6 Tips to Hire the Best Commercial Paving Contractor

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When you have a paving project you want to make sure that it is done right. Whether you’re looking for paving your driveway, resurfacing your asphalt paving or adding a pathway to your landscape, you need to find a qualified and experienced paving contractor.

Since paving projects add value to your property, it is crucial to get the job done correctly. Often, people begin their search by asking friends, business associates, and neighbors for referrals. However, hiring a paving contractor requires a certain amount of research to make sure you get excellent results at a fair price. Therefore, the following tips will help you in choosing the best commercial paving contractor for your job.

1.    Check Qualifications

Not all paving applications are the same as some commercial paving projects require more extensive work than residential ones. Therefore, before hiring a contractor you need to make sure that he has the equipment and skills required for your particular project. Also, to get a durable and flawless surface, check if the paving contractor has the necessary training and experience required for the job.

2.    Check contractor credentials

If a contractor is listed with the Better Business Bureau or other accreditation agency and is a member of any industry association, then it is a good indication. In addition to checking their credentials, always verify the company’s physical address and phone number to make sure they are reliable. There are some horror stories of sub-standard work done by fly-by-night contractors.

3.    Get Quotes

It is always better to get multiple quotes to make a comparison. However, make sure to do an overall comparison and never make a decision solely based on price. It is important to consider what services are included in the quote and the warranty terms, in addition to prices.  The best one will fulfill all your needs at the most reasonable cost.

4.    Ask for References

You can ask the contractor to provide at least three references for similar projects so you can contact recent clients about their work. Speak to these customers about the quality of service and workmanship. Most of the established commercial paving companies have a website that offers customer testimonials and a portfolio with information about their projects and photos of the end-product.

5.    Check license and insurance

It is necessary to check the paving company’s business license, insurance, reputation, and years of experience. The company should have a comprehensive insurance policy to make sure you won’t be held liable for any injuries while they are working on your commercial or residential property. To get the job done efficiently and correctly, ensure that they have a sufficient number of years experience in the business.

6.    Get a Written Contract:

Once you’re done with your research of finding the right paving contractor for your project, ask the paving company to give you a written contract with all details including project specifications, timelines, warranties, cost of labor and materials. Make sure to read and understand the contract terms and conditions before you sign on the dotted line.

In addition to all these tips, you can always ask plenty of questions. A reliable and experienced commercial paving company will be happy to answer any questions you have concerning your project.

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