A Guide to Basement Renovation

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Basements are the most underappreciated areas of the house. People treat them like a storage area for keeping out all the unused or old items. But basements can make the most wonderful liveable spaces which could be treated as an extension to your home. While many homes are better off without basements due to the issues like dampness, molds and moisture, the others can enjoy the fully furnished basement areas.


If you have an overlooked basement in your house, then call the basement renovation contractor to convert it into a furbished liveable space. Using basements have become trendy recently that developers and homeowners have realised the value of finished basements in the sense of quality and increasing market value of their property.


Renovating your basement is not an easy job since various things need to be accessed before implementing the work. You must always start with the concrete idea of what your space will look like once the work is completed.


Your basement renovation design should reflect your specific designing goals-


  • Do you want to enhance the value pf your home?  This could be achieved by adding more functional spaces like a bathroom, laundry, storage spaces etc.
  • Do you wish you add a space for relaxation? If your house doesn’t incorporate a porch then turning the basement into an area to unwind yourself could be done by creating a recreational room, fitness room or a living room filled with things that release stress.

It is important to have a physical tour of the space, to find out the size of your basement for assimilating different rooms.


What about water-proofing your basement?


The basement is more susceptible to water leaks, water damages and flooding. All these problems lead to the increased level of moistures that create further problems; therefore, you must conduct a thorough inspection of cracks and leaked pipes, signs of unwanted moisture and pests. Before beginning the project, contact a waterproofing company that can water-proof your basement.


What should be included in the basement renovation plan?


Here are a few tips on basement renovations that will not jeopardise your budget-


  • Storage Space- Adding storage space in your basement can increase its value and functionality. The storage space could be of any type- pantry, closet or a place for keeping linens and tools.
  • Adding Lighting- Unfinished basements are dimly-lit spaces, but once you refurnish it, the lighting fixtures must be fixed too, and LEDs must be installed for the brightness.
  • Practical Basement Flooring- Basement flooring is not the same as the rest of your house because its closer to the ground and could be easily affected by the moisture. Therefore, choose it wisely so that the material could be easily dried out.
  • Basement Windows- Though many basement areas are windowless yet; it is wise enough to have an egress window in your basement that is suitably sized, operable from the inside and could be an extra entry and exit point without the requirements of tools to open it.


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