6 Important tips to keep your phone’s battery work for long

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With the surging rise in the number of cases regarding the issue of your phone’s battery giving a low performance, there is an urgent need to address this prevailing issue. For starters, your phone is made of lithium battery that stores a large amount of power in a small size and controls the leakage of energy when you are not using your phone. These good characteristics of lithium batteries make them extremely useful and they don’t require to be charged to full before using them, thus, making them perfect for your pocket-size portable phones.

If you want to get rid of getting involved in often battery and phone repair in Toronto, you must follow these given handy tips to ensure a prolong life for your phone battery.

  • The culprit is heat not overcharging

The most crucial fact that you need to realize is that the true reason behind your phone’s battery getting ruined is the excess amount of heat inputting into it and not you overcharging the phone even after the battery gets full. Realize that heat is the real enemy of your battery and is going to lead to your battery’s end of life if you keep heating your phone for long.

To clinch this issue, it is necessary that you start avoiding the use of phone when it is getting charged. As this is making your phone work in two things at one time and therefore, paves way to making your battery dissipate more heat which is not good for your healthy phone.


  • Always keep your battery cool

As we already discussed that heat is the chief reason to make your phone battery non-functional, it is therefore, essential to take care of your phone’s battery and ensuring that they stay cool all the time. Moreover, make sure the environment in which your phone is kept is not hot i.e. keeping your phone in a hot car or a place that dissipates a lot of heat is forbidden. Also, ensure that the cool place you choose is dry too. You would not like moisture seeping into your phone and damaging it entirely.


  • Overnight charging is allowed

Yes, you heard it right. Charging your phone overnight will not cause any functional harm to your phone and so you are allowed to charge it for as long you want. However, do understand that the phone you are thinking to charge should be charged by the right kind of charger. That means, using quick chargers is a bad idea and would actually make this myth come true.


  • Keep charging in bits and pieces

The best way to charge your phone is by charging your phone in bits. This will not only contribute in keeping your phone’s battery away from producing heat but also help in the extension of your phone’s battery life.


  • Batteries are not going to live forever- replace them in few years

When we are immortal, how can we think that our phone’s battery would live forever? It is a bitter truth that even after taking good care of your phone’s battery, it is eventually going to die in some years. Thus, when you start seeing symptoms like lagging battery life and more heat production; it’s time to replace your old battery with a new one.


  • Take a look at the battery manual

The manual that comes with your smartphone has a handy set of guidelines on how to protect your battery from getting worn-out. Read through them carefully so that you treat your batteries kindly.

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