new mattresses that are soft and bouncy so that you can sleep calmly or sit and watch your favourite shows on your lappy. The furniture in your room must be functional and appealing so that you can sip coffee with your friends in your room without hesitating. Remember, your bedroom needs a renovation too, so, to help you out, I have clubbed some of the points that will benefit you in your bedroom redo project.


1) Change the arrangement- By changing the location of furniture, shifting your bed to a new location and making some movements of other things can give a fresh look to your place. If your furniture isn’t too old, then there is no need to change, cover some parts in luxurious rugs and adjust their placement. Remove some clutter from the room and you are good to go.


2) Change your bedding- Bedding is the focal point of your bedroom, so make sure your bed is top-notch and in good condition. If you believe in small modifications, then changing your throw pillows or duvets can help bring the change otherwise, replacing your old mattresses with the cosy mattress and a soothing blanket can do enough.


3) Re-paint it- With time, the color on the walls can fade away and they may appear dull and boring. You must get a fresh coat of some lively colors that will make your room airy, bright and beautiful. You can choose to add a textured wall that will display the artwork in your room.


4) Change the lighting- Your room must be bright and airy with ample lighting. You can go for changing lighting fixtures and shifting to low voltage LEDs that do not consume extra power but illuminate the room brightly. Stylish lighting fixtures and a bedside lamp can blend with the decor too.


5) Think about the storage- Thee clutter in your room can make your room look messy and dirty. You must add smart storage spaces like bedside cabinets, closet organizers, fabric storage bins and nesting baskets that can keep the miscellaneous things laying in your room here and there.


6) Add elegant furniture-Your room should contain small and valuable furniture pieces like a coffee table and pair of chairs that do not take up the entire space of your room.


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