Basement Finishing – Primed for Beauty

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The best and the most awaited part of basement finishing project is when the colour starts to appear. Manufacturers in this field are doing a way better job in making finishes that are more appealing and vibrant. Even if you are going with neutral colours for your basement finishing project, the colours and the finishes might just do wonders by adding that ‘pop’ look and that will make your basement look amazing and super attractive.

Based on constant inspection and prior experience, picking finishes for your basement finishing project is a very stressful and time-consuming thing to do. Even if you trying to create match in what you have in the rest of the house, you will be thoughtful over the exact shade and style of carpet, tile, paint, fixtures etc.

What if the outcome is not as pretty as you expected it to look after it is installed, even after putting in so much effort and time? You will be really upset and heart broken.

Normally, as long as products are ordered efficiently and correctly, the biggest potential differences will seem to be the result of different dye dots used in the manufacturing process. There is a possibility that you might never notice it. Though there is one preventable colour problem that could crawl into your basement finishing project.

Drywall is one pre-requisite component of basement finishing. This is applied to your walls right before it gets all the fun colour stuff. Most people don’t notice one very important thing about drywall and that is its propensity to soak up a lot of moisture.

This isn’t really a problem until it is time to paint the walls. Painting over new drywall is an acceptable building practice. It is also a full proof way too end that monotonous tired looking wall. This is because drywall absorbs a large amount of moisture. Eventually it absorbs the paint that goes on the wall which results in the dull and tired looking wall even after repeated coats of paint.

The solution to this is DRYWALL PRIMING!

drywall primer-sealer seals the porous surface so paint won’t sink in and look dull or blotchy. Like new drywall mud, wall patches absorb paint differently than the rest of the wall.

Drywall primer is different from the regular paint. Even though it is tempting to use two coats of regular latex wall paint to save money as an alternative to using primer but a primer is always better in the long run. Using an efficient primer specifically for priming new drywall is the optimum way to get the paint finish you wish for in your basement finishing project. A good drywall primer will seal the new drywall, setting you up for a perfect painted finish.

According to expert’s viewpoint and experience, homeowners prefer a vibrant and freshly-tinted wall despite of their colour preference. You will provide a barrier between the paint and highly absorbent drywall by priming the new drywall.

Your basement finishing project will then be primed for the fresh and new look with the true colour, you expected.

Now you have a much sorted guide on how to go ahead with your basement finishing project. You know exactly what to do and what to avoid. We hope that you now get the desired outcome, just as you had expected.

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